Barnes And Nobles Offer Free WiFi

Do Barnes And Nobles Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Barnes & Noble is a Fortune 1000 firm with the most prominent retail locations in the United States. It is one of the largest retail stores in the United States, with services and products including books, eBooks, periodicals, toys and games, music, DVDs, and more.

In addition, many of its locations include a café that provides Starbucks coffee and a variety of other items. Barnes & Noble was the first bookshop to advertise on television and was the first to go online before Amazon. Barnes & Noble Wi-Fi is a free service the corporation provides to its customers.

Barnes & Noble Wi-Fi

Barnes & Noble bookshops have teamed up with AT&T to provide everyone with free wireless internet access. The bulk of them are already hotspots through AT&T. Barnes & Noble bookshops no longer charge for Wi-Fi connection; it is now entirely free.

With over 777 locations around the country, the company has implemented a free, unlimited Wi-Fi service for clients. Previously, the same business cost $4 for two hours of internet access.

To increase customer awareness of their growing e-book library, many establishments have begun to provide free Wi-Fi access. Customers will be encouraged to acquire more digital material for portable digital readers; as a result, they hope.

All coffee shop and bookshop patrons now have even another reason to visit and stay. AT&T access has been a subscription-based service since 2005, but the firms announced that Wi-Fi is officially free.

Users with Wi-Fi-enabled phones and laptops may now access the internet at these establishments without paying a dime. Although it is not mandatory, the firm hopes you purchase a book or magazine while you are there.

This free access happened after the BN e-book shop opened, with about 200,000 titles for sale and half a million available for free via Google Books. They’re now using the service to promote their e-Books via the Life-hacker app.

They also released a phone app with a ticket for a free drink at one of their in-store cafés. All further information regarding the coupons is provided to users when they enter the store and connect to their Wi-Fi.

Remember that this service is free and has nothing to do with Starbucks ‘ offer. You’ll need a gift card to get in, and you can only use it once a month. If you don’t, you may need to create a new account. This gift card entitles you to two hours of free Wi-Fi access.

You may use the store locator to locate establishments that provide free Wi-Fi. It will display all of the locations where you can get free Wi-Fi. You are free to sit there for as long as you like, as long as you are not breaking any laws or violating the store’s policies.

While free Wi-Fi networks are cropping up all over the country, utilizing one usually requires you to give your data, location, and activities in exchange for free internet access.

Barnes & Noble offers free Wi-Fi that you may use on your laptop or other devices. Alternatively, some iPhone users are unsure how to connect correctly. For iPhone users, the iPhone user agent may get selected in Safari via the Develop menu, which can be accessed by heading to Develop > iPhone User-Agent 

1. Go to Preferences first.

2. Then select Advanced from the drop-down menu.

3. Check the “Show Develop” option in the menu bar as the final step.

Using HTTPS and SSL to ensure that the websites you visit are safe and that the traffic generated by your device is encrypted is an intelligent first step. It is unnecessary to use a VPN if you utilize their free Wi-Fi services. It will allow you to route all traffic through a secure and private network, allowing you to make use of their Wi-Fi and easily access the internet.

The VPN may be set to automatic connection when you enter a public Wi-Fi network, protecting you even if websites are not fully encrypted. Ensure you’re utilizing a VPN provider rather than a proxy that doesn’t encrypt your data.

Aside from that, it’s best to switch off your Wi-Fi, so it’s not linked to public Wi-Fi or automate your settings. When you connect to public networks like this, hackers may access your data in various ways.

They put up a fake network and record practically everything you do, access, and type. Another method is to use “sniffing” software, which grabs data as it travels to and from the public router. As a result, it is good to avoid any potential dangers.

Here Are Some Strategies To Safeguard Oneself Against A Variety Of Threats:

1. Avoid disclosing critical information; it is preferable to do all online transactions and shopping from the comfort of your own home. Make no internet purchases because this might lead to identity theft or credit card fraud.

2. Use ‘HTTPS’ to secure web pages as much as feasible. Keep an eye on the URL because many websites, including ‘Twitter’ and many providers, automatically convert the URL to a secure connection.

3. Users of browsers such as Chrome and Firefox may install an extension to encrypt their sensitive data when visiting various websites and speed up their surfing.

4. After you’ve used the Wi-Fi network, it’s best to forget about it. Otherwise, the laptop or gadget will almost certainly rejoin anytime Wi-Fi is available, leaving you vulnerable. To avoid this, uncheck the “Connect Automatically” option.

5. Reduce cyberattack risks by setting two-factor authentication on the websites you often visit. Authentication adds an extra security layer of security to your information and accounts.

6. Keeping your anti-virus software and gadgets up to date may also assist. Anyway, take note of the above procedures if you want to use Barnes & Noble’s free Wi-Fi.

How To Troubleshoot Your NOOK Tablet For Wi-Fi Connectivity At Barnes And Nobles

How To Troubleshoot Your NOOK Tablet For WiFi Connectivity At Barnes And Nobles

To access the NOOK Bookstore and sync with your Barnes & Noble account, you’ll need an active Wi-Fi connection on your NOOK device.

Complete or confirm the following steps if you can’t locate or connect to a wireless network:

1. Turn on your NOOK. Restarting the NOOK after turning it off and on might occasionally restore the signal, allowing you to connect.

2. Verify/update the version of the NOOK software. Ensure that NOOK’s software is up to date. Please upgrade your device to the most recent software version if not installed. Some of our NOOK devices can also side-load the most recent software from

3. Closer proximity to the router/access point reduces interference. Wireless signal strength can be affected by windows, walls, furniture, wireless phones, microwaves, electronics, metal objects, and other obstacles. Move closer to the signal source if possible. Remove any case, stand, or other accessories from the NOOK to see whether the wireless signal improves.

4. Make sure the router and modem are working correctly. Ensure that the router and modem are both powered up and turned on. Determine whether additional devices, such as a wireless computer, a mobile phone, a smart television, a Blu-ray player, and so on, can connect to the wireless network properly.

5. Verify the SSID. The NOOK will automatically detect new Wi-Fi networks and allow you to connect to one of them. The wireless network names may take a few seconds to show. On the other hand, some wireless networks get configured to remain anonymous; they do not broadcast their network name or Service Station Identifier (SSID) to the general public. If you can’t locate a network’s name in the list of accessible wireless networks, ask the network owner for the SSID and, if applicable, the security key. The new wireless network should then get added manually.

6. Verify the password for the wireless network. The password for the wireless network is not the same as the password for the NOOK account; it is the password used to set up the wireless network. Passwords for wireless networks can include unusual characters and are case-sensitive. Be wary of similar characters, such as the number zero and the letter “O.” If you don’t remember your wireless network password, ask the person who set it up, your Internet service provider, or the router manufacturer for help.

7. Remove the existing Wi-Fi hotspot. Remove the current Wi-Fi hotspot by tapping “Forget” on the specified hotspot in the Wi-Fi menu. The software supplicant file that remembers the hotspot will get deleted, and the user will have to input their SSID and password again. Restart the device and try again to connect.

8. If you can’t connect any devices, restart or reset the wireless router or access point. If you have access to the wireless router, turning it down and restarting it can reset the signal, allowing you to connect in some instances. 

9. Please note that if your Internet service provider also provides cable or phone service, you should double-check with them before proceeding with this step to avoid service interruptions.

10. Make a connection to a Barnes & Noble retail location. It is advised that you connect to the wireless network at the nearby Barnes & Noble Retail Store if the conditions allow. If the NOOK connects to the in-store wireless network and the internet, the problem is not with the NOOK. The situation gets most likely caused by a router or an Internet service provider.


Digital books or e-books are the future. By offering free Wi-Fi, Barnes and Noble company boosts its sale rates and changes the dynamics of the current bookselling market. Walk into the nearest Barnes and Noble store today and enjoy unrestricted browsing.