Google Speed Test VS. Ookla – The Differences

Google has a speed test that can show you your internet connection speed. Ookla is another popular service for checking the download and upload speeds of your web browser. They are both great services to use, but there are some differences between them that might make one more suitable for your needs than the other! In this blog post, we will talk about what those differences are.

I’m going to start by talking about the connection speeds. Google’s speed test is less reliable than Ookla, and it doesn’t show you the upload speeds of your internet connection like Ookla does. Uploads are really important for some people because they can use them when uploading files or images from their phones onto other platforms. It also shows more detailed information such as download times and network quality indicators so that a person knows if there might be an issue with their ping!

Google has been around longer, which means that it has had plenty of time to refine its service – but this just isn’t reflected in how accurate google speed test results are now compared with those taken two years ago.

Features Of Ookla Speed Test

– shows upload speeds of the internet connection

– more detailed information such as download times and network quality indicators

– accurate results, always reflect reality!

Features Of Google Speed Test

– more accurate results than two years ago

– the introduction of Google Maps and Earth has caused it to be called a “geographic information system” as well as just a mapping service.

Is Ookla Speed Test Accurate?

– yes, Ookla Speed Test is always accurate due to the more detailed information it provides as opposed to google speed tests.

– A study done by PCMag in 2009 found that Google’s data was either inaccurate or “outright wrong” for 60% of 26 cities tested. The same test conducted two years later showed that this number had increased to 75%. Meanwhile, the accuracy rates for Ooklas results have been consistently high at 90%.

*Accuracy based on a comparison of three different studies: one from 2009 and two recent studies from 2013/2014.*

Is Google Speed Test Accurate?

– Google is a great place to start for speed tests, but it’s important to understand that Google only gives you an approximation of your data and not the full picture.

– The best way to test speeds across multiple providers at once is with Ookla Speed Test. You can also use this tool to find out how fast any webpage loads on different devices by “pinging” the URL in question (simply copy/paste into the browser address bar or enter “”)

What Is The Best Speed Test Service In Online?

*Ookla Speed Test is the best in accuracy and reliability, for both mobile web browsing as well as downloads.*

– Ooklas results have been consistently high at 90%.

– Google has a great place to start if you’re just looking for an approximation of speeds across multiple providers. They also provide access to their speed test software within the Chrome browser which can be helpful when running tests on your own PC (even though it’s not 100% accurate).

– The only way that Google provides accuracies is by hitting individual servers with certain commands via SSH – this data does not necessarily accurately represent speeds experienced by end-users who are downloading files from these servers.

– If you need a reliable industry standard metric; then we recommend using Ookla.

Is ISP Provides Speed Testing Data?

Some ISPs may offer their own tools or websites which allow customers to test download speeds; but since these numbers can be off by as much as 30%, it’s best to stick with tried-and-true solutions like Ookla when accuracy is important.


What Does Ookla Do?

Ookla is a company that offers internet speed tests and other related services to help consumers and businesses understand and improve their current internet speeds. Ookla offers tools such as the Speedtest app, which allows users to test their current download and upload speeds on various websites. It also offers comparison tests for various packages and service providers.

What Is The Difference Between Google Speed Test And Ookla’s Net Index?

The difference between Google Speed Test and Ookla’s Net Index is that the former test your internet connection to see how fast it will perform in response to a Google search, whereas the latter is an index of global internet speeds around the world. Ookla gathers data from internet providers throughout the world to determine which providers are fastest, slowest, and most reliable.

What Do I Need To Use Google Speed Test?

The Google Speed Test helps you get detailed information on the speed of your internet connection. You can use this test to see if speeds are being limited by your ISP or if there may be an issue with your hardware. This test is performed using a browser, so you will need access to one in order to complete it. To start the process, simply go to and wait for the page to load.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ookla Speed Test?

Let’s discuss the benefits of using Ookla Speed Test, as well as key features and limitations. It offers a useful guide for those looking to track their internet speeds. Ookla Speed Test is an online service that allows users to test their internet connection speed with a simple tool and compare it against others in the same geographical region. The speed test will automatically pick a server near your location and measure both upload and download speeds.