Top 10 Education Android Apps For 2021

Android smartphones are a great source of knowledge for different people and students. Education has become an easy one with the help of increasing technology. Therefore, the educational app is offered for the different aged people for both kids and adults. The smartphones are available for the Android application which offers the best learning and courses. Further, education apps are available for users to learn new things easily.

The Top 10 Education Android Apps Are Available To Learn New Things As Follows


This is one of the best education Android applications available for the smartphone. This is one of the smartest apps that allow you to read the best non-fiction books in less than fifteen minutes. There are different genres available for readers who can take care of the learning process easier. 

The perfect application is available for Android users to install and find useful. Moreover, a variety of subjects is offered for the students to learn. All kinds of subjects are available for users who can learn any subject in less than a few minutes.


It is one of the best learning apps that offer the best learning languages and skills. The courses offered are useful for the students as well as employees which offer the best digital online classes. The digital online classes offer the best training and online coaching lessons that offer the best training. Moreover, exams can be attended to earn badges at the expertise level and learn the course completely.


TED has become the best learning apps in recent years as they offer the best quality content in the form of videos and lectures. Further, the content available is useful for teaching kids, students, as well as the general audience to learn about a niche better. You can also find the advanced level of some subjects which can be understood in 5-minute videos on the app. 

The best features include the subtitle availability in more than 500 languages, bookmarking features, downloading videos to the smartphone, and access to the TED podcast.


If you are a night owl who studies everything about a subject, the night before an examination, then this is the app for you. That is to say, it has the best set of quizzes and tests in the online mode that makes you prepare for the examinations easily. Further, even youngsters who love to learn can download and install this app for better results. 

The study materials are customized for the students which help in a better understanding of the subject. Further, there are features offered like study reminders, tracking the progress of quizzes, and desired image and audio files for a subject. 


If you wish to learn one or more languages more smartly, then Duolingo is the best choice. The languages are offered with the best spoken and written words which are used commonly in the language. Therefore, you can learn more languages at a time with the best app. The user interface offers the best app to read, write, and speak a language easily. 

The language can be used for reading, listening, writing, and speaking which makes the language learning process to be perfect. One can learn different languages of the world with different techniques. Also, the app supports all types of languages that offer the best learning processes. The grammar skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and many other nuances of a language can be learned through this app. 


If you are learning for the best sports fitness and awareness app, then this is the best choice. Even if you are not a fitness expert but willing to learn the basics, ActiveX is the best choice. There are various workouts and active sessions like fitness exercises and guides. An active lifestyle is offered for the students who are willing to take part in the activities.

You do not have to go to the gym for taking up the lessons as every important workout is offered in the app. Further, body composition, tracking of body mass index, multiple users, and personalized working sessions are available.


The games are available for the players to keep their minds active and this is one of such applications. Therefore, the app can be downloaded and installed on your device. This is one of the best free learning apps that offer different courses for people at no cost. Therefore, if you are interested to learn a new skill, then just sign up and start learning. 

Brain games are offered for the kids and adults who help in increasing the focus and concentration of the people. 


If we need to search for anything, we look at Wikipedia. Many things to know about people, place, ethnicity, and many others are searched here. However, the app allows users to easily access the data needed from their smartphone devices. The user interface is created and developed for the sake of mobile phone users which makes it simple to read on the go.

Further, the features offered are no ads, informative posts or articles, offline support, availability of languages, and so on.


Amazon offers book lovers the Kindle version to read and enjoy the books, blogs, and other written scripts. The Kindle devices are available and the app also can be downloaded and installed on the device. Further, the Kindle version of books is available at a low cost that is useful for book lovers to read and enjoy.

There are different features offered by the app like accessibility to different devices, the built-in dictionary, shopping e-book stores, offline reading support, and so on.


It is one of the free online classroom platforms that offer the best training skills and courses. It is similar to the physical classroom where the students are grouped into standards, grades, and sections with the teachers. The community is opened as a forum to discuss as you do in the classroom for doubts and queries. It works better as other students ask doubts which are useful for us to learn a different perspective.

In conclusion, these are the top 10 education Android apps to install and get benefited in 2020.