Computer Games That You Can Play Without Sound

Top 6 Computer Games That You Can Play Without Sound

Since the introduction of the AAA game, the production value of games has steadily increased across the board. Video games have grown into a full-fledged business that produces items that break sales records compared to other types of entertainment such as movies, music, and books. Games now have motion capture that rivals a movie, high-quality voice recording, and flawless sound design. Games nowadays have the appearance and sound of true cinematic masterpieces.

When playing competitive online shooters like COD and PUBG, it’s critical to have the sound turned on so that players can hear their opponents. There are, however, several games that appeal to a certain group of gamers that like playing games while listening to podcasts or music.

Computer Games You Can Play with No Sound

Computer Games You Can Play with No Sound

If you can’t play a game with speakers or don’t have any headphones, you might want to look into something that doesn’t require any sound at all and one that you can play without any issues. Silence isn’t a problem for the games listed below.

1. FIFA 2022

The yearly FIFA release by EA generates a lot of excitement among its committed fans who buy a copy every year. Any football fan who wants to take their favorite team to the UCL or domestic league championships has to play FIFA games.

Over the last five years, the FIFA games have evolved beyond a simulation of football to a simulation of the sport’s complete worldwide culture. Fifa 22 is jam-packed with modes and settings that let you immerse yourself in every aspect of the beautiful game, whether it’s playing as a young professional scoring a tournament-winning goal for Barcelona or bouncing a ball about with a group of friends on an Italian backstreet. 

The Fifa series aspires to offer everything to all fans, and Fifa 22 is closer than ever to achieving that goal.

EA Sports’ ever-evolving match engine is at its core, typically favored showy movements and stunning goals above tactical genius. Fifa 22 seems more serious and disciplined than its predecessor, despite the studio’s hesitant advances away from this format in the past. 

Improved ball physics, new player animations, and changes to the speed of turns and passes encourage smart, patient buildup play. At the same time, the options to control and communicate with AI teammates force you to keep a keen eye on what everybody else is doing, utilizing their little sleights and sprints in inventive ways.

Thanks to popular game modes like FUT, Seasons, and Pro Clubs, FIFA 22 is always fun with or without sound. Players can opt to play the game without sound and instead listen to music or podcasts of their choice.

It’s nice to be able to listen to your favorite Kendrick Lamar song while dribbling past opponents, especially because it’s even better when you can hear the crowd cheer as you net a screamer from outside the box.

2. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed turn-based tactics series XCOM. It is the most popular game, spawning several sequels and spin-offs. It’s a franchise with many installments, all of which have received critical praise.

XCOM 2 is into two parts: ground operations, in which you command a force of troops (at first four, then six) to combat aliens, defend humans, and steal technology, and the XCOM base itself. The latter is a beautiful rendition of a side-on 2D depiction of an ant mound zooming in and out of the chambers as you click through them. 

Even on standard difficulties, XCOM 2 is a serious strategic game. The AI is rarely foolish, and it will punish you with ruthless efficiency if you make a mistake. 

XCOM 2 is a superb illustration of how game iteration should work: it takes a fantastic first game, solves and simplifies the issues, and doubles down in unexpected areas. Adding a feeling of speed to the entire campaign and the moment-to-moment battle is one of its best successes. 

That is a 180-degree reversal from the original’s ideas, which may have gone badly but instead contributed to the experience’s success. It’s easy to dismiss major companies like Firaxis collaborating with well-known franchises like XCOM since this will always be an excellent game and a huge seller. 

XCOM 2, on the other hand, delivers in practically every area and, more importantly, has trust in its players.

It’s a game that demands strategic thinking and chess-like movements that your opponent can’t predict. It’s a thrilling game that might lead to some of your favorite gaming memories.

However, the game does not require sound because most gameplay is visual, and sound will add to the experience. However, gamers often listen to music or podcasts while playing the game because it is a terrific way to unwind.


LIMBO is a fantastic 2D side-scroller that remains one of the most unusual gaming experiences ever. Players control a little child who must go through a dark dimension that is both frightening and lovely.

Although nothing is directly displayed or given to the user, this game follows the tale of a child searching for his sister. The game’s silhouetted scenery and the exceedingly infrequent pantomime tell the game’s hazy yet interesting story. 

Despite this, Limbo manages to be emotionally compelling; with an ending that leaves a lot up to interpretation. This game was an early example of an independent game that chose to tell a compelling tale only via visual methods. It has since influenced several other games to follow suit.

Mostly Limbo is played in a two-dimensional plane, emphasizing exploration, hopping across platforms, and completing complex puzzles including levers, ropes, sliding blocks, and other traditional gameplay elements. Limbo is effectively one lengthy level, but it is packed with enough clever concepts to make it difficult to put down. There is no shortage of good puzzle design.

The game’s sound design is flawless, providing an ethereal experience to everyone who plays with the sound turned on. The game’s graphic design is distinctive and unforgettable, and it has spawned a slew of imitators in the years since its debut. It can convey a lot with simple black, white, and shades of gray. 

Limbo is an experience that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled because of the sound design, which is primarily ambient but incredibly powerful.

However, because there is no conversation or essential gameplay-related sound cues, players can opt to play it without sound, and it will be just as enjoyable. LIMBO is one of the most unusual and enjoyable games available.

4. Darkest Dungeon

The Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based strategy game with a unique structure and a single concept that elevates it above the rest. Each hero has their stress meter, which gets topped off constantly by everything from too much darkness to the presence of a fierce deity, and their mental fortitude is put to the test when it reaches a tipping point. 

Individuals will respond positively and encourage their fellow citizens in rare situations, but the mind will break far more frequently.

The emphasis is on combat rather than exploration, with navigation limited to a top-down map and short 2D hallways — which can include curios, opponents, and traps but are a simple job to navigate left-to-right. That is amazing of itself, but the layouts frequently have dead ends that must be investigated and then re-traversed, which can sometimes result in additional combat. 

Still, it is more often than not just tedious backtracking. Permadeath is at the heart of this game, structured on innovative re-use of settings and mission scaling. As a result, a couple of terrible runs might set you back a long way.

Darkest Dungeon is a breath of new air in gaming’s most overused genres. The stress system is fantastic, especially how a long-lived character accumulates numerous mental scars. The game progresses gradually as you learn to navigate this new set of rules, with patient steps and calculated successes. You are in command!

You can play a dungeon crawler with sophisticated party management elements and 80 hours of gameplay with no sound from the computer.

5. Formula One

Few other gaming experiences can compare to the exciting action of driving a Ferrari into Spa’s third bend. F1 is the most refined game in the series from Codemasters.

Formula 1 racing game is a must-have for all racing enthusiasts since it includes all the Career Mode 10 F1 and F2 teams, putting on some of your favorite music while driving in racing games like F1.

Although the engine’s sound is one of the main reasons people choose to play racing simulators, the games are just as enjoyable without them. Because Formula 1 lacks much in the way of commentary, it’s always a good idea to listen to music while playing.

6. My Friend Pedro   

This game, My Friend Pedro, is a side-scrolling action in which you pound gangsters’ heads with skateboards while being guided by a talking banana.

Your unnamed protagonist wakes up in the basement of a mafia stronghold (the banana’s name is Pedro, just in case “the talking banana” wasn’t precise enough). The protagonist has no recollection of how he arrived, and his only company is a floating piece of fruit that strongly urges him to murder everyone, which I assume is a good enough motive.

Those that take control of Pedro, a highly competent assassin, in My Friend Pedro, which satisfies the ambition of players who wanted a John Wick game. They use Slow-motion and flips to replicate jaw-dropping vintage shooter skills.

The game offers a piece of excellent music, which players may turn on to enhance their experience. There is, however, a community that plays the game without sound while listening to the John Wick soundtrack to get a whole different experience.

It’s a lot of fun to play My Friend Pedro while listening to your favorite record.