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Top 10 Apps To Personalize & Customize Your Android For 2021

With the help of these personalization apps, you can customize your Android and make sure that it only happens to be your customized way. These top apps are personalized and come with a ton of impending features that you will completely love.

Top 10 Personalization Apps To Try Out

Here are the top apps that you should try out right now. 

1. Gboard

One of the best personalization apps which you can install on your phone, this is the perfect app that comes with a ton of features for you. So if you are using this app, then you can get the work done right on time.  

2. Swiftkey

Have you ever tried this app for your Android phone? If you have not tried this app, then here is your time to do so. This amazing app comes with a lot of new features through which typing shall be fun for you. You can completely use this app for your usage and get the best in return. It will help you to get the best and in the right way that you want. Plus there are other advanced features which you can use too.


This is one of the best personalization apps that you can use on your Android. It comes with over 600 seamless management. This app is the best one out there. It has a ton of features that you will love and completely adore. Plus, it comes with Google Assistant and options for activation for Alexa. So this app helps you with hands-free management so that you can choose and go for the best. This is a good app if you want to have a compatible choice right in front of yourself at the same time.  


It is a custom widget app for your phone. If you are striving to find the right widget for your phone, then this app is the perfect thing for you to use. It comes with a specific number of features that can be amazing for you. There are so many options that you can choose here, like the weather, the calendar, and even decide to check out the apps and the actions which are happening there. This is a perfect app for those people who don’t have much time to browse on their phones, so this is the right app for you to use.

5. MIUI ify

If you want a personalization that can come and help you with a ton of options at the same time, then this is the perfect app for you. It comes with MIUI styled devices, which can be perfect for you to use. This fantastic app is custom managed, and there are so many packs that can be chosen for this excellent app. it comes and helps you with a perfect range of services that you did not find on the other personalization apps on the list, so use this app if you haven’t already.  

6. Navbar App 

It is a perfect app for you since it comes with little customization and features which can choose to have for your app. this is the ideal app out there that can help you change the keys of your phone and at the same time make sure that there is a variety of goof around that you can do at this app. this app comes free of cost which means that you can completely download and then install this on your phone right now and start using. It is the perfect app for you in the right way.

7. Navigation Gesture

A fantastic app for you to use on your android phone. This is another device that you can ultimately use. This personalization helps you with a new gesture of navigation for your phone. It is a perfect app for you, which can come with a lot of omitting and other features that can be managed right and in there for you. This is the right app out there, which can come with a lot of perfect usages that can help you to get to the features of this amazing app on your phone and in the right way.  

8. Sharedr

Okay, coming to the unique customization app on your phone, this is the right app for you. This one deals with the prompt, and that comes up with a lot of sharing something that can help you with the top management on your phone. You can use this app in the right way to what is there. There are a lot of customization apps out there, but this unique one can come into the right and handy issue for you and in the best way too. It is the perfect app for you.

9. Synergy

You can go with this amazing app on your android phone if you want. This is the perfect app for you since it can sense all the customized apps inside your phone at the right time and in the best way. This is the ideal app out there that can help you to custom manage and overlay and do other things for your app. this is the right app for you since it comes with a bit and pieces of the secure network so that you can have a part of customization sourced outright and in there to your phone. This app comes free of cost for you. 

10. Tapet

Another personalization for your phone, you can have a ton of features managed right and in there for you. This is an excellent app for you that can help you to change all the wallpaper that you want, and there are other customizations that you can use too.  

This personalization can be the top for you to manage. These apps are perfect for you and can help you to customize your phone and in the best way. These apps are entirely customized for you and come in a variety of ranges for you. Plus, they are free, which means that you can use them from time to time.


1. What Is The Best Android Customization App?

There are many apps available to customize your Android phone, you can even make it look like the iPhone! The app with the most features is called “Nova Launcher.” This app is costless with no ads but does have in-app purchases. Nova Launcher has themes for different styles of phones, icon packs with over 2 thousand icons, backup and import options, gesture customization, scrolling effect customization, and more! It is easy to use too.

2. What Are The Best Apps To Personalize And Customize My Android For 2021?

The best apps to personalize and customize your Android for 2021 are:

Lightweight, modern launcher: Nova Launcher

Wallpaper Gallery: Backgrounds Wallpapers

Customizable home screen grid: 5×5 grids.

3. How Do I Get A Custom Wallpaper On My Phone?

Instructions for installing custom wallpapers on your phone can be found by searching “how to change the wallpaper on phone” or “how to get custom wallpaper on phone”. There are many websites that offer these instructions, but the most common method is to download the app Wallpaper Changer. Once this app is downloaded, you can find custom wallpapers online and install them onto your device.