Top 10 Food And Drink Apps For Android In 2021

Everybody loves food and loves experimenting with some of the best culinary activities around the globe. however, for this, it is important to make sure that one has the right type of resources to learn more and know more about the food culture. The best thing that one can have in their hands these days is mobile phone apps. These apps can be used to search restaurants, recipes of the dishes, the best offers, home delivery of the food, etc. with changing times it becomes difficult to keep track of some of the best android apps that can help keep track of the new food and restaurants around town.

Therefore Below Is The List Of Top 10 Food And Drink Android Apps In 2021:

1. Starbucks


When it comes to coffee one cannot deny the fact that nothing can be better than Starbucks. Now one can use the Starbucks app to track their rewards, pay, and also find stores nearby.


1. Pay: one can pay using the app instead of paying by cash or cards, by simply adding cash into the app wallet.

2. Rewards: earn rewards with every buy at Starbucks and keep track of the star on the app. 

3. Send A Gift: send a gift of Starbucks to your loved ones using the app.

4. Find A Store: new to a place and cannot find your favorite Starbucks nearby?  Simply use the app to locate the nearest store.

Rating: 3.8

Downloads: Hundred Thousand +

App link:

2. 7-Eleven

7 Eleven

For all the fans of 7-eleven out there, this app can make your experience even more fun and economic. One can be rewarded for buying food and also can easily track and locate new stores nearby.


1. Coupons: one can scan the member barcode while checking out and get free drinks and much more.

2. Earn Points: buy food and drinks and earn points that can be redeemed later for getting free drinks and food.

3. Feedback: the app is the best place for 7eleven customers to give their valuable feedback regarding the food and services provided.

4. Store Finder: using the app one can find stores nearby and can also find out what they serve easily.

Rating: 4.7

Downloads: Five Million+

App link:

3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Why go out when one can get the food delivered at the doorstep from their favorite restaurant. With uber eats, one can get their food delivered at home or office at great prices and offers. 


1. Good Restaurants: in this app, one can find some of the best restaurants in the town from which one easily picks their favorite.

2. Pick Up: one can now also pick their food up from the restaurant instead of getting it delivered at home. 

3. Order Tracking: another of the best feature that the app has is the real-time tracking of the order, in which one can see exactly where their food delivery guy is and how much time it will take to reach the address.

Rating: 4.1

Download: Hundred Million+

App link:

4. Door Dash

Door Dash

Why go to a restaurant and wait in a long line to get a table, instead enjoy your favorite dishes from the best restaurant delivered at home using the door dash app.


1. Fast Delivery: one thing that a door dash can always offer is the best delivery service where one can get their order delivered within minutes.

2. Real-Time Order Tracking: one can easily keep track of their order using the maps in the app, which tell the exact location of the app.

3. No Minimum Limit: when ordering through this app, their si not minimum limit of food that can be ordered.  

4. Schedule: one can simply schedule their deliveries using the app beforehand only/

Rating: 4.5

Download:  Ten Million+

App link:

5. Murphy Drive

Murphy Drive

For those who like to save some buck while going out to the store or a gas station, they can use this app to get attractive rewards. 


1. Easy Savings: with this app one can easily earn drive points when one plays the Murphy games or does Murphy purchases.

2. Save Bucks: with the rewards earned one can simply get free snacks or even discounts at the gas station on each gallon of fuel.

3. Find Pumps: with the app, one can easily find Murphy pumps and stores while on the drive.

Rating: 4.7

Downloads: One Million+

App link:

6. Dunkin


Love Dunkin’?  then get the app and win various rewards and perks. One can also order using the app and avoid standing in long lines.


1. Perks And Rewards: by joining the DD perks one can get the chance to win points. For each dollar spent, one will get 5 points and after collection, 200 points one will get a free beverage.

2. Order Ahead: one can make it a point to order ahead using the app and that way can avoid long lines and waiting time.

3. Scan The Store: using the app one can scan the store and get to know what are the options available. 

Rating: 4.2

Downloads: Five Million+

App link:

7. Grubhub Food Delivery

Grubhub Food Delivery

Why go out when one can get the food delivered that too without any delivery cost from the best places using the GrubHub app.


1. Best Restaurants: ranging from the daily choices to the best of best in the city, GrubHub will deliver food from all of these restaurants.

2. Pre-Order: using the app one can now pre-order their meals from the restaurants without any last-minute hassle. 

3. Best Deals: one can also avail of some of the best deals and offers from the app.

Rating: 3.9

Downloads: Ten Million+

App link:

8. Postmates


Find the best dishes from the best diner and restaurants with the postmates app. One can get pick-up and home delivery along with 24×7 services.


1. Order Anything: the best thing about postmates is the fact that one can order any merchandise or food from any restaurant as they have an exhaustive list of places across the city.

2. Unlimited Membership: get unlimited membership and get free deliveries over the bill amount of $15.

3. Pick The Order: one can also pick their order directly from the restaurant by pre-ordering their food. This way one can save time and effort effectively.

4. Exclusive Brands: some brands are exclusive to the postmates and thus if you are a fan then get your food or products delivered directly to the home.

Rating: 3.6

Downloads: Five Million+

App link:

9. Instacart


Shopping for groceries is one of the most important yet hectic parts of one’s schedule. With instacart one can get their groceries delivered at home in almost one hour. 


1. Choose A Shop: one can simply add the postal code of the area and choose a grocery shop of one’s choice.

2. Easy Delivery: with the instacart app one can get their groceries delivered within an hour.

3. Contact The Shopper: in case there is some type of confusion and any product is out of stock, then one can contact the shopper and communicate regarding the products to pick.

4. Pick Your Order: one can also pick their order by pre-ordering the groceries, and the shop will keep the items ready 

Rating: 4.0

Downloads: One Million+

App link: 

10. Tasty


Lear and try some of the best recipes with the help of the cooking coach in the tasty app. One can search and find various recipes based on the preferences and ingredients that are chosen.


1. Easy Instructions: in the app, one can get the simplest form of the instructions for every recipe.

2. Set Preferences: one can easily set the preferences for their food choice like vegetarians, gluten-free, keto, etc.

3. Videos: tasty videos are available on the app before anywhere else and one can watch them before anybody else does.

4. Recommendations: based on one’s search for food and preferences, one can also get recommendations on various meals or occasions.

Rating: 4.8

Downloads: Five Million+

App link:


1. What Is Food & Drink App?

Answer- The Food & Drink app has a feature called Shopping List. It allows you to create quick shopping lists with the ingredients that you need for cooking. You can add new ingredients at any time manually or it can automatically add all the ingredients from the recipes that interest you.

2. Can You Buy Food With Google Play?

Short Answer- First, open the Google Pay app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Make sure that you’re on the main “Pay” tab. And then, scroll down to the “Discover” section and tap “Order Food.” The “Order Food” page has several options.

3. What Are Some Food And Drink Apps?

1. Wine ‘n Dine.
2. One Drop.
3. Distiller.
4. Modern Classics of the Cocktail Renaissance.
5. DINE by Tasting Table.
6. Goldbely.
7. Postmates.

4. Do You Know Any Websites Or Apps From Which You Can Order Food For Takeout Or Delivery?

1. DoorDash.
2. GrubHub.
3. Uber Eats.
4. Seamless.