The Best Free Online PDF To Word Converter

PDF or Portable Document Format is a very popular file format that makes it easy to share content across all OS platforms without changing the actual formatting of the content. So when you save the file in this format it ensures everyone will see the same thing when open the file. But the problem with PDFs is they are not editable documents. So if you want to make any change to a PDF document then first you have to convert the PDF file into a Word file. Turning a doc file into a PDF file is very simple but turning a PDF into a Word file requires some extra help from an external source. There are many online PDF to Word converters available that will help you convert PDF files into word files quite easily.

7 Best Free Online PDF To Word Converter

If you require converting lots of PDF files to word files on a regular basis then it’s worth investing in the paid applications. However, if you don’t convert PDF files to doc files very often then you should opt for the free online converter. There are plenty of free, online tools available and here I have discussed the 7 best free online converter tools for PDF to Word files.


Smallpdf is a completely free online PDF to word converter and with it, you can easily convert your PDF files into Word files. You not only just convert them into doc files but also convert the same PDF into various Office and image formats. This online tool is very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. If you want to convert a PDF file then you have to select the particular PDF file from the dialogue box or directly drop the file in the browser screen. It will take a few moments to upload the file and then convert it into word format. After the conversation, you can download the file on your computer or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive, for later use. The best part of this tool is; it kept the quality of the document without increasing file size.

Key Features

1. Quick and easy conversion

2. No file size limit to convert the PDF

3. No registration required to use the tool

4. Excellent privacy – all files will delete automatically from the server after one hour

5. Supports all platforms: Mac, Windows, or Linux

6. Convert a PDF to a DOC in seconds


This is another very popular free PDF to word converter and it supports different kinds of conversions between PDF and other document formats. This tool is very easy to use. Visit the website from any browser of your computer and then choose the file using the dialogue box & click on the Start Convert button. It will take a few moments to upload and convert the file. Once the conversion is complete the converted file will automatically download on your computer. You have to keep yourself on the page while converting the file. One of the important aspects of this PDF converting tool is; it keeps the converted file size low with the same text quality.

Key Features

1. Very easy and quick to use

2. Get better quality than any other PDF converters tools

3. Don’t need to get into the hassle of installing any software

4. Converts the PDF files in no time

5. Convert PDF to Word files with a reduced file size


CloudConvert is a very popular online file converter and their PDF to DOC conversion section is indeed an impressive thing. Their PDF to DOC converter introduces an advanced kind of PDF conversion procedure. The best part of this online tool is; you can choose multiple files, from your computer, URL, or storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive which is very convenient. First, you have to upload the file and then click on the ‘Start Conversion button to start the process. You have to do some other tasks at the end of the conversion procedure like mailing you, saving the converted file into Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. CloudConvert took more time to convert a PDF file and their file size is high, around 5 times of SmallPDF or Go4Convert.

Key Features

1. CloudConvert supports more than 200 formats

2. High-quality conversions options ensure setting the quality and many other alternatives      

3. It has a powerful API that allows custom integrations with any kind of apps

4. Provide excellent security to your data

Free PDF To Word Online

Free PDF to Word Online is a part of PDFelement and it’s a very popular online version of PDF conversion software with a minimalistic design. With this tool, you can select the target format from the list. You can choose the source PDF file from the local storage or a remote URL. Once you upload the file you can select the target file format and then click on the Convert button. One of the major drawbacks of this online converter is; you can’t convert PDF files if they are higher than 10 MB in size. Moreover, it takes more time to convert files compared to other PDF to DOC converters. But the quality of the converted file is excellent though the file size is a bit high than you would expect.

Key Features

1. Quick and easy conversion

2. No registration required to use the tool

3. Get better quality than any other PDF converters tools

4. Don’t need to get into the hassle of installing any software    

Docs Zone

Docs Zone is very popular for its user interface and it offers impressive PDF to Word conversion capabilities. So anyone will find it very easy to use this PDF converter regardless of their technical knowledge depth. With this free online converter, you can convert more than one PDF file at a time and you can add those files using the ‘Add files’ button. Once you have updated all the buttons you can select the format of the files separately which is very convenient for bulk conversation. There are a few modes available that you can choose from:

1. Flowing mode – ideal for document purposes

2. Exact mode – gives primary importance to the resemblance between two documents

3. OCR mode – recognizes text from a PDF and provides an editable Word file

Key Features

1. There is a progress bar that shows the conversation percentage

2. It takes little time to convert the file

3. Provide excellent security to your data

Investintech Free Online PDF To Word Converter

If you are looking for a free online PDF to Word converter with no limitation then you can put your trust in Investintech Free Online PDF to Word Converter. This converter runs on the browser so you don’t have to install any additional software on your computer. Moreover, there is no need to register for an account or submit an email address to use this converter. Simply browse the file on your computer and upload it to convert the file into the DOC file. Once the conversion is completed, your converted PDF will be ready to download as a DOCX file. There are no limits available in the converter on the number of pages you can convert, or how many times you can use it in a day. The quality of the converted file is excellent. Both images and text are preserved, and even complex formatting is retained almost perfectly. This converter tool supports OCR so you can convert both native PDFs and scanned documents. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to convert your PDFs into editable DOC files then this is the right tool for you.

Key Features

1. No page limits

2. Maintains original formatting

3. Preserves images and text

4. Works with native and scanned PDFs

5. Quick & accurate conversion

6. OCR for scanned PDF files


This is a leading free online PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PowerPoint converter where you can easily convert PDF files into DOC files. This converter has a user-friendly interface so you can easily convert your PDF file. First, you have to click on the upload button and then browse your computer to select the file. Then you have to select other options like the Output Document Type, Page Range, etc. and then click on the convert button. It will take a few times to upload and convert the PDF file. This converter supports a number of customizable fields, for example, you can tell the program to detect tables and lists, how you want to treat headers and footers, and whether you want the converter to automatically rotate the text.          

Key Features

1. Easy to learn and use this online converter

2. Great for image-rich PDFs

3. Splits and merges documents

4. Maintains original layout

5. Supports multiple file types

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the best free online PDF to Word converter from the above list. You can pick any of the above PDF converters without any hesitation because our experts have put their years of experience to make the list so you can enjoy fast, hassle-free, PDF to Word conversion with high-quality files.


What Is The Difference Between A PDF And A Word Document?

PDFs and word documents are not the same. For starters, one is a document while another is a file format. PDFs can contain all types of files like pictures and videos. Word documents, on the other hand, only let you type in text and don’t allow you to add any other content. They also have features such as spell checkers and auto-correction that PDFs cannot provide.

How Long Will The Conversion Take?

Every conversion takes a different amount of time. There are many factors that determine how long it will take, including the size and complexity of your current data, how familiar you are with the new system, and how much time you want to spend on the process. It is important to know these factors before you start converting your data. Start by finding out what kind of data and what kind of software you have. What file formats do they use? How does each system store information differently?

How Do I Use The Best Free Online PDF To Word Converter?

The Best Free Online PDF To Word Converter is a useful free online tool that converts PDF files to your document in Microsoft Word format. When you upload a PDF file, the converter downloads it and then converts it into a Word document for you. Upload a PDF document and click on the Convert to Microsoft Office Word File button or, if you have previously uploaded a PDF file to convert, enter the URL of your file and start converting.

What Is The Best Free Online PDF To Word Converter’s Policy On Refunds?

The policy of PDF To Word Converter on refunds. PDF To Word Converter offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the products. Customers will be eligible for a refund if they contact customer service within 30 days of their purchase date and provide [email protected] with information about their order including the order number, the email address used to place the order, and the product purchased.