Top 10 Books And References Android Apps For 2021

If you are a student, then you know the struggle of finding the right book app for your studies. The importance of having student book reading apps are often taught to us from the commencement of high school. This is because when you are a student, then you are burdened with a lot of pressure. If you have the assistance of the right and the best type of book and reference apps for students and even others, then you can count on them.

Top 10 Books And References Android Apps To Use Right Now

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

This app can avail you to get the top of benefits from all around. Created by the Amazon community, this app comes free of cost to you. Amazon Kindle is an online learning destination where you can gather the best of information regarding your subject matters. This is a perfect app that comes with a lot of reading experiences for you. This means that you can read the new articles as well as the other forms of books that you want. And you can even connect this with your respective devices as you have for better convenience. 

2. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader

Another experienced app for everyone or the students out there, it comes with a ton of features for you. It is an excellent alternative book app that helps you to present the top solutions and formulas in the form of e-reading options and measurements. So the more you have the books showed right up in front of you, the better it will be for you and vice versa. This app can even convert the articles that you want to read in the source of PDF and another ePub hub so that you can get the most of it.

3. Cool Reader

Cool Reader

There is a vast array of academic options that comes with the help of this app. Ranked at the second, this has contemporary to traditional teaching forms for the student to understand their course and get straight A’s in their classes. With the array of features and awesome academic reads that you can get with the source of this app, it remains at the top three. It comes with a ton of usage. This app is excellent and provides text-to-speech management as well. So if you are not able to read something, then you can always present it in the form of speech.  

4. FBReader


From anything to everything, FBReader helps the students to build their study plan and regulates a lot of offers and valid forms too. If you are struggling with your syllabus, then you can choose the note plan that is availed with the help of brilliant experts through this app. this app is excellent in its way, and what makes it different from the other apps is the list of sources and devices through which it can run. It is entirely compatible and brings out a ton of options for you in the very fantastic way that you wish to scope out.  

5. Moon Reader

Moon Reader

It is a unique app that comes with a unique reading experience, as well. Moon Reader is the perfect app for you if you are scoping through something which can be good. And if you are looking for the best apps in the best reading apps, then this is the app for you. There are a ton of books and amazing services that can be sourced out of this app. Moon reader comes with a ton of services that can be perfect for you.  



As the name suggests, a big thing helps you to think bigger and better for the future. Trying to call in for the best of the syllabus and still struggling to get over it? Well, big think has got you covered over here. Don’t worry, much. Barnes and Noble have got their app for their users so that they can have an enriched experience and a ton of service. Nook is a fantastic app that can come with a range and list of options for you and in the right way.  

7. BlueFire Reader

BlueFire Reader

You might have heard about this platform for a long time now, but the best thing about BlueFire Reader is that it presents a lot of scopes for the students to get their work done at the right time. These best apps for students have a lot of study plans and offered notes which can help you to pass the difficult exams. And here, you can read your fantastic novels and articles or even the standard storybooks which come. It is the perfect app for a good time out and in the right way. So have fun while you are reading.

8. Mantano Reader Lite

Mantano Reader Lite

This is not just an online apps platform for people. This is an educational platform that helps you to take a subject and learn it from the first. There is significant data learning which happens with the use of this platform. So if you feel the stress of high school, then you will know where to tune in. An amazing app that comes with a list of selective options for you so that you can have a good time while you are reading them out.  

9. Wattpad


There are so many things that are covered with the help of this app. you can find modern stories, articles, and whatnot. This app is the perfect app for the booming writers, as well.

10. Kobo


Have you ever heard about Kobo’s reader? One of the best reading apps you can use. This is amazing and comes in its features and ways. This app is amazing and helps you to have a perfect option and format as you like.

Inevitably traditional form of reading still ranges, but if your kid is getting the same benefit while they are sitting at the comfort of their home, then the matter will be easy for them since they will start to love what they do. These reading apps will serve you as a pleasant time as you need.