Automatic Call Answering (Enabling And Disabling On Phone)

You can enable or disable automatic call answering on your phone. Activating or deactivating this feature depends on the mobile you are using. You can go to the settings of your handset and check for enabling or disabling the auto-answer feature.

Auto-Call Answering

Auto-call answering is a feature mostly and commonly used by business persons. They turn ON this feature to attend the official and essential calls.

This article will provide you with all the information about the Auto-call answering feature. It will guide you on how you can turn ON or OFF this feature on your Android phone.  

Enabling And Disabling Feature On Android Phone

Automatic call answering is not a default feature on Android mobile phones. Besides, the location of these functions in the settings also varies from one brand of the handset to another. As instanced by the software of Samsung mobile phone is different from Motorola and LG handsets.

But it is for sure that this feature is in the settings of the mobile phones whether you are carrying LG, Samsung, or any other mobile phone.

Enabling Auto-Answer Call On Android Phone

Steps To Enable Automatic Call Answering On Android Phones:

1. Switch on your Android handset

2. Tap on the Dialer Icon

3. Now tap on the three dots to open the mobile Settings

4. You will see the  Auto-answer feature

5. Tap on the check box

It Will Enable The Auto-Answer Feature In Your Android Phone. In Some Android Phones, If You Don’t Find This Feature In The Settings, You Can Check It In The Call Settings. As Instanced By Mi Phone, Follow The Below-Mentioned Steps:

1. Go to the Call Settings

2. Head to the Dialer on your phone

3. Press and hold three lines on the left of this screen

4. Scroll down to check the Auto-answer

5. Click on Enable

It will enable the Auto-answer feature on your Mi phone.

Disabling Auto-Answer Call On Android Phone

Steps To Disable Automatic Call Answering In Android Phone:

1. Switch on your Android handset

2. Head to the Call Settings

3. You will see the Auto-answer feature

4. You can uncheck to turn it off

These steps will disable automatic call answering on your Android phone.

Auto-Answer On Android Over Skype Or WhatsApp

Skype has an option to auto-answer calls. However, you can’t set specific callers to be answered on Skype. It will be for nobody or everybody. There is also an option to answer calls through video on Skype. The default auto-answer through a video call with your contact is enabled with speakers on.

If you want to nominated specific contacts to have auto-answering for elderly parents, you can check Konnekt Seniors phone with video. It is easy to use and will help you have the auto-answering feature for specific trusted contacts. It enables remote monitoring and has two-way sound and monitoring. However, it is not as intrusive as a webcam.

Auto-Answering While Ear/Headphones Are Plugged IN

When an earphone or headphone is plugged into your device, it picks a call automatically. The option is under Accessories or Call Settings that allow enabling or disabling answering a call automatically when the earphones or headphones are plugged into the device. You can switch it off when you want to disable this feature.

The location of this feature differs from one mobile to another. Most of the devices have it under the dialer or phone options.

Applications To Enable Auto-Answer For Android Devices

Many people are driving or busy when they receive a call. Sometimes, it is challenging for you to answer a call yourself, or you don’t want to get distracted. On landline phones, answering machines are installed that inform the caller that you are not available to pick the call.

However, it is not the case with Android phones. There are a few applications that you can install on an Android device to implement the automatic answering without clicking on its screen.

The functions of these applications are different from each other. Some android applications allow recording an answer that you will call later, or you are busy. The caller will hear pre-recorded messages when they call while some applications can pick the call automatically so that you can start your conversation.

 Here Is A List Of Apps And Their Features Of Auto-Answering Calls For Your Mobile Devices.
Sl. No.ApplicationsFeatures
1Auto Answer And Call Back (Magdelphi)-It helps in accepting incoming calls.
-You can stay hands-free with this app.
|-The app accepts the incoming call, and you can start the conversation.
-Pre-connect this app with wireless headphones.
-It creates a trusted list of contact that will be auto-answered.
_you can manually add the trusted contacts to this list.  
2Do It Later-It sends information and answers on time.
-It has automated messages and e-mails that you can set as an automatic answer to incoming calls.
-You can also set a specific range of time.
-You can set automated messages to send at a particular time.
-It helps in organizing mass mailing, which avoids selecting each recipient.
-You can enter the text with a voice assistant.
-The details of SMS, calls, etc., can be tracked easily in the application.  
3MotoAnswer-You can keep the app ON in the background.
-It does not consume a battery.
-It works accurately with the speakerphone or hearing aid that you connect.  
Setting Auto-Answering Call On The Web Page

If you are not able to answer the call, you need to enable the auto-answering function on the webpage.

Steps To Enable Automatic Answering On The Web Page Are:

1. Check Call Settings on the webpage and check the Auto Answer option.

2. For the Auto Answer, you can select Enable.

3. You can also choose Delay Time.

4. Click on the Save option.

Steps To Disable Auto Answering On The Web Page:

1. Check Call Settings on the webpage and check Auto Answer option.

2. You need to select Disable for Auto Answer when you want to de-activate this feature.

3. Click on the Save option.

With this feature, you don’t have to reach your handset to swipe and accept the calls. Now you can take calls while you or at work or driving without getting distracted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Make A Call Automatically On Android Phones?

Ans: There are many applications that you can use to automate calls on Android phones, such as Phone Schedule- Call, or WIFI Applications on Google Play.

Q2. How Can You Automate Answering Calls On The IPhone?

Ans: In your iPhone, you can head to Settings, choose Accessibility, and then select Touch. Go to the Call Audio routing at the bottom of the screen. Now choose the  Auto-Answer Calls to switch it on.

Q3. What Is The Auto-Answer Feature On Android Phones?

Ans: It is a car-mode application. It provides the driving interface with one-touch for around 18 contacts. It also allows you to answer calls by whistling.

4. What Is Automatic Call Answering?

Automatic call answering is a service that automatically answers your phone for you. Once activated, whenever you receive an incoming call, your phone will be automatically answered by the company’s recorded message. This way you don’t have to worry about missing any important calls when you are busy or away from home.

5. How Does Automatic Call Answering Work?

When in a meeting it can be difficult to take and return phone calls, so many people rely on automatic call answering. This is the newest innovation in call management – it keeps you from having to make multiple phone calls or check your email for missed messages. You simply input the numbers of the people you want to get in contact with, and when they are unavailable, your system will get on the line with them. The system will then hang up after a designated number of rings.

6. What Is The Difference Between Automatic Call Answering And A Regular Answering Machine?

An answering machine comes preloaded with a list of greetings to answer the phone for you. Automatic call answering allows the caller to have their own greeting, be automatically transferred to an extension, or have the caller hang up when they are finished speaking. Answering machines are often used in businesses that cannot afford live receptionists all day. If you are looking for a business phone system solution that will answer your calls, then automatic call answering may be just what you need!