Best Minecraft Prank

What Is The Best Minecraft Prank Of All Time?

Minecraft pranks can be fun when you want revenge on your friends after hitting you and landing you in trouble. A player can create a trap also to experiment with themselves. A prank is a common way that a player can use to kill another player or mob automatically. Stunts are also effective in catching entities off guard and keeping nosy players away from critical items. The best Minecraft prank is the TNT prank.

What Is A TNT Prank?

You can make a TNT prank quite easily in Minecraft, and it doesn’t need lots of materials to do so. However, it would be best to be very careful when working with this prank. TNT is an explosive in the game, and if you misuse it, you may blow yourself up and anything else around you. Therefore, you should ensure to be cautious when you use TNT.

A Guide To Making A TNT Prank

Making A TNT Prank

You will need a bed for this prank, and you can find one in a villager hut or craft your own with three wooden planks and wool. You will need to have a spare bed just laying around because the items are used on saving your spawn and sleep all night through for the mobs to be despawned. You will also need a Redstone along with a TNT explosive.

 Below are instructions on how you can make a TNT bed trap in Minecraft

1. You will first have to place an observer under the bed and point its face towards your bed.

2. Next, you will want to put a Redstone under the observer 

3. Lastly, it would help to set the TNT next to your Redstone dust.

After doing this, the TNT will be activated and ready to ignite when you enter the bed. If you right-click to sleep in the bed, the observer will notice your movement. 

The observer sends a signal through the Redstone to the TNT. The TNT then activates and explodes once the process is completed, killing the player and flashing anything around.

There is no way for you to stop this process. Because the TNT will be beneath the bed, accessing it at any time may prove difficult. You will only hear a faint searing sound, then an explosion will follow.

Other Minecraft pranks that will scare your friends include: 

Updated Sandpit

The updated sandpit prank can be pretty expensive because you will need enough quartz that you will only get in the nether. The trap is helpful for a line of approximately 30 observers Redstone blocks, which will detect block updates in front of the block’s “face.” 

It also needs a lot of scaffolding; therefore, you must ensure that you find a wandering trader or a jungle for gathering the required bamboo.

1. Start by digging out a large pit, creating a layer of scaffolding at the top to place sand on. Next, use four scaffolding pillars for connecting to the bottom of the hole.

2. You can run Redstone from beneath into four pistons put at the base of every pillar, so this way, they will be destroyed by the pistons.

3. It would be best to place torches on all open blocks at the bottom to destroy the sand after impact.

4. Finally, it would be best to place sand at the topmost scaffolding layer and a treasured block like diamond ore on the observer from the top.

When you dig the block, the observer activates and sends a pulse down the line, which causes the pistons to extend and set off your pit-fall trap.

The Fake House

This trap requires some TNT, Redstone repeaters, spare building blocks, and one iron door.

1. You can construct a sizeable house and ensure you’ve included furnaces and chests that you can later fill with junk or nothing at all.

2. Connect a Redstone line to the button from the iron door via some Redstone repeaters to extend the pulse a little bit more.

3. Place the TNT and ensure that everything inside is realistic so your opponent wouldn’t realize it’s a prank and wait for the death message.

The goal is to clock players inside, and because they are greedy, they will start looting without realizing that you have trapped them. After the TNT detonates, it will be too late.

The Lethal Pufferfish

You will need a dispenser and a button to weaponize the pufferfish. Deal one and a half hearts of damage on hard and apply poison. Then, with enough pufferfish in an encircled space, you can trick your friends.

1. You will need to replace your friend’s ceiling with dispensers as they face down.

2. Fill every dispenser with pufferfish.

3. Connect all of them with a pressure plate and add Redstone.

Stepping inside the house will make the victim’s house flood immediately and fill with lethal pufferfish.

Elevator Trap

The elevator trap is the best and most effective prank to kill other players. You can create a bubble elevator using a piece of soul sand and magma block and set it under columns of water source blocks. In this case, you will need soul sand because it pushes the bubbles upwards, but if you wait at the top, you will have a free return to the nether. Unfortunately, as the victim is skyrocketing up, there is very little they can do to be free unless they use a fire resistance potion.


You can do many pranks to other players on a private server or any server. You can also use pranks as a way to get revenge on a friend who has done you wrong before. Prank Your friend through the TNT method, where you need to put a gap of three blocks, two other TNT blocks, and ignite one to make it set the other off automatically. The best way to put TNT in Minecraft is placing it on top of some leaves, which will make a 7 x 7 pattern.