Top 10 Music And Audio Apps To Use In 2021

Gone are the days of Walkman’s, cd players, and I-pods to store your favorite songs. The advent of the smartphone has single-handedly made them obsolete due to the easy accessibility of music through music applications

The rise of the smartphone has led to many music applications being developed and currently in development. With the users looking for the best possible deal which offers the best quality and also fits their budget, the market has become very cut-throat. 

Best Musical App Along With Their Ratings

1. Bandcamp– 4/5- The application allows us to stream unlimited Bandcamp purchases and allows us to explore music from various artists worldwide. They offer songs in every format for its users to access. It is highly regarded by its users as one of the best and most reliable music streaming services. 


2. Tidal– 4.3/5- It is a subscription-based music streaming application owned by artists who offer high-quality music videos. They offer over 60 million songs with over 250 thousand high-quality videos. They allow us access to high-quality songs with original videos, podcasts thousands of curated playlists. It is an endeavor to bring entertainment to the fans, and also to bring the artists and the fans closer. Some of the artists who have invested are Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Coldplay among others.


3. Shazam– 4.4/5- It is one of the most popular applications that are available on the play store due to its sheer capability to identify the name of the song through its tune with just one tap. The users can sing along with the lyrics. The users can connect their Spotify account to shazam to keep track of their shazamed songs. They can sync all their devices with just a simple log-in. It’s not just the hearing that can identify songs, one can identify a song by using a camera and pointing it in the direction of the poster. The songs that were found using shazam are stored in the My Shazam tab.


4. Spotify– 4.5/5- Spotify is almost synonymous with music streaming nowadays due to its wide reach and wide genres and linguistic music which appeal to a broad base of users. They offer podcasts alongside music, which makes them more attractive. It helps us discover new music and creates a playlist based on our preferences of songs, artists, and podcasts. It has specific mood playlists for us to listen to when we are looking for a particular set of music to vibe to. It also has premium accessibility which is available on a subscription basis for the users to access.


5. Deezer– 4.6/5- It is a French online music streaming service, and allows the user to listen to record labels including records from the universal music group, Sony Music, among other groups, both offline and online. With 56 million tracks to listen from and personalized recommendations brought to the users. With the premium feature, the user gets no ads while listening, superior sound quality, Alexa, and connected devices compatibility. Deezer flow creates a playlist just for us based on our tastes and likes.


6. Soundcloud– 4.6/5- It is a global community for anyone and everyone, to upload any sound for others to discover. The users can connect with other users and follow their favorite artists and support their favorite music with likes, posts, and comments. Soundcloud offers one of the most diverse catalogs of music that is out there. With music available from the up-and-coming artists, it is one of the most preferred destinations for users to discover new music particular to their taste.


7. Napster– 4.3/5- With more than 60 million songs to choose from, it is one of the oldest music streaming sites that exist. It allows its users to stream songs without ads, while also streaming to numerous devices. We can load the songs onto our phones and tablets for offline hearing. The music match helps us to discover new music based on our tastes and from people with similar tastes. The playlist builder eases the creation of our playlist while allowing us to give it our own personal touch.


8. Rock My Run– 3.9/5- It aims to motivate its users for their workout. The playlists are crafted by the world’s best DJs specifically for workouts. Artists like David Guetta, Afrojack, Zedd have contributed to creating the perfect playlist for workouts and to give the users their best experience while working out. New playlists are tailormade for the users every week to enhance their experience. It has been backed by science, as it has been proven that rock my run provides more motivational appeal compared to the standard workout playlists.

Rock My Run

9. Pandora– 4.3/5- it provides us with a personalized listening experience, which adapts to our tastes. We can create our favorite stations from our preferred genres, music, and find suggested stations based on those created stations. It offers us access to our favorite artists and podcasts. We can select to listen to one of the many available options such as my station, crowd faves, deep cuts, discovery among others. It also offers pandora premium and pandora plus for those who are willing to subscribe to it. With various additional features in both sets of subscriptions, it has a wide range of features to offer to its prospective customers.


10. Amazon Music– 4.3/5- For prime users, amazon music is free of cost and they can avail free access to its libraries and playlists. It offers over 50 million songs with songs from numerous countries. With over 100 million+ downloads it is very relied upon and trusted by both non-prime and prime users. It gives us access to high-quality high-definition songs of both our favorite songs and the latest releases globally. The advantage offered to prime users is that it allows us unlimited skips, offline listening, hands-free listening on your devices as well as ad-free listening.

Amazon Music

Conclusive Note

With the offerings of so many applications available, for the customers to choose from, it is crucial that the app developers keep hold of their current set of customers and also invite new customers to their product by offering the best possible deal to them. The current market is as ruthless as it has ever been, it’s basically the company’s objective and goal to work towards maximum customer base, with as little competition as possible.


1. What Is The Best Music Streaming Service 2021?

1. Best music streaming service overall. Spotify. See at Spotify.
2. Best for iPhone users. Apple Music. See you at Apple.

2. Which Music App Is Best In India 2021?

1. Gaana.
2. JioSaavn.
3. Wynk Music.
4. Amazon Music.
5. Apple Music.
6. Google Play Music.

3. What Is The Highest Quality Music?

Answer- The highest quality MP3 has a bitrate of 320kbps, whereas a 24-bit/192kHz file has a data rate of 9216kbps. Music CDs are 1411kbps.

4. Is 320kbps Good Sound Quality?

Answer-For most general listening 320kbps is ideal.