Difference Between Photoshop CC And CS6

What’s The Difference Between Photoshop CC And CS6?

Photoshop is a versatile program that allows you to create photorealistic images from scratch. It also lets you enhance your photographs with filters, brushes, and more. But which version of Photoshop should you use? Photoshop CC or CS6? And what are the benefits of each version? Keep reading to find out!

Photoshop CC is Photoshop’s newest and most advanced version. It includes new features like Content-Aware Fill, the Camera Shake Reduction Tool, and much more! The best thing about Photoshop cc is that it can be used on both Windows and Mac computers, unlike Photoshop CS-R, which only works for PCs.

If your budget allows, though, I would recommend getting Photoshop ccs because there are many benefits from this newer version of Photoshop, such as better performance across different devices. Another great feature of Photoshop cc is its compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud – meaning you don’t need to worry about Photoshop’s cc not working on your computer because all of the software in Adobe Creative Cloud updates automatically.

Photoshop CC Features

Photoshop CC Features

1. The new user interface of Photoshop CC is cleaner and more intuitive

2. New features in the latest version include Content-Aware Fill, which fills in holes or gaps with content from nearby areas; Perspective Warp, which lets you adjust perspective to create a vanishing point for an object that’s been photographed at an angle; and Camera Shake Reduction, which helps remove camera shake blur from images

3. Other features include Curvature Pen Tool for drawing curves with precision; Smart Sharpen Filter for restoring sharpness to photographs; and Brush Strokes filter for adding brush strokes on photos

4. There are also many other features available such as Layer Styles, 3D Painting Effects, Crop Tool Improvements, Type Rendering Improvements


1. Photoshop CC is an excellent tool for retouching photos

2. It’s easy to use and has many features that make it stand out from other photo editing software 

3. You can also create your fonts with the font creator, which is cool

4. The more you know about Photoshop, the better you will be able to use it in different situations 

5. There are so many tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to do everything from basic edits to advanced techniques! 

6. Photoshop CC makes it easier than ever before to share your work with others by uploading directly onto social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter


1. Photoshop CC can be expensive

2. Photoshop CC is not compatible with older versions of the program

3. The new interface is confusing and hard to navigate

4. The new features are not as good as they were in previous versions 

5. It isn’t easy to learn how to use all the features on your own, especially if you’re starting with photo editing software 

6. There are too many bugs and glitches that need fixing before it’s worth buying or downloading for free.

Features Of Photoshop CS6

1. Create a custom workspace that suits your needs

2. Save time by using Photoshop’s new Content-Aware Fill feature 

3. Use the Brushes panel to create custom brushes for specific tasks

4. Go beyond basic color correction with Adobe Camera Raw 6

5. Create 3D objects from 2D images with Photoshop CS6 Extended

6. Get more out of your photos by adding text, shapes, and patterns


1. Photoshop CS6 has a new user interface that’s easier to navigate

2. The program is faster than previous versions and has more features 

3. You can add layers, crop photos, and apply filters in just a few seconds

4. It comes with Adobe Bridge which makes it easy to find your files on your computer 

5. There are also new video editing tools like the Warp Stabilizer for those who want to make their videos look professional without having any experience doing so 

6. You can combine multiple images into one document or create an animation from start to finish!


1. Photoshop CS6 is not compatible with the newest Mac OS

2. The new features are too complicated for beginners

3. It doesn’t come with a drawing tablet, which means you have to buy one separately

4. There’s no way to fix images that were saved in an older version of Photoshop 

5. You can’t export your image as a .psd file (the only format supported by earlier versions)

6. The software isn’t available on mobile devices like iPads or iPhones.

Is Photoshop cc, Or Is It Better?

Photoshop CC is newer and has more features, but it’s not compatible with older versions of the program. CSX might be a good option if you’re working on an old computer that can’t handle Photoshop cc for whatever reason. The new interface in Photoshop cs makes it easier to navigate than previous versions as well! It also comes with Adobe Bridge which helps make finding your files so much faster and easier. You’ll have access to all the same tools and effects in both programs, though, so no matter which one you choose, the pros and cons, either way, are depending on what kind of editing needs you have.

How Do I Find My Fonts After Photoshop cc?

Find My Fonts After Photoshop cc

When you open Photoshop CC, go to Edit > Preferences and click on the General Tab. Click ‘show font list’ and make sure that “always show fonts” is highlighted in blue at the bottom of the window. When you are editing a document, type your text or paste it from somewhere else but be careful not to edit any other part of Photoshop because as soon as you do, this option will de-select!

Can I Use Photoshop cs If My Computer Doesn’t Have Much RAM?

Photoshop CSX can run well on computers with limited memory. If Photoshop CC has too many features for your old PC, then definitely give CSX a try – all of Photoshop’s tools are available in CSX too! You can also create custom workspaces that prevent your screen from getting cluttered.

What Are The Differences Between Photoshop cs And Photoshop cc?

Photoshop CC has newer features, but it’s not compatible with older versions of Photoshop (CS). It also comes with Adobe Bridge which helps make finding your files so much faster and easier.

Photoshop CS is more compatible with older versions of Photoshop and has a new user interface to make navigating the program more manageable. At the same time, Photoshop CC is more recent but not supported by some old computers.

Is Photoshop Better Than Paint Tool Sai Or Other Photo Editors?

It depends on your individual preferences – both programs offer their advantages over each other’s drawbacks. Some people might prefer Photoshop because they don’t need to spend the extra time learning Photoshop’s tools. On the other hand, some people might choose paint tool sai because it offers many customization options that Photoshop doesn’t provide!