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From Features To How To Use: Know Everything About Right Here

What Is All About?

Developed and published by Cheetah Mobiles, has become one of the leading games available both on Android as well as the iOS platform. Rated as addictive yet an amazing multiplayer game to look forward to, tests your archery skills. Below listed are some of the advantages of playing this game: 

1. Uncomplicated To Learn 

Be it you or your parents, is easy to learn and then play the game. With some of the most interesting areas, there is something for everyone. With a simple tool of using a bow and an arrow, it makes the game very user-friendly for all age groups.

2. Multiplayer

Among the plethora of io games releasing every day, this one actually gives you a chance to interact and make lots of virtual friends all over the world through its multiplayer interface

3. Available Online For Free

By becoming one of the most played games, the developers decided for people to have fun and have made the game available online for free. Develop your character with the skills and fight the enemies on the battlefield.

4. Easy Controls 

Since the game has been developed for groups of all ages to play and enjoy, the controls and skill set have been kept at the beginner. The player is equipped with just a set of bow and arrows and just has to use them to shoot the enemies wisely without wasting any.

5. Powerups

Once indulged in the game, you will come across hearts and crystals flying around. So use your arrows wisely and collect these powerups as they not only help you regain health but also boost your weapons to defeat your enemies in the battleground. 

How To Use On Windows?

How To Use On Windows

Launched in December 2016, this action, arcade & strategy game has been made available for both Android and iOS devices. You can easily use on your Windows PC.

1. All you need to do is download and install Bluestacks on your PC.

2. On installing, simply search for the game and download it.

3. Within a matter of seconds, the game will be installed and you will enjoy the super responsive virtual controls of character now on your Windows PC. 

A Step-By-Step Guide On Using On Mac

This recently released Android application, this game helps gamers all over the world enjoy high-quality graphics & HD sound quality not just on their phones but also on their laptops. Follow these steps and play on your Mac PC:

1. Open your browser and download bluestacks on your Mac PC. Next, just install  Bluestacks.

2. As you open it, you will be required to either register as a new member or simply log into your existing google play account.

3. Following this, just go ahead and search for “” in the Bluestacks search box.

4. Locate the game, download it, and hit Install.

5. Within no time, your game will be installed and you are all ready to play! 


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