Having a Bad Day

15 Questions To Ask Yourself When Having A Bad Day

We all have had a bad day. Daily life involves working, traveling, meeting, buying, running errands; lassoed by hassle, bad days just happen!

Minor things can cause bad days. You know those days when you step in dog poop on your to work or get into an argument with your partner, coworkers, or your boss, or just botch up your cell phone; bad days are inevitable!

It is just a bad day, not a bad life. Ruminating on disappointment will keep you stuck with it, and make you drag it across until disappointment spells out trouble. However, you do not have to stay that way. You can always turn around a bad day. Consider asking yourself the following questions when having a bad day, and draw solutions from them for improving your mood.

15 Questions To Ask Yourself When Having A Bad Day

15 Questions To Ask Yourself When Having A Bad Day

1. Should I listen to music?

yes, you should! Listening to your favorite tunes, and singing along with favorite songs can alleviate depression. Music is powerful and healing. Music can invigorate your mind, and motivate you. Music is useful in finding comfort and inspiration.

2. Am I perfect?

no, you are not. Sorry, life is not always perfect. Do not expect every possibility to bring happiness for you. Yes, you should have a clear set of goals. Stumbling, and getting up make your ambition truly worthwhile. “If perfection is what you seek, contentment you will never find.” – Leo Tolstoy.

3. Can I take a shower?

yes, you can. Studies have shown that hot showers can incite your oxytocin levels, and alleviate anxiety. Taking a cold shower can improve blood circulation too.

4. How can I let it out?

letting it out is one of the best things you can do to combat a bad day. You may try talking to your parents, or close friends about it. It is therapeutic.

5. Should I accept my failures?

if you do not, negative thoughts can impact your self-esteem. The longer you simmer in those, the more toxic they become. Feeling bad about your failures can incapacitate you from performing successfully.

6. Can I make a pact with stress?

Can I make a pact with stress

yes, stress makes you sick. However, viewing it harmful damages you more. What if you saw stress as a challenge to be prepared for? View stress response as helpful, you will surely dispel anxiety, but gain confidence.

7. How about watching cartoons or Disney movies?

watching your childhood movies can cheer you up, and make you feel nostalgic. You can also compare how your life changed, and progress you attained. Surely you will feel hopeful.

8. Is it the right moment for smiling?

yes, it is. Smiling lowers anxiety, heart rates, and stress. It has biological effects. Smiling releases endorphins, and makes you happy.

9. How about working out?

yes, exercise releases endorphins too. So, start dashing across the room, or jumping and moving. Working out will make you feel more comfortable, and deal with the bad day effectively.

10. Relishing in chocolate?

dark chocolate encourages your brain to release endorphins and serotonin. These are anti-depressant, and reduce anxiety.

11. What about getting creative?

love painting, writing, designing or cooking? Spend time exploring creative processes. You will feel extremely happy directing your frustration into creating things.

12. Does taking a deep breath help?

yes, it does. Remember when your mother said to you to take a deep breath after having a nightmare? Turns out taking a deep breath reduces production stress hormone, and calms your body down.

13. Can I express myself with nature?

don’t have electronic devices to tune into your favorite music? Listen to birds chirping, flapping, and other soothing natural sounds.

14. Watching YouTube videos?

watch funny YouTube videos of animals, and take this try-not-to-laugh challenge.

15. Maybe I should just meditate?

yes, meditating is a stress reliever. Meditating helps you tap into your inner peace. Close your eyes, focus on your breath for at least 5 minutes; it will calm your nerve for sure!