Can Android Phones Get A Virus?

Can Android Phones Get A Virus?

Technically, an android phone can’t get a virus. However, there are chances of your android phone getting compromised with other types of threats and malware. Downloading malicious apps can only make malware to get into your phone. The virus is a kind of malicious software or malware. Hence, it is essential to protect your Android phone.

Can Android Phones Get A Virus?

Is There Any Android Virus?

The virus is defined as a program, continued from the old PC world, which replicates its own and is attached to other programs. This method is often used by hackers to spread their wicked work. Thus, the virus became a well-known term for referring to all kinds of malware or malicious software on PCs.

In Android phones, there is no such existence of malware like a PC virus, which replicates itself. However, there can be other kinds of Android malware. Technically, malicious software is different from the virus.

Virus, Malware & Threat.

Many scammers make mischief on the internet. Out-of-date operating systems and browsers of your phone are more vulnerable to get exploited. Besides, weak wi-fi networks are also the target of fraudulent.

These mischievous try to persuade you to accept malware while downloading an untrusted app or clicking on a link in spam e-mails, text messages, or websites. You need to be aware of all these techniques used by people who attack the devices.

The Attacks On Devices Are Referred To With Different Terms. To Get A Better Idea Of These Terms Used Technically, Please Refer To The Following Table:

Sl. No.VirusMalwareThreat
1It is a specific type of malwareA general term used for harmful or malicious softwareA term used for any risk
2It gets copies itselfThese are harmful software’s including any virusesIt is a security risk to your device
3Inserts its code in the programs or operating system of your deviceIt is a kind of threatIt includes the phone’s malware

How Does Virus Infects Android Phone?

For Android phones, no viruses are found so far. However, they are more likely to get infected by other types of malware. The malware gets into an Android device quickly in the following ways:

1. Downloading apps.

2. Downloading any content from the internet.

3. Downloading attachments that contain a spam message.

4. Connecting to other devices

5. Virus From Malicious Apps.

Downloading a malicious app can make your Android phone more vulnerable to get into your device. It is because Google does not restrict downloading apps from any source apart from Google Play Store. 

Though, by default downloading apps from, other sources are disabled by android. It is recommended not to change these settings unless you are familiar with it.

To avoid downloading malicious apps, check the following things:

1. Check the legitimacy of the app.

2. The number of users downloaded the app.

3. Other Apps created by the developer

4. Check the reviews of the app on Google Play Store

It will be a help if you check the potential risks after downloading the app.

Android Malware.

The software which is designed to control a device secretly is malicious software or malware. It also steals the money or private information and other personal details of the device’s owner.

Besides tracking the activity and location of the user, account numbers and passwords are also purloined to charge on the user’s account.

Hence, you need to be careful while downloading apps or any links from untrusted sources.

Preventing An Android Phone.

It is essential to minimize the risk of malware on your Android phone. The following tips will help prevent your Android phone:

1. Download a security app to help prevent encountering malware. It will catch viruses and help you decide the trustworthy apps, and notifies if the downloading app is suspicious or has malware.

2. Avoid downloading APKs from unverified sources or apart from Google Play Store.

3. Avoid clicking or downloading attachments or links sent from unknown e-mail addresses.

Are Security Software’s Beneficial For Android Phone?

Most of the security software app work after there is a malware attack on your phone. The security software and antivirus apps consume a lot of disk space and battery. They also consume many system resources. Moreover, continuous notifications reduce the speed of processing.

Android phones are never encountered with threats related to security. Besides, Android users never need to block their system with any security software or an antivirus app.

However, it would help if you sweep the issues by running a scan, whether the software is useful or not.  


Android phones are unlikely to get any virus technically. It is more likely that your Android phone will get malware if you download apps from third-party sources. However, it is essential to be careful while downloading data or any app as Google Play Store keep scanning their applications frequently. Being cautious careful will make your Android phone protected. It is worth downloading software or app to check your phone to stay safe.  

Stick to the official store to make your Android phone safe!


1. Can Android Phones Get A Virus?

Ans: There are no viruses found for Android phones so far. However, it is more likely that your device gets compromised with malware and threats

2.  Is There Any Benefit Of Security Software For An Android Phone?

Ans: Most of the antivirus or security software’s show a malware or a threat attacks their effect after the device. However, it would be a help if you scan your device to stay safe. 

3.  What Is Android Malware?

Ans: Software designed for secretly controlling a device is malware or malicious software. Scammers can purloin passwords, private information, money, account numbers through Android malware.

4.  How Does Malware Get Into Your Android Phone?

Ans: The malware gets into Android phones by downloading content, attachments from untrusted sources. It also attacks when you download apps from third-party play store or untrusted sources and connect to another device.