Go Live And Stream On Instagram While Using A Laptop Mac Or PC

How To Watch, Go Live And Stream On Instagram While Using A Laptop, Mac, Or PC.

Many people spend quality time on Instagram. If you have, you are likely familiar with Instagram live videos. Instagram Live is a tool that allows Instagram users to stream videos in real-time to their followers.

Using a smartphone to watch live videos is relatively simple. It’s a different story when using Instagram Live on a computer. It takes some additional effort!

There are few alternatives for watching Instagram Live videos, whether you’re on a PC or a Mac.

You’ll need a Chrome extension to view Instagram Live on your computer. There is now only one Chrome plugin that allows you to view IG Live: “Stories for Instagram.” You may download movies and view other people’s stories with this addition.

Fortunately, the lack of a facility in the browser version does not rule out the possibility of broadcasting Instagram live from your computer. You may use programs and services from a Mac or laptop to go Instagram live.

Ways To View Instagram In Live Time On A PC Or Laptop

Ways To View Instagram In Live Time On A PC Or Laptop

Watch IG Live Streams Via The Browser

Authorize on the Instagram website by clicking on the avatar from the feed page or a profile broadcasting a live stream. A bright frame surrounds the user’s avatar, along with the word “Live.”

Using A Phone Emulator

For individuals who use Instagram frequently from a computer, installing BlueStack is a good idea.

Run the Instagram app through the emulator and then authorize to view Instagram live on your PC, Mac, or laptop. To watch a user’s live, click on the avatar.

Watch Instagram In Real-Time On Windows 10 

The official Instagram app for Windows 10 allows users to watch Instagram live on their PC. Here’s where you can get the installation file for free. Authorize Instagram live streams on your PC and watch them. The personal interface is identical to that of a browser.

How Can One Go Live On Instagram On A PC, Mac And Laptop

Because the makers do not provide a desktop program for broadcasting live on Instagram from a PC, Mac, or laptop, users must utilize mobile phone emulators or streaming apps to go live. The programs are:

1. BlueStack


BlueStack is a cross-platform app that works on both Windows and Mac. Install the app on your device. It will take you to AppStore or GooglePlay.

To get started, download Instagram, open it, and authorize it. The UI (User Interface) will be identical to that of the phone app.

A posting menu will appear if you swipe to the left on the feed page. By clicking your image on the home page, you can access the same menu. At the bottom of the page, scroll down to find posts, stories, and reels.

1. On the top, click the Settings cog.

2. In the displayed window, you can adjust the camera.

3. To conceal your stream from specific users, select Stories. You can pick users from the Close Friends menu, and the broadcast will reach them only.

Choose who can send comments and hearts during streaming from the same menu.

You have the option to save your feed. The first two buttons cover Instagram Stories. However, you can enable the Save Live to Archive button there. The archive will contain the live video. Remember to change the category from Stories to Live to see them. During the first 30 days, you can watch, repost to IGTV, or download live videos.

1. To start Instagram live on a PC, Mac, or laptop, click the white button at the bottom.

2. By pressing the appropriate symbol on the right, you can switch off the video or microphone. The buttons to change the camera and select a mask are listed below.

3. You and the viewers can both leave comments. A hosting user can pin one remark. Select the single option that appears when you click it. You can limit comments before going live and during the show. 

4. Choose what you need from the modifications on the left of the comment field.

5. A question mark in the right-hand bubble activates a section with viewer inquiries.

6. To stop streaming, click the cross in the upper right corner.

What’s The Deal With BlueStack?

The user interface is familiar with:

1. Masks

2. Moderation of comments

3. Questions from the audience

4. IGTV direct download

5. Streams of collaboration

6. Statistic of interest

2. OBS Studio And Yellow Duck

The two programs combine to go Instagram live on a PC, Mac, or laptop. YellowDuck creates a streaming link. To do an IG live, you’ll need OBS Studio. It has characteristics that are similar to those seen in most premium applications. As a result, the software now has over 6 million monthly users.

OBS Studio enables you to go live on Instagram from a PC or Mac, as well as laptops. Aside from broadcasting, it also allows you to record your screen and choose your screen resolution. The user interface is simple. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported by the software.

YellowDuck Preferences

1. Log in to the app using your Instagram username and password.

2. YellowDuck produces an RTMP connection and keyword after clicking Log In & Start.

3. To get started, download OBS Studio and YellowDuck.

OBS Studio Preferences

OBS Studio offers to determine the ideal camera settings based on your goals – broadcast or recording – on the first run. You can modify them later in the Settings menu.

After you’ve adjusted your screen, go to social media. The application allows users to live stream on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and more than 70 other platforms. Because Instagram isn’t on the list, we go to YellowDuck and select Custom.

Creating A Stream

1. In OBS Studio, paste the created RTMP link and keyword.

2. To begin streaming, click “Start Broadcast.”

3. Select “Start Streaming” from the drop-down menu. After a brief test, the application will suggest the ideal camera and screen settings. It is preferable to accept them.

Suppose You Want to Go Live in the Future?

It would be best if you started broadcasting in OBS Studio without auto-suggestions the next time you wish to post Instagram live on PC or Mac.

1. In the top bar, select Scene Collection, then New. Make a name for yourself.

2. Choose Settings in the right bottom corner, or use the menu bar at the top to open the menu – File -> Settings.

3. To get started, go to the Stream section. In the Service line, make sure Custom is selected. In the Server area, paste the created RTMP link from YellowDuck, and in the Stream key field, paste its keyword.

1. Apply -> OK is the next step.

2. At the bottom right, select Start Streaming.

3. To record the screen and download it after the stream, click Start Recording.

4. You can see how long the video will be live and how good it will be

To end your Instagram live, click Stop Streaming. Remember to click Stop broadcast in YellowDuck to end the live broadcast.

What’s The Connection Between YellowDuck And OBS Studio?

1. Recording in the stream

2. You can broadcast the event with more than 70 social media platforms.

3. Settings for advanced video

3. LoolaTv

Any tariff, including a free one, can be used to stream on LoolaTv. It provides sufficient capabilities for multicasting on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and your RTMP link, such as YellowDuck, are all options. However, the free paying plan limits you to 30 hours each month and 480p video resolution. There is a minor watermark in the corner, the watermark is eliminated, and the video resolution increases to 1080p.

To begin, click on the Loola TV website and sign up to go Instagram live on your PC or Mac. One can only use it if you have a Google account. You’ll also need to download a Google Chrome plugin before you start broadcasting. At the top left, select an Instagram icon. Go to the download site after that. Alternatively, you can use the link to get there.

The next step is to authorize. To enter your account information, click the Instagram button once again. Do the same thing if you wish to broadcast on other social media sites.

When you’re ready to start streaming, click Go Live.

1. On the left are the most active users, while on the right are social media communications. You may see the network from which a comment came near a username.

2. Following the live stream, you will view general statistics and stats for each social media platform.

3. In the camera screen corner, you can adjust the video resolution. Only paid tariffs have the option of adjusting them.


There are various methods to watch and participate in Instagram live from a PC or Mac.

Using a browser to see an Instagram live stream on a PC, Mac, or laptop is the most convenient option. Using BlueStack, you can also watch IG live. Windows 10 can utilize the official app to access Instagram and its broadcasts rapidly.

BlueStack is also useful for going live on Instagram. If you frequently work with Instagram content on a PC or laptop, this is the best option. It gives you permission to all of the app’s features. YellowDuck and OBS Studio are the best options for those who only want to stream. LoolaTv allows you to stream on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

Whatever option you choose, ensure your Internet connection is up to date, as well as the speakers, microphone, and web camera.