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Calculator Games | Calculators That You Can Play Games On, And How You Put Them There

Now that you are here, we guess that you have been fiddling with your calculator. Whichever type of calc you have, you are wondering if it has games you can play. Or probably, you’ve heard from people that some calculators have games, but you are yet to see any. Well, you are in the right place, so keep reading.

If you have a scientific graphing calculator, you can download and play games like Pacman, Mario, Portal, Tetris, Snake, and Pokemon. What’s better is that you enjoy them in full color, because graphing calculators come with LCD screens. Others that have simple, black-and-white screens may not be having any games for you to play.

In this article, we will point you to the specific calculators that have gaming capabilities. Then, we will guide you on how to put games and do other tricks. By the end of the read, you will be a pro gamer with a calculator. Imagine how big of a deal that will be when you mention it to your friends!

Now, let us see what’s in store.

What Calculators Can You Play Games On?

What Calculators Can You Play Games On

From Amazon, here are the top scientific graphic calculators that you can enjoy games on. Note that they are all from the same manufacturer, Texas Instruments.

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Here is a snapshot of how they all look:

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These are all graphing calculators that students use for math and science, but they have added functionality. For example, you can download games and put them there, which makes the devices fun and exciting to own.

Don’t believe it? See this review:

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What Calculator Games Can You Play?

From TI Wizard, some of the games you can play on a calculator include:

1. Mario (Version 2.0)

2. Super Mario Land (Level Pack)

3. ZTetris (like Tetris)

4. Gemini

5. Uncle Worm

6. Phoenix (Version 4.0)

7. Minesweeper (yes, the good old game!)

8. Slimeball

9. Bowling

10. Tic Tac Toe

11. Solytare (like Solitaire)

If you buy any TI calculators noted in the previous section, you can enjoy those games and many more. 

TechBiva 101: To get a complete list of all the games you can play on TI calculators, visit this website. While you’re at it, you can download any you like.

Can You Play Games On A Scientific Calculator?

Yes, but not all of them.

Scientific calculators that allow games on them usually have an LCD screen. Then, they come with cables for Internet connection, meaning that you can pull games into them. However, some, like the Casio fx-82MS, do not have gaming capabilities.

How Do You Get Games In Your Calculator?

1. If you own the TI-84 Plus CE calc, use these steps to download games there:

a) You’ll need:

b) The calculator

c) Its charging cable (USB Type B)

2. The connection software, which you can download here. Remember to choose the OS for things to work out well with your PC or Mac.

3. A hub containing links to all the games, like this one. The website is safe, and so, click without any malware-related worries.

4. Once you have downloaded the software from Texas Instruments, install it.

5. Visit the hub and pull any game you find exciting and interesting.

6. Once the games are on your PC or Mac, extract them to the Desktop.

7. Now, connect your calculator to your computer. The connected calculator should show immediately, and you will see its name on the left side of the TI Connect CE software screen.

8. Then, with the software open, drag the game into the Connected Calculator screen.

9. Finally, unplug your TI calc and run the game. The prgm button should help you access it, and after pressing Enter twice, your little item of excitement will launch.

10. Now that we have looked at working around calculator games, let’s see some other game-related questions. The answers will help you play tricks with your calc, and your math-science experience will be more exciting.

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How To Play Trick Games With Your Calculator 

Here, we will teach you two calculator games you can play on your friends, which will blow their minds:

Game One: The Number Is Always 7

1. Tell your friend to key in any 3-digit number twice. For example, if the number is 100, let them enter 100100. Ensure that you don’t see what they key in.

2. Tell them that regardless of what the 6-digit number is, it can be divided by 11. If they doubt you, have them check it. If we stick with our 100100 example, you will see that 100100 / 11 = 9100.

3. Again, tell them that the resultant number is divisible by 13, regardless of what their answer in (2) was. Thus, with our result, 9100 / 13 is 700, which makes your challenge true.

4. For the final step, say that the latest number divided by the original 3-digit number should be 7, as in 700 / 100 = 7.

If you do all that without looking at the screen, they will think you’re a magician.

Well, until they read this article ????.

Game Two: The Number I Wrote Was 73

1. Take a piece of paper and write 73 on it. Then, give it to the other person and make sure they don’t see it because you’ll be revealing it at the end of the game (to their delight).

2. Then, give the person a calculator and tell them to think of any 4-digit number. Once they’re done, ask them to key it in twice. For example, if they thought of 1234, they would key in 12341234, an 8-digit number.

3. Announce to them that the number can be divided by 137 without any remainder. Challenge them to do the math, and they will realize you’re right. Looking at our example, 12341234 / 137 is 90082, which proves your ‘theory.’

4. Now, tell them to divide the result (90082) by the 4-digit. Here, 90082 / 1234 returns 73.

5. Finally, ask them to look at the paper and compare the answer. They’ll see the 73 you wrote, which will awe them.

How Do You Spell Hello With A Calculator?

Spelling ‘hello’ with a calculator isn’t really playing a game, but it can be an exciting thing to do. Here is how you can do it:

1. Type 0 (zero) followed by a decimal point.

2. Then, type 7734.

3. Finally, put your calculator upside down and see what it reads. It will be hello, with the h being a small letter.

TechBiva 101: The reason you see a 0 and a decimal point is for the calc to include it in the output. If you try writing 07734, you will have 7734, which will read hell when the calc is upside down. 

What Words Can Be Spelled On A Calculator?

Apart from hello, you can spell more words. Let us see what they are and how you can execute them.

WordNumbers on the Calculator 

TechBiva 101: To see any of the words, ensure you turn the calculator upside down. And for more on where that table came from, check out this PDF.

How Do I Play Games On My Casio Calculator?

You can’t.

Most Casio calculators are not programmable, meaning that you can neither download nor install games. But, word tricks like hello and those on the table can be an excellent place to start if you really want to game. 


Calculators make it easy to deal with math problems, but they can also help you have fun. If you buy a TI instrument, it will give you access to many games that you can always play when math seems too challenging to handle. Even if you’re not a student, you’ll like how a small device can do so much. So, whenever you’re ready, get one.

As a master of the 7 and 73 tricks, you can make those game nights fun. Such calculator-related games are exciting, so ensure you play around with your friends’ minds. And, like an excellent mathematical magician, don’t reveal your tricks.

And that was it with calculator games!

If you enjoyed the read, be sure to share this article. Also, talk to us in the comment section about any other calculator games you know. And as you step away, check out any of these articles and see if they tickle your fancy:

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