Grab In Happy Wheels On Computer Mode

How Do I Grab In Happy Wheels On Computer Mode?

No one could have predicted that independent games like the goat simulator and I am bread would succeed. However, they now have acknowledgment as one of the best games ever created. Take a look at any gaming-related YouTube channel that appreciates the Let’s Play culture, and you’ll see someone playing one of these games. While games like Flappy Birds and others were popular, they didn’t come close to creating the “gaming community” that exists on YouTube today. 

You must be curious as to which game broke the record. It’s none other than Happy Wheels, a classic game that’s incredibly addictive despite its graphic content. In this article, you’ll find all the information you need about the Happy Wheels game and how to grab in Happy Wheels while on Computer Mode. 

What Exactly Is Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based game released in 2010. However, its development began in 2006. The game started as Jim’s hobby project, but after “observing” how game developers developed games with unrealistic ragdoll fatalities, Jim Bonacci “decided” to rectify the physics.

Thus Happy Wheels was born, offering a unique near-death experience that can make your heart skip.

Happy Wheels has many characters, including negligent parents and the segway guy, who navigates the game’s many stages using various and occasionally odd vehicles. The game’s main task varies depending on the episode, although in most scenes, the goal is to cross the finish line safely or collect tokens.

One of the things that distinguish Happy Wheels is its hyperbolic brutality. It features a truly gore sequence. Characters rushing to complete a level may be decapitated, shot, or crushed by various obstacles. Happy Wheels’ gore makes you want to play the game again and again. It’s both addictive and entertaining.

Playing The Happy Wheels Game

So, you’re interested in seeing how this cartoon-style game looks? To witness the bodily parts exploding and blood spurting? Then let us show you the site to play happy wheels and how to play the game. To play happy wheels on your desktop browser, first, go to

There are a massive number of happy wheels demo sites, of course. Some platforms allow users to play the game’s demo version; however, totaljerkface is the official home of happy wheels and the only place where you can play the full version for free.

So go ahead and take a gander at the site, and if you wish, create an account. You’d gain an advantage by being able to rate, create, and save replays. Click Play and choose one of the featured levels before clicking Play Now to start your first experience.

How To Grab In Happy Wheels (Computer Mode)

If you’re playing Happy Wheels on a computer, you can grab something using the space bar. However, you must first evacuate from your vehicle (if you were in one) by hitting the Z key, then swiftly press the space bar to grab something. If you don’t eject from your vehicle before clicking the space key, The game will force you to use the vehicle’s handbrake instead.

How do you grab the guy with the Segway in Happy Wheels?

1. Up-Straighten your arms and legs.

2. Down-Curl up into a ball.

3. Left- Push all joints backward.

4. Right- Straighten legs and press arms forward.

5. Shift – bend the second knee, straighten the first knee, shift arms.

6. Ctrl- Bend knee 1, straighten knee 2, move arms 

7. space- Grab

How To Fly In Happy Wheels

If your character is riding a bike, rapidly alternate between pressing the left and right arrow keys to make them fly (while your character is still on the bike). The motorcycle will gradually lift off the ground and hover in mid-air when you do this.

How To Eject A Baby In Happy Wheels

Hold down the Shift key to evict only the baby if you’re playing on a computer. You can opt to evict the parents, the children, or the entire family if the character you’re playing with is ‘Irresponsible Dad’ or ‘Irresponsible Mom.’ When playing Irresponsible Dad, pressing the Ctrl key ejects the son, Shift key removes the dad, and Z key ejects both.

All Happy Wheels Controls For PC

KeysFunctions In VehicleFunctions On Foot
Up ArrowPress and hold to accelerate forwardStraighten character’s arms and legs
Down ArrowPress to apply brakes or press and hold to drive in reverseCurl character into a ball
Left ArrowLean backward (on two-wheel vehicles)Push arms/legs backward
Right ArrowLean Forward (on two-wheel vehicles)Straighten character’s legs and move arms forward
ShiftEject baby onlyPush Character’s arms forwards
CtrlEject sonPull in arms
ZEject all
Shift+CtrlUnleash unique ability (unique ability depends on the character currently in use)
TabRestart level or exit to the main menu

Everything About Happy Wheels Game

The Challenge

Happy Wheels isn’t a simple game; it’s a challenge! The game is graphically violent and gruesome, but that adds to its appeal and popularity. If you make a terrible move, such as colliding too forcefully with an item, you risk losing a limb or decapitation. Your character will splatter and perish if they fall into space. It’s pretty challenging to get to the finish line without getting hurt.

Happy Wheels defines goofy obstacle courses and a consistent damage mechanism. The damage mechanism is what distinguishes it from other games. The obstacle courses blend traditional platform gameplay with puzzle and racer elements, but it’s the dangers your racers can face that keep the game addicting.

The Characters

You’ll begin by choosing a level and a character, as you would in many other games. Happy Wheels has also created a dreadful cast of characters for the demo. The game starts with four primary characters for the player to choose from. You can still unlock new characters on the official site as you continue through the game.

The tough older man in a wheelchair is the first character. The second character is a businessman who drives his car, while the third character rides a bicycle with a passenger in the backseat. The final character is a large woman who rides a wheelchair-accessible scooter. The characters are an excellent match for the exceedingly dangerous levels they will encounter later.

These horrors have just the right amount of detail, cartoony enough to keep you from being too disgusted, but realistic enough to maintain a sense of dark humor.

When you initially hit your head on something, your helmet may split in two and fall off, but you might land harshly instead of rotating with it, causing your ankle to explode.

If you go down a few more times, you might end up with nothing below the knees, clinging to your ride’s handlebars for dear life as you speed up and down ramps, through vacuum tubes, and across crumbling bridges. It becomes challenging to maintain control of your character and complete the degree to sustain more injuries.

A homeless man in a wheelchair, the guy on the Segway, the most dangerous father ever on a bike with his child in the backseat, and a chubby chap on a heavy-duty scooter are among the cast of characters. 

The obstacle course degree allows you to try out these men and get a feel for the game’s physics. In contrast, the other degrees usually assign your nature and a small circumstance (the company man happy wheels, for example, may need to get that report to his supervisor right away). The courses can be pretty inventive at times.

When playing Happy Wheels, the fundamental goal is to get as far as possible without injuring your character. A mission will be deemed a failure if even the tiniest bodily bits or a drop of blood are lost. 

If you wish to get to the steeper paths, you must first hit the space bar before attempting to reach them. You can play this game even if the character’s hands and feet have been torn off during a fall as long as you have the character’s main body.

The Levels

This game has over 20,000 levels, each more tough and distinctive than the last. Users can create their levels on which other users can play and vote. You can even make levels that are impossible to accomplish, which adds to the pleasure of challenging other players.

The level editor comes with various tools for creating complex and unique levels uploaded to a public server and available to all users. Thousands of players can easily play a user-submitted level, while millions play the most popular levels.

Is Happy Wheels Appropriate For Children?

No, that is not the case. Happy Wheels is a violent game that features a lot of profanity and crude/dark humor. The game’s intense cartoon violence makes it unsuitable for children. Characters are also hurt in Happy Wheels (by obstacles and other characters), and significant spilling of blood volumes due to such injuries. Such savage violence may be too much for children to bear.

Final Thoughts

Happy Wheels is a fun game that will be around for a long time. It’s worth spending time with it because it has many different levels and distinct characters. So, load up the game and pretend to be a wheelchair user, an elderly lady with a grocery cart, a logo stock hopper, or a father-son bike-riding combo. Overall, enjoy this physics-based ragdoll game.