Fable Anniversary Cheat Codes For Xbox 360 | The Complete Guide

Fable Anniversary is the re-mastered version of Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is an action role-playing video game released on the Xbox 360 in 2013. Some of the key features of this game are overhauled graphics and audio, a new save system, incorporates Achievements, and many more. If you are looking for cheat codes and tricks of the Fable Anniversary then you are in the right place. Read the article to get all the inside info, cheats, tips, tricks about Fable Anniversary.

Achievements Of Fable Anniversary 

1. Are You Not Entertained!? (20 points): Complete all 8 rounds of the Arena without taking a break

2. Hero, Their Health Is Low (5 points): Heal a follower on an Escort Quest

3. Combat, Evolved (20 points): Use an ‘Ages of…’ Potion with a combat multiplier of 20 or more

4. As quiet as a Whisper (10 points): Defeat Whisper in a battle without losing any health

5. For Every Choice, An Achievement (25 points): Become holier than Avo, or more evil than Skorm!

6. But You’re A Wizard, Hero (15 points): Learn one of each spell type, or own one of each weapon type

7. That’s A Real Lunker! (15 points): Win 1st prize in the Fisherman’s competition, or complete the boast for doing any quest naked

8. Fight Cluck (15 points): Become the First Fighter’s World Champion, or win the Chicken Hat in the Chicken Kicking Competition

9. Arthur or Robin? (15 points): Pull the sword from the stone, or earn the top prize in the Archery Competition

10. Choosing My Religion (15 points): Donate a total of 100,000 Gold to the Temple of Avo, or sacrifice 10 people to the Chapel of Skorm

11. Open Saysmemiddlefinger (20 points): Open all the Demon Doors, or show a closed Demon Door what you think of it

12. Project Ego (15 points): Show all available witnesses a trophy in the trophy mini-game, or decorate your home with a trophy.

13. What Are Ya Sellin’? (10 points): Make a profit from selling to a trader, or steal an item using the “Steal” expression from a trader

14. The Hero Of Time (10 points): Eat a Moonfish in Bowerstone during the day, or a Golden Carrot at night

15. Beauty Or The Beast (20 points): Reach the maximum of your chosen attractiveness; ugly or beautiful!

16. Marital Relations (10 points): Receive a gift from your spouse, or flirt with an admirer in front of your spouse

17. The Drinking Game (10 points): Drink until you vomit, or ‘help’ a friendly villager get drunk

18. Definitely Not On Rails (20 points): Visit every region (excluding Demon Doors), or increase your waistline so that you don’t have to

19. Get Rick Or Die Tryin’ (15 points): Earn 10,000 Gold from property rental, or die

20. Ass Creed (5 points): Whilst dressed as an Assassin, be silent but deadly

21. I Did This For A Cheevo (5 points): Perform a headshot with a Crossbow whilst dressed as a woman wearing a beard and the Redhead Wig

22. There Is No Spoon (10 points): Use the power of mind control on an enemy and have them kill one of their allies

23. Out Of The Frying Pan… (25 points): …Into your face! Express your feelings through the medium of Frying Pan

24. Feed The Troll (10 points): Give a Troll a taste of its own medicine

25. The Summoner’s Tail (10 points): Summon a powerful creature to fight by your side

26. The Swinging Sword (20 points): Hit 3 enemies simultaneously with a single flourish like you’re a real swinger

27. You Are A Super Player (30 points): Find all 30 silver keys. In unrelated news; the Fable Anniversary Strategy guide is available now!

28. Fable Heroes (15 points): The Bowerstone Teacher is on the lookout for Hero Dolls, helps him find them!

29. Education Rules The Nation (25 points): The children in Bowerstone have no books to read! You don’t want illiterate children, do you?

30. Get It Off Your Chest (5 points): Open your first Silver Key Chest to reveal the amazing surprise inside!

31. Horde Mode (10 points): Some weapons are Legendary, and we feel it’s worth you collecting at least 10 of them

32. The Ultimate Warrior (5 points): Treat yourself to a beard, haircut, and tattoo, the ‘Toupée And Tattoo Society’ demands it

33. That’s My Man! (20 points): Level up a complete abilities tree, be it Strength, Skill or Will

34. I Am Legendary (25 points): Earn enough Renown to be known in Albion as “Legendary”

35. See The Future (20 points): Connect Xbox SmartGlass to Fable Anniversary, isn’t technology amazing!

36. From The Smallest Acorn (25 points): Every tall Oak tree needed to have its acorn moment, this is yours

37. The Graduation (25 points): Graduate from the Heroes Guild to become a real hero

38. Becoming A Man (25 points): Pay a visit to Orchard Farm to see if you can be of help or hindrance

39. The Bloodline Part I (25 points): Find the whereabouts of your sister, she’s very important to the future of Albion

40. A Family Friend (25 points): Rescue the Archaeologist, and find the secret entrance into Bargate Prison

41. Fishing In A Graveyard (25 points): Go fishing and digging in a graveyard, as if it’s a completely normal thing to do

42. There’s Always A Lighthouse (25 points): Would you kindly rid Albion of its greatest traitor

43. A Wild Jack Appears (50 points): From the Void to the Guild, it’s time to fight the big bad guy

44. Winter Is Coming (25 points): Travel to the Northern Wastes, because it sounds like just the place you’d want to visit

45. Are You Listening to Me? (25 points): Few things are smarter in Albion than a talking stone door, so imagine a door that knows the YMCA

46. Making Tough Decisions (25 points): Behind the Bronze, Gate lies your destiny, and all it needs is the death of your closest allies

Tricks About Fable Anniversary

1. Use your “Hero Save” during the battle and then save the file and reload it. The battle will start from the beginning but you will have all the items you have collected including the gold. So you can use this trick and play the same missions over and over again to collect a massive amount of rewards.

2. You can use the “Hero Save” option in the Rose Cottage mission and collect an unlimited amount of silver keys. Dig the rose garden near grandmother’s house to find a key, and then apply the Hero Save trick. You can do this over and over again.

3. After using the Berserk ability save the game and then again reload the save file. You will remain in the Berserk mode as long as you want until you cast Berserk again.

4. Cast Berserk and Assassin Rush together and then save the game and reload it. Return to the previous area and you will see the time has stopped and everything will be frozen in place. So you can easily steal from shops and kill enemies.

How To Get Unlimited Renown And Experience

1. First, buy a spade

2. Start a new quest in the guild and choose to boast it and take it to Lookout Point

3. Now use the spade to dig a hole in the ground and it will reset the NPCs in the area

4. Keep digging until there is a big crowd; now show them one of your trophies to earn a huge number of Renown points

5. Finally, kill the onlookers with magic to increase the combat multiplier and earn experience points 

How To Walk Through Walls

1. Assign a spade to any button on the D-pad

2. Now, stand with your back against the wall

3. Start digging to move backward through the wall

How To Get Unlimited Gold

1. First, buy the house in Oakvale for 5,000 gold

2. Now mount your most expensive trophies inside the house

3. Destroy the front door and sell it for a profit

4. Again, return to the house to collect your trophies

5. Buyback the house and repeat the process whenever you need extra money


What Is Fable Anniversary?

Fable Anniversary, a remake of the 2004 Xbox and PC video game Fable, is a single-player RPG available for download from the Windows Store. The remake includes improved graphics, expanded content, all add-ons from the original releases, and an entirely new save system. In this release, players will find themselves thrown into a world torn between good and evil because of their success in slaying the dragon in the Kingdom’s long-ago past.

What Are The Fable Anniversary Cheat Codes For Xbox 360?

There are a number of cheat codes that can be used in Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360. The first one is the “Breakdance” cheat code for unlimited health, which can be entered by inputting “Up, Up, Down, Down, Square.” Another such code is the “Instant Upgrade” cheat code for instant crafting and leveling, which includes the input of “Right, Left, Right, Left.

How Do I Enter The Cheat Codes For Fable Anniversary?

Fable Anniversary can now be played on your desktop with the addition of the Cheat Codes. With the codes, you’ll be able to enchant items, revive yourself, or create a gold pile. To enter cheat codes for Fable Anniversary, click the tilde key to bring up the console window. Next, type in “~coc Sanctuary” followed by what cheat code you want to enter.