Best Wi-Fi Hotspot App For Windows Computer

Wi-Fi hotspot allows users to connect to a Wi-Fi network using their computers, smartphones, or other devices. Basically, a hotspot is an area where people may get access to the internet using Wi-Fi technology. You might already know that there are many ways you can turn your computer into a virtual WiFi router but do you know you can also create an on-demand WiFi hotspot on your windows computer. There are many third-party apps available that you can use to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from your computer. Keep reading this article to know details about some of the best Wi-Fi software for a Windows computer.

Connectify Hotspot

This is one of the best Wi-Fi hotspot app you can get for your windows computer. This software is available both in the free and paid version. The main difference between the free and the paid versions is; free version lets users share the internet from Ethernet and WiFi networks only but the paid version lets a user share cellular data.

Key Features

1. Hotspot easily connects all the devices to Wi-Fi

2. Includes Ad blocking for client devices

3. Bypass device restrictions when connecting to the Internet

4. Avoid overcharges for costly connections

5. Boost your Wi-Fi range instantly with Wi-Fi repeater mode


This is a free Wi-Fi hotspot software that you can download and install on your computer. It will turn your computer into a virtual WiFi router as well as allows you to share LAN, Ethernet, cellular, and WiFi connections with multiple devices like the desktop computer, laptops, smartphones, tablets, PDAs, and other smart devices that support Wi-Fi connectivity.

Key Features

1. Connect up to 10 devices to the hotspot

2. Application size is 400KB only

3. Share any type of Internet Connection

4. Secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security

5. Extends your WiFi range

Hosted Network Starter

It’s an excellent little software that creates a WiFi hotspot using the wireless network adapter of your PC and lets you access the network with devices that supports WiFi connection. This application supports Windows7, 8, and 10 which is very convenient. You don’t have to install the software to run it on your computer. Just download the zip file, unzip it, and run the executable file; it’s that simple.

Key Features

1. See the details of the connected device

2. See the network usage

3. In-app internet selection

4. Works with Windows 7, 8, & 10

5. You can set your own hotspot name


This is another free application that can turn your Windows PC into a virtual router. This app comes with more features compared to other apps mentioned in this article. It supports all types of connections, including Ethernet, WiFi, cellular, etc. You can connect all types of devices on the connection created by the MaryFi like the phone, tablet, music player, gaming console, laptops, etc.

Key Features

1. No additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers are required

2. Easily connect any number of Wi-Fi enabled devices

3. Free to download and use

4. Password-protected WPA2 Encryption for privacy and security

5. Includes Ad blocking for client devices

Maxidix HotSpot

If you are looking for an alternative to Connectify then it is the best option for you. It’s fresh-looking software with an excellent user interface. With this app, you can establish a hotspot connection very quickly and it’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. The best part of this app is the dual-mode feature. So you can connect to a WiFi access point as well as host a virtual hotspot at the same time using a single WiFi adapter. Moreover, you can track the devices connected to the hotspot network and can block them if you want.

Key Features

1. Turn the computer with WI-FI adapter into a real Access Point

2. Host infrastructure network in one click

3. Keep track of connected devices in real-time

4. Any types of network connection available: cellular, Bluetooth, LAN, Dialup, WI-FI network

5. Boost weak signal by using the computer as a repeater

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

This is another great application to create an instant hotspot on Windows computers. It’s a lightweight tool and can establish connections very quickly. It can connect to a WiFi point and create a hotspot using the same WiFi adapter at the same time. The best part is; this app allows local file sharing between your smartphone and computer which is very convenient.

Key Features

1. Increased internet connectivity

2. Supports unlimited connections

3. Supports creating a hotspot using the WLAN connection

4. Supports local file sharing

5. Scan and blacklist users from using the network

Final Thought

Most of the Wi-Fi hotspot apps we have mentioned above are available in a free version and they offer most features that make them the best WiFi hotspot apps. So download an app that suits your requirements and start exploring the internet.


What Is A Hotspot?

A hotspot is a physical location where a wireless internet connection has been created by a third party. This can be done in various ways, such as connecting to a series of satellites in geostationary orbit to create a wifi hotspot or using an internet service provider’s cellular network for wireless connectivity.

What Is The Difference Between A Wi-Fi Hotspot And A Wireless Router?

Wi-Fi hotspots are often found in public spaces, such as coffee shops, libraries, and restaurants. They are free to use and allow customers or members to use their cellular data or ISP connection to connect to the network. Connections are usually fast but these networks come with limitations. A wireless router is used at home or in an office space. They are much more powerful than Wi-Fi hotspots because they broadcast a stronger signal that can reach further distances.

What Is Wi-Fi Hotspot App For Windows Computer?

Wi-Fi Hotspot App is a useful app for Windows PC that enables you to turn your computer into a hotspot. The app makes it possible to share the Wi-Fi connection on your phone with other computers and tablets wirelessly. If you have been looking for a new way to share your internet connection from your computer, then this app is just what you need.

How Does The Wi-Fi Hotspot App For Windows Computer work?

a breakdown of exactly how the Wi-Fi Hotspot app works on a Windows PC for those who are not familiar with it. The app is designed to help you share your computer’s internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi. It also has other features that could come in handy, including a list of other Wi-Fi hotspots in the area and a feature that allows you to automatically reconnect to a site once the internet connection has been lost.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Wi-Fi Hotspot App For Windows Computer?

It is important to conduct research before using any new software. Those features the many benefits of using Wi-Fi Hotspot App For Windows Computer, such as:

1) You can use it on multiple devices.

2) The app will help you avoid hackers.

3) It helps you avoid data charges while abroad.

4) It has a user-friendly interface and

5) You can view your Wi-Fi access point on a map.