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Best Emoji Apps For Android

Imagine the world without any emojis, it would be difficult to express ourselves on social media networks. Our conversations are mainly driven by word-based communication on the Internet. However, in today’s world, the trend is about to change.

Enter emojis – emojis have proven that they are an important part of our everyday conversations. Just a few years ago, we had only a few emojis for basic expressions like Happy, Anger, Sad, Crying, and Laughter.

What About Today’s Emojis?

We have emojis for every single expression imaginable. There are emojis for objects as well. Emojis can be found anywhere – logos, marketing, conversations, social media posts, etc. There is a movie series called “Pixels” that feature a couple of emojis.

Since emojis abound everywhere in great numbers. Google Play Store has plenty apps catering to people with emojis requirements.

So, you may wonder which app will be the best one for emojis?

Sure, there is a wide range of apps available, finding the best app for you will be a daunting process. To narrow down your choices for emoji apps, in this article, I will be discussing the best apps for emojis.

Best Emojis For Android

1. Facemoji


With this Android app, you can have access to over 3,000 free emojis and emoticons. Like every other Android app, you have to set the Facemoji keyboard as the default keyboard before using it. There are four Emoji styles to choose from.

The Emoji styles are  Emojis by Google, Twitter’s Emoji, EmojiOne, and the default Emojis on your existing system.

Besides emojis, Facemoji offers plenty of features. For example, Facemoji comes with a huge collection of GIFs and stickers. The app has a feature that allows you to send emojis combo – the different combination of emojis allows you to convey a message.

Gesture Typing

This is an exclusive feature of the Facemoji keyboard: it allows gesture typing. And, this feature supports numerous languages, word suggestions, and auto-correction.

2. Type


This is another great free emoji keyboard, loaded with plenty of emojis, customization options, and GIFs.

With ai. type, you can use either EmojiOne or Twitter’s emojis. Many just settle with their default emojis.


There is a plugin you need to download to unlock over 2,000 emojis for free. Furthermore, it features thousands of themes to choose from. With all these themes, you can set any image of your preference as the background of the keyboard.

Ai.type allows you to set the top of the row of the keyboard and customize the keyboard as per your needs.

Main Features

1. Has Swipe to Write feature

2. Auto-Suggestion of words and emojis

3. Auto-correction

4. Cursor-tracker for navigating through words

3. Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard

It is an amazing keyboard that comes with a huge collection of customization abilities, and emojis. With all these features mixed together, you can have Kika Emoji Keyboard.

Collection Of Emojis

1. Samsung Emojis

2. Color Emojis

3. Cube Emojis

4. Halloween Emojis

5. Christmas Emojis

Extra Features

1. GIFs from Giphy

2. Stickers

3. Loads of themes

4. Guitar, piano, and saxophone as key press sound

5. Built-in font-picker

Basic Features

1. Slide to Type

2. Word and Emoji suggestion

4. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard The Google Keyboard

For many Android gurus, Gboard is the best keyboard app. The remarkable job Google has done with this app is noticeable. The keyboard has lots of features to offer. You can even search for emojis within the keyboard option.

Emoji Search

This is rather a unique feature. You can search Gboard for emojis. It also has emoji predictions, which further eases your search.

Main Features

1. Over 120 languages

2. Emoji search

3. Supports Google Translate

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best emoji apps for your Android device, then you must try out the apps listed in this article.


What Is The Best Free Emoji App For Android?

1. RainbowKey.
2. Swiftkey Keyboard.
3. Emoji>
4. iMoji.
5. Facemoji.
6. Bitmoji.
7. Elite Emoji.

What are some good emoji apps?

1. Swiftkey keyboard.
2. Bitmoji.
3. Gboard.
4. Emoji keyboard.
5. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard: GIF, Emoji, Keyboard.

Are Google Emojis Free?

Answer- It’s available completely 100% FREE of charge! Trying to get into the Emoji world. Our plan here is to take you through an extensive guide on the Android emoji experience.

What Is The ID Emoji?

Answer- Meaning (Id Button Emoji).