Top 10 Beauty Android Apps For 2021

Makeups and beauty apps are the added epitome of the fashion statement that you make. Do you want to create a bold account that can be perfect for you? Well, the various makeups will help you with that.

Choosing The Right Makeup App 

There are some of the best beauty and makeup android apps which you can source out and then manage to draw in for watching like a bomb. These apps are amazing, and they will give you the pro glam look that you want. It will help you to function and choose the right tones and shades for your face.

Best Beauty Android Apps 

Here are the top beauty android apps which you can use right now. 

01- ModiFace App

ModiFace App

Making sure that you apply for the primer at first is a hard and compelling option for you. 


1. The added introduction will set in the eye makeup that you have. Since your makeup should be sleek, this primer is essential. 

2. So to know all the vital tips in which you can look amazing with the makeup that you are showcasing, Modi Face App is the perfect app for you to use.

You can just simply upload a picture from your local gallery, and you are good to go.  

02- L’oreal Makeup Genius

L’oreal Makeup Genius

This app tells you to enhance the crease set of style for your makeup. 


1. It is a perfect app that lets you shine bright and amazing when you are done with your makeup. 

2. This app is presented to you with the help of experts, so you don’t have to worry. 

3. It comes with a list of features and options for you to choose from. 

This is an amazing and beautiful app to use.  

03- The Glam App

This app lets you add some color to your makeup right now. 


1. It is good that you ensure the composition looks right to your eye and then provide an excellent tone to finish it off. 

2. This app sets you off with the perfect features and looks which you will fall in love with when you see them. 

3. And the best thing about this app? There are templates that come off as a reference for you to use. 

So if you are confused, then you can choose any one of the references that you like and then apply it to your face. It will be fantastic for you.  

04- Makeup Plus

Makeup Plus

This fantastic app lets you create a gradient. If you create an angle, then your makeup will look unusual to you. This is the right eye makeup app, as well. The lower lash, as well as the higher lash, should be developed and made up for the same. It is essential that you understand that the lash line that you have will be good enough and will give off a cutting edge to you.

05- Lakme Makeup Pro

Are you looking for an app that can get you off with a pro look? Don’t worry because this is the perfect app for you to choose from. 


1. This app is fantastic and comes with a selected list of features that you will completely love. 

2. The best quality of this app is the range of features that are present with the same. 

3. So if you want a compelling makeup look, then look up to this app, which can help you to get ready for the date night. 

And the best app for your right features, a good app to be used by you.

06- GlamSquad


This app is the perfect app for the application of medium to nude makeup. 


1. You can apply a medium to brown tanned tone to your eye shadow crease and then use a fluffy blending cover to blend it down. 

2. It will be right for you if you follow the instructions that are laid around with this fantastic app. 

3. It comes with a ton of compelling choices, and this is an excellent app that helps you to get the best. 

And you can have all the glam ideas at your doorstep right now. It will be perfect for you to find tons and tips which can match your face. 

07- Pretty In My Pocket

Pretty In My Pocket

This is the perfect app for all the tips and tones for your makeup base and coverage as you like. When you are applying for your eye makeup looks, you have to ensure that the nude base will be neutral to you. This app is fantastic, and it comes with so many tips that you can learn to implement. Tips like this can help you to get the best of what you want. As cheeky as it sounds, this is a pretty pocket app that will completely glam you up.

08- YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

One of the best beauty apps to be used on your Android device, this app comes with a list of compelling features that you will fall in love with. 


1. A perfect app for you, which lets you create and share selfies with your friends as well. 

It is a considerable beauty app that comes with a ton of features that you will love and completely adore for yourself. 

09- Sephora


Sephora is one of the popular apps for android users. The cut and the and crease tone for you are the best and the tagline of this makeup app. This makeup look will serve you right if you do it right. And since these looks that are presented will set you off in the right mode.

10- FaceTune


When it comes to dominating the beauty industry, then nothing is better than FaceTune. This is the perfect app for everything, and you will fall in love with this app as you please.

These beauty apps for your makeup skills are fantastic and come off at the right range too. Download one now and check to see how good it can go for you. These apps are perfect in their way and help you to have a look to die for.


1. Which Is The Best Face Beauty App?

1. Facetune 2 for iOS | Android
2. Download: Snapchat for iOS | Android
3. Retrica for iOS | Android

2. What Is The Best Free Selfie App?

1. Snapchat.
2. YouCam Perfect.
3. Perfect 365.
4. AirBrush.
5. VSCO.
6. Cymera.

3. What Editing App Do Makeup Artists Use?

Answer- Beauty Plus.

4. Which Makeup App Is Best?

1. InstaBeauty.
2. Perfect 365.
3. Urban- Book wellness at home.
4. Photo Wonder