Does the Apple Warranty Cover the Chipping and Peeling of Their Cases

Does the Apple Warranty Cover the Chipping and Peeling of Their Cases?

The Apple warranty doesn’t cover chipping and peeling of the case unless you have Apple Care+ plan. When thinking of an Apple product, you usually think of sleek lines, refined aesthetics, and impeccable build quality. You think of something that will last a lifetime and won’t let you down. But have you ever stopped to consider that no matter how much care you take to look after your Apple product, not everything will last? It doesn’t matter how much you protect it either, because accidents happen. 

Apple cases are notorious for their durability issues. They are the most famous case designs on the market and fit most iPhone models, but they aren’t perfect. Apple cases chip, peel, and even show stress marks from regular use. 

Why Don’t Apple Cases Last Long?

Why Don’t Apple Cases Last Long

The cases aren’t durable for long because of Apple’s glue that attaches the screen protector and case. It has led to some people wondering if Apple’s warranty covers cases that have chipped or peeled.

Peeling cases are the most noticeable issue. Once the cover shows stress marks, it causes the screen protector to peel from the phone. Apple does not make the glue they use in their cases, and the manufacturer is responsible for the durability issues. 

Peeling cases are the biggest concern for Apple’s warranty, although minor chips and scratches don’t affect the quality of your iPhone’s display.

However, a case that peels off is something that triggers Apple’s warranty. If your iPhone case chips or peels, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover it unless you have the AppleCare+ Plan. 

Why is the Apple Case Warranty So Important?

You can get an extended warranty with additional coverage from Apple with the Apple case warranty. The AppleCare Protection Plan is, by far, the most comprehensive Apple warranty coverage. 

By purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan, you get a one-year extended warranty with up to two accidental damage incidents and other benefits such as 24/7/365 technical support. In most cases, the AppleCare Protection Plan is the best way to protect your investment.

How to Get Apple’s Warranty?

Apple’s warranty is only available to those who purchase their device directly from Apple. The warranty is not transferable, so those who buy from other sources aren’t legible for the warranty. If you have bought any Apple device, you will have to register the device to get the warranty. 

Registering your iPhone will help you get the support and keep track of your device. The registration process is different for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus.

First, make sure that you have all the information regarding the device’s purchase; you will have to provide the date of purchase, the ID of the credit card that you used for the purchase, and the name on the card. 

You will also have to provide the email address you used for registration and the phone number. Once you have all the information, head to the Apple Store, where the staff will guide you through the registration process.

What Does Apple Warranty Cover?

What Does Apple Warranty Cover

The iPhone case warranty is important because it gives you peace of mind. You love your iPhone and any other Apple product, although they are fragile. When you drop your phone, it can bruise the screen and crack the case; it can chip the finish and create dents in the metal when you sit on it.

The Apple Care+ warranty covers the iPhone case, screen protector, and digitizer. It doesn’t cover the battery or any other hardware components

What if the Screen Is Cracked?

If your screen cracks, Apple’s warranty does not cover it, although there are a few exceptions. If the crack is smaller than a specified size, you can get a free repair at an Apple Store or authorized service provider. 

In some cases, Apple will deny the repair because of the crack size, and you will need to pay for repairs. If you damaged your phone inside your pocket, purse, or bag, then Apple will cover the cost of repairing it. However, if someone else damaged your phone or any other way that isn’t listed above, you will need to pay for repairs.

What does Apple Warranty Not Cover?

If wear and tear cause any damage, Apple’s warranty does not cover it. Be careful when using your devices, especially the iPhone, so that the case protects your phone completely. For instance, please don’t drop your iPhone on a hard surface like concrete or marble because it causes severe damage to the case. 

Ensure to practice proper care and maintenance, and your case will stay in good condition. 

Apple does not cover anything that a third party will damage. If someone else damages your iPhone, contact the person to get it fixed under warranty.

What is the AppleCare+ Plan?

The AppleCare+ plan extends the coverage of hardware and software failures from one incident to two incidents of accidental damage from handling.

For an iPhone, purchase AppleCare+ within sixty days of your iPhone purchase. If you purchase your iPhone at an Apple retail store, apply for the plan. If buying the phone online or through another retailer, you must go through them directly. 

If you have already bought your iPhone, it’s not too late. You can still buy the plan sixty days after your purchase and receive coverage on your device. 

Once you have purchased the plan and had coverage for more than thirty days, if something goes wrong with your device, all you will need to do is take it to a service center or an authorized service provider to get it repaired or replaced. Apple will not charge you any out-of-warranty fees for the repair or replacement.

Bumps, Dents, and Other Impact Damage

Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover cases that have bumps, dents, or other impact damage. For example, a phone case is an accessory to your iPhone and not part of your iPhone. As such, bumps and dents don’t affect your iPhone display quality while it affects its functionality. It means that Apple won’t be able to repair these types of issues under warranty as it is not directly related to the device.

How to Find Out If Apple Warranty Covers Stress Marks?

If you have a case with chips or peels, contact Apple for a replacement. Find out if your Apple warranty covers your case by contacting their customer service hotline. They will ask for your iPhone model and the case details. From there, they should be able to tell you if your case is eligible for replacement. 

If the chip/peel damages your iPhone’s display, Apple’s warranty will not cover it. In case it happens, it is imperative to know how much it will cost to fix the screen to avoid any accidental damage during repairs.

How to Find Out if Apple Warranty Covers Peeling?

How to Find Out if Apple Warranty Covers Peeling

Picking up your iPhone, which has been chipped or peeled, and contacting Apple to see if they warranty the case is the easiest way to find out. If you use a third-party case you bought separately, Apple’s warranty will not cover it. 

Chipping/ Scuffing

Some Apple cases get chipped or scuffed because of the fragility of the case material. If the iPhone comes in a case that has been subject to chipping or scuffing, you cannot claim it as an issue with the hardware because Apple doesn’t make the cases. 

There are cases on the market that have more robust materials than Apple’s and can handle these damages better than other designs. Cases that have chipped or peeled do not affect your warranty because external factors caused the damage, not the phone’s hardware. It is up to Apple if they will cover you under warranty; therefore, ensure you contact them if your case has issues like these.

Screen Wear and Damage

Apple warranties do not cover cases with screen wear and damage. If your iPhone case is peeling or has a lot of wear, contact Apple support. However, if the issue is minor and doesn’t affect the quality of your iPhone’s display, then Apple won’t cover your case. 

In some instances, Apple will replace a case for screen wear and damage. If you drop your iPhone in water and it starts to erode the phone’s metal frame, Apple considers that as screen wear and damage. Apple will replace your iPhone case with a new one in these situations.

Dropping your iPhone

Dropping iPhones is the common reason people want to use cases. Dropping causes dents or cracks on your device, and it isn’t always easy to find a case that will protect your iPhone from drops.

Bending iPhone Case

Apple does not have a warranty for bending cases because the manufacturers make the iPhone case with two separate pieces. The iPhone case bends in spots, but the whole case can’t bend without breaking. 

It is best to be careful with your Apple case and use them responsibly so they are durable and long-lasting.

Apple’s warranty covers many different kinds of damage, but how can you determine if your case is covered? You can go to Apple’s website and search for cases that the warranty covers. If you find your case isn’t listed, contact Apple for further advise.