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Top 20 Productivity Applications For Windows & Mac

If you want to excel in your job at work, productivity is critical. Your employers, business owners, and executives all want to push you harder to get the most from you. In order to perform as efficiently as possible, you need the right solution and tools to streamline your tasks to save your time and effort. But, there’s no all-inclusive, universal solution to increase your productivity. It all comes down to what tactics you employ to increase your performance in this ever-changing world.

What Is Productivity Software?

Application software, that helps users manufacture and process documents, databases, charts, graphs, digital audio, and video with the correct application of information, is called productivity software. In a much broader sense, productivity apps should work in concert with your goal to maximize profit and get your projects fast-tracked for approval. From office suites to socials, whether it’s just personal or your managing, there’s a productivity app to make your tasks much easier.

In this article, I compiled some of the best Windows and Mac apps. If you are looking for a new web browser, e-mail service, photo app, or utility, you may find what you need in the list.

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Top 10 Windows Apps

01. Polaris Office

Polaris Office

You may have come across such a dilemma that you wanted to create or edit your documents or files, but didn’t carry your laptop, even if you had you still had to have your data stored on some cloud storage, that you needed another machine to open and edit your documents or files. With Polaris Office, you can relax! This brilliant, office-alternative freeware can provide you with seamless, unparalleled connectivity with your documents and files. Best-suited for people who switch devices frequently. Has been there for a while, Polaris Office is recently released on Windows. Whatever operating system your device runs on, Polaris Office is there for you!

02. Gmail


If you are afflicted with multifarious email services; Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, and entangled with intricate webs of settings, quirks, and bugs, then it’s time to give Gmail ago. Why? Gmail is neatly organized. Simple, yet elegant, it does an excellent job at junking spam swerving at you, picking out your desired messages.

03. Google Photos

Google Photos

High-definition archival storage is what you need when you are a professional photographer. You may need extravagant brushes, inks, tools to furnish your precious photos sometimes, but all these services may also strip you of money. But, Google Photos is the quintessential example that confirms that good things do come in a free package. Unlimited free storage, liquid-flow transition, sliding bars will keep your viewers hypnotized to your profile. It has effective analytical abilities to analyze your every photo, automatically categorize them aligning with Face Recognition algorithm. You will find yourself wondering how it’s possible to synchronize your casual single photo with other photos of you hiking around National Park, or climbing Denali.

04. Ifttt


“If this, then that”- that’s what Ifttt stands for. This lightweight, yet powerful app can handle hefty activities that you are likely to do on the go, expertly harmonizes your critical information and automates anything you would do in your digital life. For instance, if you added a new contact in Gmail, then wanted to save that person’s contact information to your Evernote, then Ifttt will bridge the connection. If you want your Windows to turn off the light for you when you get into your smart bed, then you’d better have Ifttt in your app drawer.

05. Opera


Opera has been a pioneer in the realm of browsers for so many years that paved the way for many of today’s browsers. It still is top-ranked among the best browsers. Avant-garde, Opera has many powerful features, including pop-up blocking, private browsing, and ad-blocking. It also has da data-saving feature that helps your phone consume 50% less data.

06. Firefox


Having been a leader in the desktop browsing service, Firefox hedges your sensitive credentials, privacy, and doesn’t transmit your browsing history to Google. Firefox search engines like Duck Duck Go don’t monitor browsing presence and mitigate traceable exchange on the Web.

07. Wunderlist


Crammed with all the productivity boosting capabilities, Wunderlist is a to-do app that tracks what you do, saves and shares your lists with others at your discretion. Wunerlist expertly reconciles your interaction with your friends, family members and business associates, and reminds you of things requiring your attention

08. Zotero


Zotero is a powerful research assistant; a panacea for students’ and researchers’ painstaking dissertation, study and thesis. In order to efficiently conduct your research, you need to sift through hundreds of references, analyze theories, organize findings, and cite sources. Blunders are supposed to happen, but with Zotero, the prospects of blunders are slim to none. After completing your research, you may need to publish your work, don’t worry, Zotero will also do it for you.

09. KMPlayer


One of the best, and freeware, you can adorn your Windows devices with. KMPlayer will play almost every media file, supports a wide range of video formats seamlessly. It also has constantly updated features. KMPlayer supports 2K, 3D, 4K, & UHD formats. To enjoy the best, awesome media experience, you can establish libraries. KMPlayer can also adapt to any type of screen orientation. Not many players can offer such a feature.

10. PicsArt

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You may need to edit the precious photos you took with your phone or digital camera. You need the best editing, touch-up tools to make your photos instant-hit, “liked” and shared. Look no further, Fotor is the magic wand that glamorizes, refines your photos. It has hundreds of tools, filters that deliver a professional outcome. Customizable filters and effects can attune your photos to promotional flyers, ads on a website, and social media postings. With PicsArt, you can easily enhance your photo quality, provide digital touching techniques. Yes, you can become an artist with PicsArt.

While PCs are the most widely used computer platform in the world, there are a couple of reasons to prefer a Mac running on Mac OS X over a Windows PC. Compact and tight integration between hardware and software, reliability, security allow people to choose a Mac. With a plethora of apps in the realm of an OS market, it’s easy to be oscillating over the right tools’ apps. So, in this article, I compiled some of the applications to boost your productivity and accomplish your projects, assignments, and tasks.

Top 10 Mac Applications

01. Dropbox


While Dropbox is not an app, but a file hosting service you may be familiar with. If you are not, Dropbox paved the way for cloud storage systems. Sharing and storing files and documents has never been easier, since Dropbox stores your essential files, blog posts, documents, etc., and makes them accessible to you no matter wherever you are and what platform you use. It allows you to create a folder on your computer, then it synchronizes the folder, and files within it so that it can be viewed from any device.

02. 1Password


Remembering your passwords for multiple social networking sites, and other credentials could be more than you bargained for, especially with all those intricate lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters, you’re bound to blunder. But, no worries, 1Password is your best buddy who you can let in on your secret passwords. 1Password remembers your password, and stores sensitive information like credit card credentials, addresses, bank account numbers, software licenses, etc., and sealed them with the only password you know.

03. Alfred


Alfred is a productivity app that saves your numerous hours by creating hotkeys, keywords, and modifies itself based on how you want to search your Mac. Alfred is pretty intelligent and learns how you direct your Mac and arranges results according to your priority. Alfred has Clipboard and Snippets features, so you don’t have to type the same URLs, or posts repeatedly. Alfred intuitively saves your text and allows you to copy and paste it. Alfred has customizable Snippets, and text written on them can be assigned with hotkeys that you can also tailor. Thus, Alfred curtails your repetitive tasks and saves a lot of time.

04. CrashPlan


Your computer could be susceptible to crash. Your labored results may go up in smoke, and you may lose files containing valuable information. Feeling nervous? No worries! You can trust CrashPlan. CrashPlan constantly and consistently backs up your information and syncs the contents from your computer to a predetermined cloud service. If anything hazardous happens to your equipment, your contents, backups are still safe.

05. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive offers you with staggering 15 GB of free cloud-oriented storage. You can use Google Drive to store a wide range of file types. Google Drive operates in sync with multiple tools to save a myriad of file types. Files stored in Google Drive can also be shared with anyone with a Google account. It is also a great tool to import and export documents.

06. The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver

You might have come across the . the 7z file, and become frustrated with your Mac’s inability to open such file. There’s a freeware available on the market called The Unarchiver to manage such files. The Unarchiver is a simple fix to extract the 7zip archive and allows you to to modify them.

07. Caffeine


Caffeine is a program that stimulates the Central Nervous System of your Mac and prevents it from entering sleep mode. You may have directed your Mac to process documents, files or upload a video on YouTube. Bored enough, you might have gone out for a walk, and returned only to discover your Mac had entered sleep mode and halted the process. With Caffeine, you can keep your Mac awake.

08. Airfoil


Airfoil is an intuitive audio management application that allows you to stream any audio from your Mac and transmits them all across. You can also transmit music wirelessly to devices like the Apple TV and AirPort Express. Set up Airfoil and Airfoil speakers and start bumping. Rogue Amoeba, the developer of Airfoil, equips you with Airfoil speakers on every purchase, which allows you to receive Airplay audio on any Apple device.

09. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player supports almost every audio and video format. A truly simplified user interface allows you to roam freely in the realm of videos. No hassling with codec files, so once you install VLC, you are good to go. If the default skin seems boring to you, you can install many other skins.

10. Pixelmator


Pixelmator is a very innovative, fast, full-featured image editing application. Nearly everything connected with your small business, marketing effort, or your personal use requires attractive, top-grade images. These images can prove effective to your popularity on your social networking sites or marketing technique. But, getting the best quality images requires the best editing tools. Pixelmator is such an image editing tool, dubbed the best Photoshop alternative on OS X. It bags top-notch painting tools, tons of real-time effects, drawing and vector tools, several retouching tools, etc.


1. What Is The Best Productivity App For Windows?

1. Microsoft 365.
2. Asana. Best collaboration app.
3. Bitrix24. A suite of powerful business tools.
4. TeamViewer.
5. Trello.

2. What Are The 5 Most Commonly Used Productivity Tools?

1. Slack.
2. Clockify.
3. Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
4. Google Alerts .
5. Dropbox.

3. What Are The Apple Productivity Apps?

1. Spark.
2. Shortcuts.
3. Reminders.
4. Trello.
5. Things 3.
6. Ulysses.

4. What Are The Key Elements Of Productivity?

Motivation. Efficiency. Choices.