The Best QR Code Scanning Apps For Android Phones

A QR code is a type of machine-readable matrix barcode that contains information about the item to which it is attached. QR code allows users to encode over 4000 characters in a two-dimensional barcode. Scanning a QR code is a very fast and appropriate way to access any webpage or information. Many brands use bar codes to help consumers access product information or special offers quickly and conveniently. If you want to access the information of a bar code then you will need to install a QR code scanning app on your device. There are many QR code scanning apps available on the Play Store but we’ve selected the best apps for Android smartphones to help you save time.

6 Best QR Code Scanning Apps For Android Phones

1. Kaspersky QR Scanner

2. NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner

3. QR Reader for Android

4. QR & Barcode Scanner

5. QR Code Reader

6. QR Droid

Kaspersky QR Scanner

This is one of the best QR code scanning apps for Android phones. Kaspersky is very famous for its security-related apps like anti-virus, internet threats, and office security. But their QR code scanning app is also up to the mark. This app not only just scans QR codes but also scans for unsafe and malicious QR codes. This app is very easy to use. When you scan codes with it, it will check the security of every QR code and provides a warning whenever it encounters a dodgy link. A very popular feature of this app is the history tab. You can easily return to the websites associated with past QR codes from the history tab.    

Key Features

1. Instantly check the safety of texts, images, and websites linked to the QR code

2. Get an instant warning when a QR code contains a dangerous link or attempts to direct you to a malicious website

3. You can quickly add the contact information from a business card to your phone, without any errors

4. You can access the Wi-Fi quickly by scanning the QR code

NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner

This is an excellent app and with it, you can scan barcodes as well as QR codes. Generally, most of the QR code scanning apps don’t support barcode scanning but NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner makes it easy for smartphone users to scan the barcodes. So you can easily search the product’s barcode and search for the product on the web. This feature comes in handy when you are shopping in the real world. This app is very easy to use and it lets you go back through your history of scanned QR codes and barcodes.      

Key Features

1. Scans all standard 1D and 2D code types

2. Automatic detection of code type

3. Omni-directional live-stream scanning

4. Confirm websites before visiting them

5. Scan vCard, meCard, WiFi, phone number, and email codes

6. Support for front and rear camera

7. Personalize scanning sounds

8. Amazon search for 1D scan results

QR Reader For Android

This app is developed by TapMedia, a UK-based company, and with this app, you can easily and effortlessly scan the QR code. This app becomes standout among other QR code scanning apps because with this app you can scan other things besides QR codes. For example, you can scan Sudoku puzzles and store them on your smartphone using this app and play whenever you want. With this app, you can share the QR code via email or social media. This app is free to download and use. But it also has a paid version that comes with the option to switch off the ads and a Database Scanner subscription option that lets you save QR codes to a server.

Key Features

1. Scans QR codes in real-time using the Android camera

2. Share using email, Facebook, or twitter

3. Integrated web browser

4. Integrated map view

5. Save QR contacts to your Android Contacts Book

6. Create your own QR codes and share them

7. Create your own business card QR code

QR & Barcode Scanner

This is an excellent QR code and Barcode scanner app for Android smartphone users. With this app, you can scan the QR code as well as the barcodes. So you can use this app to search the web for the best prices for certain products. The best part of this app is, if a QR code encodes contact details, the app can save the details as a new contact to your phone. This feature is also available for Wi-Fi networks, calendar dates, product details, text messages, and many more. This app has over 1 million reviews on the Google Play Store and it indicates its popularity. This app can scan and read all QR codes/barcode types including text, URLs, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi, and many more formats.

Key Features

1. No need to press any buttons, take photos or adjust zoom as this scanner works automatically

2. Use the QR & Barcode Scanner to scan coupons/coupon codes to receive discounts and save money

3. This app supports scanning in the dark

4. You can use pinch to zoom to scan QRs far away

5. You can create QR, Scan Image as well as Scan from Gallery

QR Code Reader

If you are looking for a very powerful QR code scanning app then you can consider downloading the QR Code Reader. This app supports all major barcode formats such as ISBN, EAN, UPC, and many others. This app has a unique user interface and it is very easy to use. All you need to do is point your device to QR or barcode you want to scan and QR Code Reader will automatically scan and read it. It can read different QR types such as text, URLs, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi, etc. You can choose from the QR code or barcode to scan the code.   

Key Features

1. It’s a lite app and does not take a lot of storage space

2. This app is free to download and use

3. This app can also scan the barcode

QR Droid

This is a very popular QR code scanning app and with this app, you can turn your smartphone into a powerful QR Code, Barcode, and Data Matrix scanning utility. QR Droid allows users to import, create, use, and share data in a matter of few taps. You can create QR codes for sharing contacts, location paths. Bookmarks, installed apps, and many more. This app keeps the previous QR code scanning history so you can easily re-scan them if necessary. This app has a strong security feature. It doesn’t open USSD links automatically and prevents wipe attacks on your smartphone. This app comes with a QR Droid widget so you can easily access the app directly from the home screen of your mobile.

Key Features

1. Easily scan and create QR Code, or even edit one you’ve just scanned

2. Auto-sync your data on your own Google Drive account

3. Sort and group your history to help you quickly access your most-used QR Codes

4. Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface

5. Scan a QR Code in a magazine and watch a video immediately

6. Scan QR Codes from your camera, browser, SD card, or saved image

7. Create XQR Codes for massive ‘Plain Text’ and ‘Contact’ QR Codes

8. Zap a QR Code to gain access to private WiFi networks

Final Thought

All the QR code scanning apps we have mentioned above are available in a free version and they offer the most features that make them the best QR code scanning apps. So download an app that suits your requirements and start exploring the QR codes!


What Is QR Code?

A QR code is a type of barcode. The acronym “QR” stands for “quick response,” and the barcode can be scanned by smartphones containing a camera in order to retrieve information. This article will further discuss what QR codes are, how they work, and what you can do with them. 

The term “QR” comes from the German word “quer-lesen,” which means “to read across.

What Is The Difference Between A Barcode And QR Code?

The barcode and the QR code are both ways to encode data. However, they function differently. A barcode scans a line of text and over time it has been enhanced to scan 1D and 2D codes as well as QR codes. The barcode is read by a machine and cannot be interpreted by humans. The QR code is designed for human consumption and can be scanned with software or a camera on a phone, tablet, or other devices such as a computer.

How Do I Use A QR Code Scanner App On My Phone?

The first step to using a QR code scanner app on your phone is downloading the app. After the download, you want to make sure that the camera is enabled on your phone. You can open the app by tapping on it or searching for it in your device’s search engine. After opening the app, you will need to adjust the focus of your lens with either side buttons or touchscreen controls if they are available on your device.

Why Do I Need A QR Code Scanner?

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned using your smartphone. They are becoming increasingly popular in marketing campaigns because they are easy for customers to use when scanning the code. This is especially useful in marketing because it increases customer engagement with your company by making it easy for them to do what you want, which is usually buy something.

A QR code scanner is an app that will allow you to scan QR codes easily and quickly on your iPhone or Android device.