McDonald's WiFi

Everything You Need To Know About McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Who’d have guessed that McDonald’s would soon become a hotspot for free internet access? Yes, you read that correctly. McDonald’s now offers fries, burgers, and free Wi-Fi to meet the demands of its consumers.

What exactly does this imply? For starters, you won’t have to rush through your Big Mac because you can now complete all of your online activities while dining at a McDonald’s.

What’s the catch, you might wonder? What makes McDonald’s Wi-Fi so unique? And how can one gain secure access to it? 

When Did McDonald’s Start Offering Wi-Fi?

McDonald's Start Offering WiFi

McDonald’s stated in 2009 that its outlets would provide free Wi-Fi. Initially, the restaurant company planned to offer free Wi-Fi at over 11,000 locations across the United States. With time, the service expanded to other nations.

Unlike its competitors, McDonald’s has chosen to maintain a customer-friendly internet policy. This policy is the primary reason consumers are not required to pay to use McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

McDonald’s has worked with several firms to deliver high-quality, free Wi-Fi to its consumers.

AT&T is the primary provider of Wi-Fi at McDonald’s in the United States. Simultaneously, O2 Wi-Fi services in the UK support McDonald’s outlets. Canadian McDonald’s locations use Bell Wi-Fi services.

Which Websites Are Available Through McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

McDonald’s internet comes with a slew of benefits. However, having free Wi-Fi does not imply that you can access all websites. McDonald’s is a family restaurant and one of the kids’ most popular hangout spots.

The administration has opted to safeguard its Wi-Fi service with filters limiting web browsing alternatives to ensure a safe online environment for clients.

You won’t be able to access the following web resources using McDonald’s’ Wi-Fi:

1. Websites linked to pornography

2. Websites that are potentially dangerous or infected with viruses

3. Websites that promote media piracy

4. Websites with a lot of downloads

Apart from these websites, McDonald’s Wi-Fi allows you to quickly access all other websites and social media platforms at incredible speeds.

How To Connect To McDonald’s Wireless Internet With An iPhone

1. Go to the Settings menu. On your phone’s home screen, this is the gear symbol.

2. Select Wi-Fi. Ensure that the Wi-Fi access slider gets switched on.

3. Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s is just a tap away. In the Choose a Network section, this network name should be listed. Look for network names without a lock icon, such as Wayport access, att-wifi, or attwifi, if you don’t find McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi or variations thereof.

4. Open your smartphone’s browser.

5. When you open your mobile browser, you will be sent to the McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi landing page. You also have to agree to McDonald’s online terms of service.

6. You are now able to access the internet. “You get connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi,” the top of the landing page will say once you’ve connected successfully. “Enjoy!”

How To Connect An Android Phone To McDonald’s Wi-Fi

1. Apps should be chosen carefully. This displays a little square icon in the bottom right corner of your phone’s home screen.

2. Make a selection of options. Under Network Connections, you’ll find the Wi-Fi option at the top of the menu. Ensure that the Wi-Fi access slider is switched on.

3. Select Network & Internet from the drop-down menu.

4. Then choose Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to view all accessible networks if you do this.

5. McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi. Look for network names without a lock icon, such as Wayport access, att-wifi, or attwifi, if you don’t find McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi or variations thereof.

6. Open your smartphone’s browser.

7. Tap the red get connected button. When you open your mobile browser, you will be sent to the McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi landing page. By clicking this button, you ‘agree to McDonald’s online terms of service.

8. You are now able to access the internet.

How To Connect A Mac To McDonald’s Wi-Fi

1. Select the Wi-Fi icon. This icon will display in the Status menu bar’s upper right corner.

2. Choose the McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Network from the drop-down menu. Look for network names without a lock icon, such as Wayport access, att-wifi, or attwifi, if you don’t find McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi or variations thereof. Once connected, the Wi-Fi symbol in the menu bar will display the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. The McDonald’s network will show a checkmark beside it when you click on the Wi-Fi symbol.

3. Switch on your computer’s browser.

4. The red Get Connected button should be tapped, and then you will be sent to the McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi landing page when you open your browser. By clicking this button, you agree to the McDonald’s online terms of service.

5. You are now able to access the internet. The statement “You are connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi” will appear at the top of the landing page once you have successfully connected. 

Wi-Fi Connections At McDonald’s

Are you curious about the quality of a free internet connection? McDonald’s Wi-Fi is shockingly good.

The speed of the internet connection was equivalent to the upload and download bandwidth you’d expect from a high-speed home network during network tests utilizing the network speed tool.

According to the results of this test, the McDonald’s Wi-Fi internet network exhibited the following characteristics:

The download speed is 58 Mbps.

Upload speed of 14 Mbps.

Unloaded latency of 27 milliseconds (when there isn’t much activity on the network).

Loaded latency of 517 milliseconds (when data-heavy streaming occurs on the web).

This latency implies that you can watch a Netflix movie without latency while eating a Big Mac or chicken nuggets.

Is A McDonald’s Login Required To Connect To The Free Wi-Fi?

Consumers do not need separate login credentials or accounts to utilize McDonald’s free Wi-Fi. If you wish to access McDonald’s free Wi-Fi, you must first be in the restaurant’s neighborhood.

Second, the Wi-Fi function on your device should get turned on because this is how it discovers the free network. Last but not least, you must accept the terms and conditions.

Customers get presented with these terms and conditions as part of the online security process. Every user must agree to the terms; otherwise, they will not use McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Terms And Conditions

McDonald’s has its own set of terms and conditions for its services, including free Wi-Fi. So, before utilizing the free McDonald’s Wi-Fi, you must agree to their terms and conditions.

The following are some of the terms and conditions for McDonald’s free Wi-Fi:

1. Services Available For A Limited Time

According to McDonald’s, their Wi-Fi services are only available for a limited duration, which implies that the user will get automatically locked off of the network after a certain amount of time.

After that, you may log in again by following these steps:

From your device’s Wi-Fi settings, connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi.

Open a browser after that.

You’ll be sent to the McDonald’s Wi-Fi sign-up page immediately.

By selecting the “Free Connection” button, you should accept their terms and conditions.

You’re all set to utilize your free internet!

2. No Security Guarantee

There is no security guarantee because McDonald’s Wi-Fi is PUBLIC, which means anybody may use it from their device. So, you’re not safe on the network, which means an intruder might monitor your data and activities. 

McDonald’s assumes no responsibility for the security of your data on their network; therefore, you must use it with caution.

3. Limited User Capacity

 McDonald’s hotspot locations can only accommodate a certain number of users at any given moment. If the network’s maximum number of users is already connected, you may be unable to join.

4. Wi-Fi Speed

McDonald’s does not guarantee high-speed internet. Wi-Fi speed is determined by various factors, including signal strength, user count, and other variables. Perhaps you won’t always be able to receive high-speed internet at McDonald’s.

You don’t have to be worried if the McDonald’s internet speed isn’t up to par. You may use a variety of hacks and methods to improve the functionality of your Wi-Fi. To get through a poor internet day at McDonald’s, use the following strategies:

1. Make sure your device isn’t running too many apps or programs simultaneously. It’s best to close all other programs and tabs if you’re working with single software. Additional programs will use bandwidth, resulting in a slower wireless connection.

2. Not all of the seats are inside the router’s optimal range. As a result, you should choose a dining place close to the router. You’ll have a better opportunity of receiving the fastest McDonald’s Wi-Fi speed if you do this.

3. Connect a Wi-Fi antenna to your laptop.

How To Protect Yourself When Using McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi

Using McDonald’s accessible public Wi-Fi networks has the disadvantage of any other device connected to the system becoming a danger to your device. This danger is especially true because these networks are unencrypted, which means that everything you see might be seen by anybody else on the web if correct hacking tools are used.

If you intend on often using the public McDonald’s Wi-Fi network, take the following precautions to secure your computer or mobile device:

1. Install effective antivirus software.

2. Use a VPN service to connect to the internet.

3. Logging into bank or credit card accounts should be avoided.

4. Only go to websites with HTTPS as the first part of the URL.

Using accessible public Wi-Fi networks may be entirely secure as long as you take the proper precautions.


Lunch and work (or leisure) frequently go hand in this age of multitasking. And if you’re going to get something to eat anyway, this is an excellent opportunity to get some additional work done online. Thus, using McDonald’s Wi-Fi is a good idea.