The Best Video Player And Editors Android Apps For 2021

The increasing usage of the internet and smartphones has been rising over many years. With the entry of great camera phones, video shooting has become quite trending. The rise in video shooting has led to an increase in the demand for video player and editor apps. Every day a huge number of video apps are coming up. These apps possess some great features which work towards making your videos coming out better. Though you might have the best cameras on your smartphones however the editing apps will work towards enriching your videos. Over the years, the number of YouTube channels has also increased. The increasing number of YouTube channels seems to be a driving factor in the popularity of these apps. 

Benefits Of Video Editor Apps

The popularity of video editor apps is on a rise these days. Video apps not only make your videos appear great but they also have several other benefits. Videos have proven to be quite helpful while designing a marketing strategy. It has become a great way to reach your target audiences. The biggest advantage of having a video editor app is the fact that it lets you decide which part of the video needs to be there and which part needs to be removed. Video editor apps let you add interesting features to your videos like music, filters and various effects.  Though there are paid video editor apps available with unique features however there are many free video editor apps available as well.

Popular Video Player And Editor Android Apps For 2021

1. MagistoThis is a popular video editor app for Android phones. The app has received the ‘Google Play Editor’s Choice award.  One of the core aspects of this app is that it makes use of AI technology in its video editing app. The app has a good rating on the app store. It is available in both free as well as a paid version. 


2. ActionDirector – The most famous video editing app is ActionDirector. The app includes a hell of lot of features for making your videos look crisp and well-edited. Some of the popular features include slow motion, ultra 4K HD videos, etc. The app also comes with different types of effects and filters. 


3. FilmoraGo – FilmoraGo is a free video editor app. The app includes some highly advanced professional tools for editing. You can also add the perfect soundtrack to your videos via this app. The best part about this app is the fact that most of its features are free to use. 


4. VideoShow – This app is said to be a popular video editor app. It is a highly used app by video lovers. Some of the features include advanced editing tools, different effects, and filters, etc. The app has around 4.6 ratings on the Google Play Store. 


5. Film Maker Pro – This is a free video editor app that is available for Android. The app secures a 4.7-star rating on Google Play Store. The app includes a range of different features that includes various video filters and video transition. It also offers features that include funny video editors, adding text on video, and modes that include blending videos. 

Film Maker Pro

6. KineMaster – KineMaster seems to be a free video editing app on Android. It is claimed to be an advanced version of video editing for mobile phones. The app has a rating of about 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store. The app is free to download however it includes in-app purchases as well. The app includes features such as blending modes, editing tools, sharing options on various social media platforms, etc. 


7. YouCut – This is another popular video editing and maker app on Android. The app has a rating of about 4.9 stars on the Google Play Store. This app includes a hell of lot of features like a video trimmer, adding various filters, adding text and music to videos, changing the background, video compressing, etc. The videos can be edited as per any platform including Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. 


8. Adobe Premiere Rush – This is a well-known video editor app on Android. It has a rating of about 3.6 stars. The app includes an in-app camera that is extremely high in quality. After instantly clicking pictures from the camera you can start editing the same immediately. The app includes many useful features like cropping videos, video effects with a professional touch, ease of editing, etc.  

Adobe Premiere Rush

9. PowerDirector – This is said to be one of the most popular video maker and editor apps. The app has a rating of about 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store. It has been regarded as the number 1 video maker. The app has also received ‘Editor’s Choice App’ awards. The app is said to be the most downloaded apps having around 70 million users. Some of the unique features of the app include 4K quality video creation, top-class editing tools, etc. The app also includes in-app purchases that focus on enhancing your overall experience.


10. Quik – This is another great option if you are looking out for a free video maker and editor app. The app has a rating of about 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store. The app includes a whole lot of different features like adding images, choosing themes, customization options, adding music, etc.


We have tried to list some of the most popular video editing apps that will trend in the year 2020. The top 10 apps have some unique features and everyone stands out in their own way. Though many of the apps include in-app purchases however it seems worth spending that extra amount of money. The video editor apps are a great way to make your videos more appealing. It can help your videos to make a mark on the audiences and at the same time will make you stand out from everyone. Day by day the number of video editor apps seems to be on the rise.