Best Social Media Apps For Android In 2021

Socializing with people has never been so easy compared to the last decade or two, because of the availability of so many different types of social media platforms for everybody to access. It has made connectivity between distant friends and relatives very easy, almost eliminating the distance between them. 

With regular contact between people because of these platforms, new types of platforms are in development and are being brought to the customers to give them a new look at socializing and enhancing their experience on such platforms.

1. Facebook– 4.2/5- Probably the first-ever proper social media platform to be developed and is known in every corner of the world today. The users can connect with their friends and family and meet new people on Facebook. They can share their photos with their friends and their favorite memories as well. It has developed a special texting application called the messenger, for the users to communicate with their friends from Facebook. They can follow their favorite artists and interests to get the latest news about them.


2. Instagram– 4.4/5- We can connect with our friends from across the globe by following them. The users can add photos and videos to their stories which disappear after twenty-four hours. They can post their photos and videos to our feed and to the people who are allowed to view our profile.  They can get creative with the photos and videos on their stories by adding different frames and stickers to them.


3. Twitter– 4.5/5- It is one of the oldest social platforms that are out there. The users can follow their favorite topics and interests and keep track of the latest developments in those particular fields. They can tweet about whatever they choose to and the tweet is public and available to be read by everyone who comes across it. Hashtags allow us to explore whatever is trending and stay in trend with it. A private messaging option is available to the Twitterati to chat with their followers, also create a group conversation with our followers.


4. Tumblr– 3.6/5- It’s the place for the users to express and discover themselves, and find the stuff we love to bond over. They can post photos and gifs, texts, anything they choose to. They can customize their Tumblr and layout to their own taste. They can keep track of their interests through hashtags, and reblog it to start a conversation. With over 100 million downloads, it is very popular among people of all ages.


5. Snapchat– 4.3/5- One of the more innovative social media to have come out this decade. The users send snaps to each other, either as a photo or video. Different filters and lenses can be used to edit the photos and videos to enhance them and edit them to their taste. They can chat with their friends and put up group stories, and express themselves by creating their own emoji called Bitmoji. The snap map allows the users to track their friends across the globe, and also check public stories from every corner of the world. The memories offer cloud storage and edit photos and videos from the phone’s gallery.


6. Pinterest– 4.6/5- It offers some of the most creative ideas that are out there for everyone to use. The users can explore different ideas ranging from fashion tips to adventures and traveling. The users can save the ideas on the app which are of their interest. They can also save the photos that they choose, onto their devices. We can explore the idea of a wide variety from DIYs to wedding ideas, web series to cooking recipes.


7. Meetup– 4.2/5- We can connect with local people through events and meet new people. The users can explore the city, challenge their comfort zone, discover new events they can attend. We can match people who have the same interest as theirs. They can start their own groups as well, rather than just being a part of already formed groups. They can choose the events that are in close proximity to them for their own convenience.


8. WhatsApp– 4.3/5- It is a messaging application, one of the very first to have been developed. Owned by Facebook, it is a free texting application available on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops among others. It allows calling and video calling the people they text via the internet. The user can create groups for conversation, and quickly connect with our contacts. There are no additional charges for using WhatsApp in any part of the world.


9. LinkedIn– 4.2/5- One of the first professional social media platforms, it helps colleagues and associates to stay in touch with each other as well as get in touch with potential employers and vice versa. It allows the users to search for jobs as well as create a professional profile for them in the social world. They can highlight their career’s professional experience, displaying our success, skills, and network on their profiles. It offers a premium subscription, which opens exclusive features to the users.


10. Tagged– 4.5/5- It’s an application to meet new people, and play games with them. The users don’t have to fake themselves on the tag, they can be themselves and be liked for whoever they are. They can watch a stream live online, or create one of their own. Create new and fast connections, and meet people similar to you. They can compete in their own set of games, and chat with the new friends they make.


With socializing almost as easy as downloading an application on their own phone, it is becoming convenient for everyone every passing day. Social media has become the hub of every generation to connect with people. People in their 50s are connecting with their long-lost friends, people in their teens are connecting with new people too, the ease of socializing has made all of the users dependent on them. 


1. What Is The Best Social Media App For Android?

1. Facebook and Instagram.
2. LinkedIn.
3. Pinterest.
4. Reddit.
5. Snapchat.

2. What Is The #1 Social Media App?

Answer- Facebook is still the top social network in the United States, with 169.76 million mobile users accessing the Facebook app in September 2019. The company’s other properties Instagram and Facebook Messenger ranked second and third with 121 and 106 million users respectively.

3. Which Social Media Is Best?

1. YouTube.
2. Facebook.
3. Twitter.
4. TikTok.
5. Pinterest.
6. Snapchat.

4. Which Chat App Is Most Used In USA?

Facebook Messenger

5. Which Social Media Is Growing Fastest?

Answer- Facebook might still be dominant, but TikTok has seen the fastest growth of any social media platform.