Does AppleCare Cover Cracked Screens

Does AppleCare Cover Cracked Screens?

No. AppleCare does not cover cracked screens. Many people confuse AppleCare and AppleCare+ and sometimes interchange the two, whereas both are different. AppleCare+ is an add-on service that Apple product users pay for, while AppleCare comes free with every Apple product consumer’s purchase.

What is Apple’s Warranty Policy?

What is Apple's Warranty Policy

Apple products have a limited warranty, although it is similar to any other warrant that other manufacturers provide for their products. The warranty assures that the product will work as usual for a certain time limit. If something breaks within the timeframe through no user’s fault, the company will fix it. 

Different companies have different warranty policies and what it covers. Still, the AppleCare warranty is for one year and covers defects and covers things that break, such as the power button randomly not working.

AppleCare is for all global users, irrespective of users buying from the Apple store or any other shop that sells Apple products. AppleCare is transferable; if users buy a new iPhone but then sell it after two months, the buyer will automatically take over the eight months left of the warranty.

AppleCare does not cover cracked screens. In addition, all Apple products that aren’t covered by AppleCare, regardless of the AppleCare plan covering them, are subjected to non-AppleCare+ fees.

How Does AppleCare Work?  

AppleCare works like automotive insurance, where consumers pay preliminarily for extended coverage and then finance deductible when required. 

AppleCare covers manufacturer-related deformities such as dents and dead pixels. It is not covered if users have issues with illegal software manipulation, accidental damage, or unauthorized repair.

Users can give their phone for repairs through mail or visit an Apple Store or Apple-authorized service providers to fix their screen. Users should update their phones to the latest software available before receiving any services.

You can buy an AppleCare protection plan at Apple Online Store or other Apple authorized services providers.

Apple protection plans for Mac, Apple Tv, and iPod maintain worldwide repair coverage, although Apple constrains the services by the options available in a particular country

The response time, services options, and availability of spare parts vary depending on the country. 

A Detailed Guide to Purchasing AppleCare Protection Plan

Apple offers the plan after consumers purchase the product from any store or online, or they can add it later after purchasing the product. 

Before buying the AppleCare plan, the product needs to be in a good working condition and should not be damaged. 

To buy the coverage for the product, consumers should follow the following steps:


  • Visit AppleCare website.
  • Sign in using the Apple ID or select the product and enter the serial number.
  • The page will display instructions to follow to buy the AppleCare plan.

By Phone

  • Contact Apple support using the number 800.275.2273.
  • Consumers will need proof of the purchase.
  • Ask the customer care member assigned to add AppleCare to the product.
  • Apple will need a remote diagnostic afterward.


Consumers can visit an Apple store or authorized dealers to buy their AppleCare plan. A complete visual inspection of the product and purchase proof is a requirement.

Initiating Repair Services Under AppleCare Protection Plan  

Apple uses genuine parts to repair its products, and authorized technicians do it. If consumers’ Apple product is eligible for repairs, there are three ways they can initiate the repairs.

  • DIY service- Contact the Apple team, and they will send whatever is required to fix the product.
  • Onsite service- Contact the Apple team, and they will arrange for an authorized technician to come and fix the product at no additional cost.
  • Carry-in-service- visit any Apple store or authorized service provider with the product, and the technician will repair it.

Protecting The Screen of Your iPhone 

Protecting The Screen of Your iPhone

The phones’ screen is always at risk because it can easily be scratched or shattered if not handled carefully.

Here is a guide to help users keep the screen of their iPhone safe and avoid paying an extra charge for the repair.

Use a Glass Screen Protector

All phone users must buy a glass screen protector as it’s the most effective way to safeguard the phone’s screen. It helps prevent scratches and cracks.

There are two types of screen protectors on the market; one is made of plastic, and the other is tempered glass. Both work in the same way by absorbing shock when the phone falls on the ground meaning that the screen protector will crack first before the actual screen.

Screen protectors made of tempered glass are expensive but are durable and easy to apply.

Clean the Screen Using Anti-Bacterial Sprays

Users don’t have to prevent the screen from cracks and scratches but also microbial, which damage the screen. The most touched part of the phone is the screen, which makes it prone to microbes that can cause health complications.

A nano-tech spray like Crystalusion is available in the market that helps safely clean the phone and eliminate all bacteria and microbes.

Choose the Right Case

There are plenty of cases in the market designed for various iPhone models. The cases have front covers called flips. Choose the right case that fits the phone well, making all the difference. Those who use the phone much should get a thick case that provides excellent drop protection.

Differences between AppleCare and AppleCare+

When consumers buy a new Apple product, they get a free year of AppleCare with the option of adding on AppleCare+, but they get confused figuring out what exactly they get with each service. Here is how it works.

AppleCare is Just a Basic Warranty

AppleCare is a normal warranty for one year, just like all companies’ warranties for their products. Consumers also get ninety days of free phone support, and all this is free; it comes with the product, no matter where and when consumers buy it.

AppleCare+ Adds another Year and Accidental Damage Coverage

AppleCare+ includes AppleCare, but consumers get an extra year of warranty coverage, two years of free phone support, and accidental damage coverage except for the Apple TV. 

Apple Mac product comes with an extra two-year warranty and one year extra for free tech support.

AppleCare+ covers accidental damage, unlike AppleCare, but there are limitations. For all Apple products, consumers get up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, and there is a deductible that depends on the device damage type.

Even though consumers have to pay a deductible, it’s cheaper than buying repair damage at full price. Getting AppleCare+ is worthwhile to get the accidental damage coverage.

AppleCare+ covers loss or theft, but consumers pay more. For consumers to get this service, they have to pay more than what AppleCare+ costs. 

However, consumers pay a deductible when they lose their phone or are stolen, which isn’t cheap. Although it is cheaper than buying a new phone, consumers shouldn’t take it lightly.

How Much Does AppleCare+ Cost?

Consumers should consider whether they want to buy AppleCare+, how much it will cost upfront or month-to-month, and how much Apple deducts for repairs. The numbers vary depending on the device and repair type. 

For AppleCare+ on iPhones, consumers will pay around twenty-nine dollars deductible for screen damage, ninety-nine dollars for any other accidental damage, or one hundred and forty-nine dollars for theft or loss with the premium plan.

Out of warranty, screen repair varies by phone size and costs between three hundred and twenty-nine dollars for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and one hundred and twenty-nine dollars for the iPhone SE. Consumers will buy a new phone if the old one is stolen out of warranty.

Apple offers free battery replacement with AppleCare+. Out of warranty, iPhone XS and later costs sixty-nine dollars, while other iPhones cost forty-nine dollars.

For those who want to buy an iPhone, it is better to get the AppleCare and AppleCare+ plan as the latter helps cover accidental damage, but it is limited to two damages.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy AppleCare+ for my Refurbished iPhone?

There are a lot of refurbished Apple products in the market, and yes, consumers can purchase AppleCare+ for them. You can buy it from the Apple website or authorized dealers, and it comes with one year warranty, and consumers have the option to buy an AppleCare+ plan.

Can One Cancel an AppleCare+ plan?

Consumers can cancel their AppleCare+ plan anytime, but the sooner, the better. If they do so within the first month of purchase, Apple will refund their money minus any fee for any services rendered.

If they cancel after one month is over, they will get a dole-out refund, minus ten percent of the prorated refund, minus any services.

Is the AppleCare+ plan for Only United States Citizens?

AppleCare and AppleCare+ plan is for all consumers globally, although services differ from country to country.

Is There an Option to Pay for AppleCare+ in Monthly Installments? 

Consumers now don’t have to pay upfront for the AppleCare+ plan. Apple has an option that allows consumers to pay monthly installments over twenty-four months. The price differs depending on the AppleCare+ plan consumers choose.