Fake Blocked Text Message Template

You and Josh fell out, and you told him you want nothing else to do with him. Nevertheless, he still texts all the time, which has gotten you pretty annoyed. So now, you are here looking for a fake blocked text message that will make him think he is on the blocked list. Well, we have you sorted right here.

After crisscrossing different forums, TechBiva found these options as the best fake blocked text message templates:

1. Error 65487 346: Your message failed to send to this recipient. Please try again later or visit www.stoptextingme.com.

2. SMS SERVICE ERROR 305: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be deducted from your account’s balance.

3. Service Error 409: The subscriber you are trying to reach has blocked all incoming text messages from this number.

4. Error 23: SMS to [Your Number] has not been delivered.

5. Error 30004: Message Delivery: The message you were trying to send to [Enter Number Here] is blocked.

6. Error: Your SMS has not been delivered: The number (Enter Your Number Here) has blocked you. Please, try again after 24 hours.

7. Msg. 2111 – The recipient you are sending a text to has chosen not to receive any messages.

8. Service Error 306: The Subscriber [071wxyz698] You Are Trying To Reach Has Disabled All Texting Services.

9. [(Insert Network Here) FREE MESSAGE] Message not delivered: The recipient has blocked all incoming SMSs from this number.

10. Free Msg. Service: Unable to send the message. The recipient has activated message blocking.

If you like any of the templates, copy, paste, and send it to Josh or any other person you want to keep at bay. The templates look legit, so there is a great chance the other person will buy them and stop texting you. Without textual harassment (pun intended), you will live a happier, healthier life.

Now that you have the templates, why don’t we look at texts, blocking, and everything there between? In this article, you will know if any message appears when a text is blocked. Also, you’ll learn how someone can text even after you block them. Finally, as you exit, you will see if blocking really stops text messages.

Keep reading for that and much more????.

TechBiva 101: Although you can copy any fake blocked text message template and send it, the receiver will see that it came from you. It would have been better if it came from the carrier, but try your luck.

What Message Does It Say When Text Is Blocked?

What Message Does It Say When Text Is Blocked

Before we answer the question, is there really a message that pops when texts are blocked? The answer is no, and it is all in an effort to protect the recipient.

So, no message says anything when you block texts.

Messaging services do not have any auto-replies for blocked numbers. That is mainly because the people who block others do not always want them to know.

Indeed, it would be a privacy issue if, suddenly, all your blocked contacts got a message telling them that their texts could not go through.

So, really, what happens when the blocked person sends you a text?

The person’s text will not go through, and thus, it won’t have the Delivered tag under it. Things will play out as if you have switched off your phone, but in fact, you will have blocked them. They will remain to wonder why their messages are not being delivered, and it will not be long before they know you’ve booted them out.

What Does Error 23 SMS Not Delivered Mean?

Error 23 SMS is a fake message that a person sends if they feel you are nagging them too much. It is one of the many templates used before someone chooses to block you. So, it is not system-generated, and neither is it a real thing.

TechBiva 101: If you received the Error 23 SMS after texting someone, know that they do not want to keep receiving your messages. Something must have happened, so consider sliding out of their inbox and resolving issues amicably in another way.

How Can I Text Someone Who Blocked My Number?

Text Someone Who Blocked My Number

Suddenly, your texts can’t go through, and neither can your calls. So it seems that Josh returned the favor, and now, you are on his block list. Nevertheless, you still have an important message, and you really want to get to him via text.

Can it happen?

No, because blocking cuts off communication entirely.  But, if you still want to reach out, you can:

1. Call them from your phone

Even though someone can block you, you can still get their phone ringing. One way is by masking your caller ID and calling them. Here is how you do it:

On iOS

1. Go to Settings.

2. Then navigate to the Phone section.

3. Select Show My Caller ID.

4. Then set it as Off by pushing the slider.

On Android

1. Go to Settings.

2. Then, navigate to Additional Settings.

3. Go to Caller ID and set it as a hiding Number.

Now, you can go back to the dial pad and call them. Their phone will ring, and it will show Hidden. If they are unsuspecting, they may pick you. When they do, make your point as quickly as possible before they realize it is you, their favorite foe.

2. Use #31# Or *67 

These codes will block your number, and the recipient will see them as Private or Unknown. *#31# works for Android devices, while *67 is for iOS. Enter the numbers like this:

1. #31#071WXYZ698

2. *67-111-222-WXYZ

3. Get A Reliable Random Number Generator App

With smartphones, you can get a ton of help, including apps that give you a real but temporary number. The number plus the app will help you text the other person without them knowing who it is.

After scanning the Google Play Store, TechBiva found these as the most reliable random number generator apps:

1. Text Me: Second Phone Number

2. Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text

4. My Second Line: Free Phone Number for Text & Call

Once you have the app and pay for it, generate the number and start texting.

4. Get A New Number

While this may be a tall order, it will surely get through to your foe. So, talk to your service provider and have them change or give you a new number. Then, please wait a few days before you text them with this new look. Do so with fingers crossed because they may block you and throw you back into the streets.

TechBiva 101: If you keep pressing on and talking to someone who has blocked you, you may attract harassment charges. So, be careful and, if you can, pull out of the mission.

How Can You Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number From Texting?

You can’t.

But you’ll know you’re blocked if your messages don’t get delivered by the system. Also, when you call, the other person’s service provider will send you directly to voicemail. If not, you will hear that the number is temporarily out of service.

How Do I Block Text Messages From Unknown Numbers And Those Without Numbers?

You can’t.

Unknown numbers are usually masked, meaning that there is nothing to block. The best way to ‘block’ them is to move the conversation to ‘Spam.’ That way, they will keep coming, but you will never find out.

However, you can bring it up with your service provider. Any telco knows how to track phone calls and unmask numbers, so Verizon or AT&T can help you. But, only go for this option if things are becoming too much. Otherwise, it could spiral into a criminal issue.

Will Blocking A Number Stop Text Messages?


Blocking creates a shield between two people, where one cannot reach the other. When texts are sent, they will go but will not be delivered. They will go nowhere, and the person sending them will be left wondering.


You now have the best fake blocked text message templates, so send them whenever you can. They can help you keep a crazy ex like Josh away, and that way, you will have a more peaceful life.

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