Galaxy S7 Sim Card Tray Struck

Galaxy S7 Sim Card Tray Struck | How To Remove It Using Different Methods And Tools

Everything was going on well with your Galaxy S7 until you tried to open the SIM card tray. It seems that no matter what you do, you can pop out the SIM card. Well, that is a common problem among Galaxy S7 owners, so don’t beat yourself up. Instead, keep reading to see what we have for you.

To remove the Galaxy S7 SIM Card tray, use the eject tool that comes with the phone. Insert it into the hole on top of the tray, and then gently push it down. The top part of the tray will pop out, making it easy for you to pull it out.

But what if the tray is stuck and the hole cannot do anything?

Well, it could be that that area is clogged with dirt or dust. If that is the case, you should first blow into the hole to unclog it. Then, after pushing in the eject pin, ram it inside the hole. The extra force should counter any blockage, and almost immediately, the tray will pop out. Be careful that your SIM and SD card do not pop out and fall.

TechBiva 101: If you ram the eject tool into the tray’s hole and nothing happens, leave it to rest. Then, go to the nearest phone repair shop and present your problem. Ramming the hole repeatedly could create a devastating dent into the hole.

In this article, we will look at other ways you can use to get a jammed SIM card out. The tips we give should help your cards breathe again, so keep reading until the end.

What Do I Do If My SIM Card Tray Is Stuck?

If the eject tool isn’t working as it should or the tray is stubborn and can’t leave the slot, here’s what you should do:

1. Look At The Details Of Your Warranty

Why would we be talking about your warranty when the only thing you want is an open tray? Well, the following steps will need you to have your manufacturer’s words in mind.

If it is still active, your warranty covers various actions. However, the manufacturer may not accommodate some steps like cleaning the tray and using adhesives. So, if you go through with what we recommend and the tray remains stuck, your manufacturer may say that you’ve voided the warranty. And unfortunately, they will not help you repair the stuck tray.

So, please do your due diligence and read what they say. To make it easy, we’ve fished out the warranty information for all Samsung mobile phones. That should apply to your Galaxy S7, too, we suppose.

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2. Clean The Tray Thoroughly (Not With A Blow Of Air Only)

For most people, blowing air into the hole seems to be the go-to solution. However, that doesn’t always solve the problem, seeing that the pinhole is too tiny to feel the air effect. So, instead of air, use the following routine to ensure that the hole is clean:

1. Take a damp cloth or a wet wipe and clean around the tray.

2. Then, get a cotton swab and dip it into some alcohol.

3. Finally, use the swab to clear grime from the crevasse area.

Now, try the eject tool and see if it can push out the tray. If it doesn’t, try using a paper clip or an earring. Earrings are better because they have sharp, pointed ends that can fit in the tray hole.

If that conventional method does not work, turn the Galaxy S7 upside down with the eject tool inside. Then, press the ejection against a surface to provide extra force. That should work, and you will have your tray springing out loose.

Still, stuck? Well, try out the following method.

3. Use Adhesive (Sticky Item Like Tape)

If the eject hole is non-responsive, it is time to go rogue.

Adhesives are an excellent option because they deal with the entire tray. And we’re not talking about glue because that will cement the tray permanently, which will definitely void your warranty.

So, get yourself some stick mounting or double-sided tape to complete this step. You should find them on your nearest hardware store or Amazon using the following links:

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Once you have it, roll it out and cut it into a thin strip of about 1 cm. Once the strip is shapely and ready, place it against the tray. Make sure it is only sticking on the tray; otherwise, you will be pulling against your phone’s solid surfaces.

If the adhesive material is strong enough, the pressure you apply should remove the tray in a few attempts. Doing so will loosen the tray, so try a couple of times. To make the results impressive, push the eject tool in the hole as you pull the adhesive.

If the tray ejects partially, get yourself a pair of tweezers and pull it out.

4. Tip: Be Cautious

Phones are delicate, and it only takes one wrong move to dent them. So, ensure that your phone does not slip out of your hands and fall. Otherwise, you may need to buy a new one altogether, which may take a toll on your pocket. 

5. Bring It Up With A Samsung Service Center

If all the methods fail, it is time to take the phone to an expert. If you have an active warranty that you haven’t voided, the professionals at your nearest Samsung service center will be glad to help.

Once you get there, the personnel will assess your situation and determine if it is worthy of attention. If they yes it, expect them to open your phone up and remove the tray using an advanced repair toolkit.

TechBiva 101: If you did not buy the phone at an authorized Samsung dealer, the service center might reject your repair request. To assert the phone’s legitimacy, carry the official receipt and, if possible, have the retailer on the line.

Why Isn’t My SIM Card Tray Popping Out?

Typically, a SIM card tray fails to pop out because of debris in the eject hole. However, if the tray is abnormally stubborn, you may be looking at a damaged spring. Unfortunately, no one can handle such a problem; you will need help at the service center.

How Do I Remove The SIM Card Tray Without The Tool?

Remove The SIM Card Tray Without The Tool

Although we have pinpointed them throughout the article, let me give you a rundown of the tools you can use. They will help you remove the SIM card if you do not have the ejection pin:

1. Paper clips: stretch it out and use one of the ends

2. Pushpins: ensure that the plug is long enough

3. Staple: stretch it out, but be careful not to hurt yourself

4. Sewing needle: using this can make the sharp end blunt, so have that in mind

5. Thin wires: avoid rusty, old ones since they can clog your tray hole even more

When using any of those tools, you will need only slight force, and voila, the tray will jump out!


If the SIM card tray of your Galaxy S7 is stuck, the go-to solution should be using the eject tool. It is meant for that business, so start there before you look for any other way out.

But, when worse comes to worst, clean the area and get a suitable adhesive. Then, it won’t be long before the tiny, stubborn thing pops out to give your SIM card time to breathe.

As you DIY the problem, remember not to void the warranty. That’s because you may need to visit a service center if the tray is completely stuck. You wouldn’t want them to reject your request, so be careful as you push the pins, staples, needles, and all kinds of things into the eject hole.

And that was it!

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