Best Charging Cable For iPhone – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Apple is a very renowned tech brand and its iPhone is a very popular smartphone model among gadget lovers. iPhone is famous for its uniqueness, design, and cool features but not the best at battery and performance. Over the years Apple’s batteries get bigger and better so does the screen. In addition, Apple started to use a powerful processor so a bigger battery doesn’t improve the battery performance and the user needs to charge their iPhones regularly. Apple uses different types of wireless charging compared to Android devices so conventional chargers won’t work for iPhones. There are thousands of third parties charging cables available for the iPhone to choose from. Our experts have tested all the popular charging cables on the market and picked the 10 best charging cables for your iPhone.

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10 Best Charging Cables For iPhone

1. Anker Power Line II USB-C to Lightning Cable (6 feet)

2. Nomad Lightning Cable USB-C with kevlar

3. Anker Power Line II USB-A to Lightning Cable (6 feet)

4. Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable, Lightning/Type C/Micro USB

5. Amazon Basics MFi-Certified Lightning to USB A Cable for Apple iPhone

6. Apple Lightning to USB Cable

7. Anker 3 Pack Powerline Lightning Cable (3ft)

8. YUNGSONG 3-pack 6ft. Lightning to USB-A Cable

9. KOZOPO 2 pack 6ft. Lightning to USB-A Cable

10. Aukey 2 pack 6ft. Lightning to USB-C Cable

Anker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable (6 feet)

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If you are looking for MFi-certified lengthy cable to charge your iPhone or other lightning-powered devices as fast as possible then Anker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable will be the best option. This cable is very popular because it supports the fastest possible charging speeds. When you pair this cable with a USB-C port and 18 watts of power then it will charge an iPhone up to three times faster. This cable has excellent build quality and it will last 2× longer than other cables and it has withstood over 12000 bends in strict laboratory tests.

 This cable is 6 feet long and it has a slim and compact design and you can coil up it to fit in a pocket or purse. It has a rubber sheath encasing therefore it provides a smooth yet excellent grip. This cable is made from a single piece of matte-textured rubber and it provides ample room to grasp the plug firmly while plugging and unplugging. This way this cable avoids fraying and breakage. When our experts have plugged both ends of each cable into a variety of devices they found the cable-stayed put and provided a solid connection for charging and data transfer.

Key Features

1. The cable is 6ft long

2. It has a bend lifespan of 12000+

3. Support PD charging for iPhone 8/8+/X/Xs/Xr/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max etc.

Nomad Lightning Cable USB-C With Kevlar

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This charging cable is excellent for people who are looking for a cable that can reach across rooms. This cable will charge the iPhone and other lightning-powered devices as fast as possible and this cable is long and more durable than the Anker’s PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable. This cable supports 100w fast charging as well as allows up to 480Mbps of data transfer speed and ensures optimal performance for the latest devices. This cable is MFi-certified so Apple has confirmed that it will perform optimally in terms of charging and data transfer capabilities with its devices.

This lightning cable has the most ruggedly built sheath that you won’t get in any other cables available in the present market. Nomad lightning cable is made of a thick, double-braided Kevlar and it is more durable than the conventional nylon material. It has plastic housings with little ridges along the collar and it provides added flexibility. This cable fit in most lightning and USB-C ports. It has a 2x thick protective PVC jacket and it is designed for heavy everyday use.   

Key Features

1. An ultra-rugged USB-C cable

2. Braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance

3. Reinforced RF shielding for fast data sync

Anker PowerLine II USB-A to Lightning Cable (6 feet)

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This is another excellent lightning cable from Anker PowerLine and it is popular for sturdily built, comfortable grip, and lifetime warranty. This cable is 6-foot long and it will easily reach from a wall outlet to a nightstand or desk. Like all the cables from Anker PowerLine, this cable also has extreme reinforcement and it provides excellent protection for internal wiring. The excellent build quality ensures a 12x longer lifetime compared to other cables and it is proven to withstand over 12000 bends in strict laboratory tests.

This is the best USB-A–to–Lightning cable that you can find in the market as it is also MFi certified. So you can expect to get the top charging speed and full USB 2.0 data transfer rates from this charging cable. The best part of this cable is it is available in a variety of lengths: 1-foot version, 3-foot version, 6-foot version, and 10-foot version. It has a smooth yet grippy exterior. The 3-foot and 6-foot versions of this cable come in a wider variety of colors that includes black, white, red, and blue. Finally, this cable comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.

Key Features

1. Bulletproof-fiber construction for superior durability

2. High-quality finish with ergonomic connectors

3. Charging and data-transfer speeds stay sky-high

Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable, Lightning/Type C/Micro USB

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If you are a traveler then you will find this cable from Anker PowerLine very handy as it is a three-in-one cable and you can devices that support Micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning. It has a USB-A–to–Micro-USB cable with Lightning and USB-C adapters attached by short tethers. This cable has enhanced durability thanks to the extreme reinforcement therefore it provides excellent protection to the internal wiring from trauma and degradation. This cable is MFi certified from Apple so it ensures all your devices will charge safely.

Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable has the same sheath and housing styles as the other PowerLine II cables so you will get a comfortable, sleek-looking, easy-to-grip experience. Though it’s a three-in-one cable it has a slim profile that’s easy to coil up and store in a bag or pocket. The adapters of this cable are very easy to plug in and unplug and it stays firmly in place once connected to a device. This cable is available in two colors: black and white. Like all the Anker PowerLine cables this lightning cable also comes with a hassle-free, lifetime warranty.

Key Features

1. 3-in-1 Connector

2. Extreme Durability

3. MFi Certified

4. Universal Compatibility

AmazonBasics MFi-Certified Lightning To USB A Cable For Apple iPhone

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If you are looking for a budget charging cable for your iPhone then it will be an excellent choice. This is an Apple MFi certified charging and syncing cable from AmazonBasics. As this cable is certified by Apple it supports iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc. You will get good performance and safety from this cable while paying only a small amount of money compared to other cables. This cable has a slim body which makes it portable enough to carry it in a pocket.

The metal connectors of this cable-stay firmly in place into the port once plugged in. So you will get a solid stream of power when connected. The AmazonBasics cable is available in a wide range of length options: 3-foot cable, a 6-foot cable, and the 10-foot cable. The 3-foot cable is excellent for charging on the go while the 6-foot cable is perfect for a nightstand or desk setup. On the other hand, the 10-foot cable is best for reaching faraway wall outlets or covering two rooms. Every length of this cable is available in various colors that include black, white, gray, red, and blue.

Key Features

1. The small connector works with most cases

2. High-quality copper wire maximizes signal quality and increases durability

3. Amazon Basics 1-Year Limited Warranty

Apple Lightning To USB Cable

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If you don’t want to use any third-party cables to your official iPhone then you can consider buying this lightning-to USB cable from Apple. This is a six-foot-long Apple lightning cable and you can connect it to an Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet. It will give you a quick, reliable charge time compared to other cables available in the market at an affordable price. This charging cable uses a USB-A port to connect to a wall adapter to provide power to your iPhone. You can also use this cable to connect your iPhone to a Mac computer to sync data at a great speed.

This cable is long enough to give you the freedom to use any outlet in a room so you don’t have to carry your main charging cable all the time. This cable has a durable rubber-plastic coating that protects the internal wires from damage as well as prevents electrical shock. The best part of this cable is, it supports and works well with newer iPad and iPod Touch models. So you can easily use this cable as a universal charging cable for your favorite Apple devices.

Key Features

1. Compatible with iPad and iPod touch

2. The cable is 6ft long

3. Supports Apple USB power adapter for convenient charging

Anker 3 Pack PowerLine Lightning Cable (3ft)

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This is a 3 cable pack lightning cable for iPhone from Anker PowerLine and it is the best value you can find when shopping for charging cables for your iPhone. So having three cables mean you can keep one in your home, one in your office and can carry one cable with you and charge your phone on the go. Each of the cables on this pack is three meters long so they are perfect for use with closer wall outlets and computer USB ports. This cable is made of Aramid fiber so it is resistant to fraying and wear-related damage.

This cable includes hook-and-loop cable ties for neat and damage-free storage which is very convenient and increases the lifespan of the cable. This cable features laser-welded connection points and reinforcement on common stress points that increase the durability of this cable. This cable is certified by Apple so you won’t get any error messages when using on official products; moreover, it also ensures that you will get consistent charging and data transfer. The best part is; this three-pack lightning cable comes with an 18-month warranty so you don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects and dead-on-arrival units.

Key Features

1. Laser welding and fusion PVC offer more reliable connections

2. MFi certified by Apple to offer superior charging and data transfer speed

3. Anker PowerLine 18-months limited warranty

YUNGSONG 3-pack 6ft. Lightning To USB-A Cable

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If you are looking for the most durable lightning to USB-A cable for your iPhone then consider buying the YUNGSONG 3-pack cable. This cable has a durable design as it is covered with a braided-nylon jacket. Moreover, the polished aluminum alloy housing not only pairs perfectly with the iPhone and iPad but also protects against physical stresses. This cable is rated to withstand over 8,000 bends. With this cable, you will get consistent charging, as well as excellent data transfer, speeds up to 480Mbps. So you can easily and simply sync your iPhone with your Mac computer.

Each cable in this pack is six feet long so you don’t have to set near the wall outlet or your computer’s USB ports to charge your phone. This cable is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro, 11, XS MAX, XR, XS, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6s plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, 5c, 5s, SE, 5, iPad, Air, Pro, Mini, iPod. YUNGSONG has excellent customer service and they provide email support for customers to troubleshoot issues. Moreover, they will respond to refund and replace products within 24 hours.

Key Features

1. Woven nylon cord sheath ensures excellent durability

2. Aluminum alloy connection housings provide perfect pairs with devices

3. Affordable and reasonable price

KOZOPO 2 pack 6ft. Lightning To USB-A Cable

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If you are looking for a lightning cable with a power adapter then you won’t get a better deal than the KOZOPO 2 pack 6ft. Lightning to USB-A Cable. This cable pack includes a 2 six feet lightning to USB-A cable and a power adapter. The power adapter has two hi-speed USB ports and you can charge your iPhone five times faster compared to other charging cables. This more adept can recognize any device, and maximize the charging efficiency which is very convenient. Moreover, the adapter is ETL and FCC certified for safety from overheating, power surges, and short-circuiting.

You will get 2 six feet long cables so you can carry one cable with you and charge your iPhone on the go. The cable is made from high-quality copper wire therefore it reduces charging cable resistance and enables the fastest charge. The best part is, this cable sync and charge at the same time at an excellent speed to save your valuable time. This cable is compatible with most of the iPhone models that include the iPhone 11 Pro, 11, XS MAX, XR, XS, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6s plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, etc.

Key Features

1. Power Supply is easy to fit and remove

2. Made from tinned copper and has a high charging speed

3. Manufactured with the highest quality materials         

Aukey 2 pack 6ft. Lightning To USB-C Cable

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Aukey Lightning to USB-C Cable will be an excellent choice for people who are looking for a charging cable that won’t twist or tangle while charging their devices and work at the same time. This cable features 90-degree bends at both the USB-A and USB-C connections so you won’t have to worry about twisting, tangling, and wire breakage anymore. This cable has a braided nylon sheath and it provides protection against fraying and splitting. With this cable, you will get charging up to 3A thanks to a 56k ohm resistor and high-standard components.

This cable has a durable and flexible design. This cable can withstand 5000+ bends for easy connection. This cable support both fast charging and quick charging as well as provide a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps to make file sharing an easy task. The connection is housed in a zinc alloy casing so the cable will provide enhanced heat resistance and it will increase the lifespan of the cable. The cable is long enough to provide you plenty of room to use your phone while charging.

Key Features

1. Zinc alloy housings for better heat resistance

2. Supports adaptive fast charging and quick charge

3. High-speed data transfer and 90° connectors

What To Consider While Buying A Charging Cable For iPhone

There are thousands of charging cables available with different specifications and features. Therefore, sometimes as a buyer, it is very difficult to pick the best cable for the iPhone. Here are a few factors that you should consider to ensure you are getting the charging cable that is supported by your iPhone.

1. MFi-Certificate

The MFi-certificate is provided by Apple and it indicates that a third-party company’s product meets the standard of Apple. This certificate indicates the third-party product will perform well with the official Apple products. So when looking for a charging cable for your iPhone make sure you buy one that has the MFi certificate so that the cable will perform well in terms of charging and data-transfer capabilities.

2. Price

When you are in the market for a charging cable don’t forget to compare the price of different cables. An Apple charging cable is available at $19, though it can cost as much as $35 depending on the length and configuration. But if you consider the third-party cables then you will see there is a huge difference in the price. In fact, you will get a double-length charging cable at the half price of Apple’s charging cable.

3. Durability

Charging cable is one of those gadgets that you need to use every day and multiple users might use it as well. So you have to buy a charging cable that is durable enough to withstand everyday use. There are many cables available with an additional layer of protection at both connector ends to prevent damages. Moreover, you will also find charging cables with a 10,000+-bend lifespan.

4. Length

Nowadays people look for long charging cables as long charging cables provide more flexibility while charging the phone. Generally, the cable of Apple measures one meter but you will find plenty of options where the cable measures 3 meters, 6 meters, 10 meters, etc. So if you have a long charging cable then you don’t have to worry about reaching the wall again.

5. Warranty

Warranty is very important for charging cable because you are going to use this cable every day so the chance of damaging the cable is high. So buying a charging cable with a longer warranty is a better decision. You will find charging cables with a warranty of 1-year and this is the minimum amount of time you should look like a warranty for your charging cable.

Final Thought            

It’s very difficult to pick a charging cable because most of these cables have the same features and same price range. The charging cables we have mentioned above are the best and they will give you full value for your money. So without any hesitation, you can put your trust on our list. If you have any queries then leave it in the comment section. Our experts will get to you.    


What Is The Difference Between A Charger And A Cable?

The difference between chargers and cables is that chargers output electricity to our devices, whereas cables transfer data. The chargers are the only ones that need to be plugged into an outlet for them to work. Cables can be connected by plugging one end into a device and the other end into an electrical outlet via a USB cord.

Which Charger Should I Use With My iPhone?

Many people ask which charger they should use for their iPhones. The chargers compatible with the iPhone include iPhone 4 and later models, iPod Touch (5th generation and later), and iPad (4th generation). These chargers feature a lightning cable that plugs into both the wall and the device and comes in MFi certified versions from Apple and other manufacturers.

What Is The Difference Between A USB-C Cable And A Lightning Cable?

The difference between a USB-C cable and a Lightning cable is that one of these cables is for charging and the other is for data. A USB-C cable can charge your phone and transfer data, and a Lightning can transfer data but not charge your phone. For example, if you plug your audio jack into your computer with a USB-C connector, it will also charge your phone by connecting to the power cord.

What Is The Best USB-C Cable For iPhone?

Many iPhone users have been wondering what the best USB-C cable for iPhone is. The answer to this question is not straightforward because it depends on a variety of factors such as what type of device you are charging, how much you want to spend, and the countries in which you will be using your device.

Ideally, a USB-C cable should meet certain specifications for its length, power output, and durability which will depend on the device being charged.