Everything about the Apple Student Discounts [How to Qualify for Apple Student Discounts and Other Apple Discounts in the USA]

Do you want to save money on Apple products as a student? Who wouldn’t? This article will show you how to take advantage of Apple’s educational-related money-saving incentives. Always remember that there isn’t a single discount on all Apple items. Instead, Apple offers a discount on a case-by-case basis on select goods. (It’s also worth noting that Apple never refers to their student discount as an ‘Apple Student Discount,’ preferring to refer to it as ‘Apple Education Pricing’).

However, many individuals interested in this discount offer wonder if Apple verifies student discounts online. Relax; we’ll tell you everything about it and anything else you need to know about Apple’s student discounts.

Does Apple Verify Student Discounts Online?

Does Apple Verify Student Discounts Online

Apple made ripples in the community in mid-January 2022 when it added severe Unidays verification to its online education store. It was an unusual move. The Unidays procedure is well-known worldwide, so it’s no surprise that Apple has introduced it to the United States. 

Anyone could buy an Apple gadget through the school shop in the past since Apple didn’t need verification that they were a student. 

Apple began using UNiDAYS for verification through the Apple Education Store, similar to how it does for Apple Music student plans. That meant that customers had to use UNiDAYS to validate their eligibility for the 10% discount on iPods, Macs, and accessories. 

That was a significant departure from Apple’s previous policy of not requiring authentication for Apple Education Store purchases in the United States.

Apple appears to have changed its mind. Either that or the corporation recognized that the optics of making life even more difficult for instructors and students aren’t all that appealing.

According to MacRumors, Apple has changed its mind on requiring educators and students to prove their credentials to enjoy educational discounts and deleted the unidays verification question entirely from the Apple Education Store in the US. 

That implies that anybody may make a purchase through the Apple Education Store and lock in the discount for the time being.

Apple’s more onerous purchase restrictions, on the other hand, remain in place:

  • You may purchase one (1) desktop every year.
  • You may purchase one (1) Mac mini every year.
  •  You may purchase one(1) notebook every year.
  • You may purchase two (2) iPads every year.
  • Accessories: You may buy two (2) accessories with Education Pricing per year.

Who Qualifies for an Apple Education Discount?

Current and recently accepted university students and their guardians, instructors, staff, and homeschool teachers are eligible for Apple Education discounts.

If you are enrolled in post-secondary studies or have got admitted to a post-secondary school, you are eligible. (The phrase “post-secondary” refers to formal education beyond high school.) As a result, sixth-form schools are not open to all students (but it’s worth asking at an Apple shop to see if the company is willing to break the rules).

When buying for themselves, parents of students are not eligible, but they can purchase a reduced Mac for their child at the education store. That is only available to parents of post-secondary students.

Anyone who works in an educational context is eligible for an Apple computer discount. It applies to administrative and other personnel as well as instructors and academics. Anyone who works at a high school, college, or university falls under this category. 

Highlighting the Apple Terms and Conditions

Highlighting the Apple Terms and Conditions
  • “The following people are eligible to purchase through the Apple Store for Education: instructors, employees, students, and parents:
  • The discounts are available to anybody working in a public or private K-12 school. Homeschool instructors and presently sitting school board members who were elected or appointed to their positions are also eligible. The PTA or PTO’s executives actively serving and were elected or appointed are also eligible for the agreements.
  • The discounts are available to anybody who works at a higher education institution or is enrolled in or admitted into the higher education system.
  • If their children are presently enrolled or accepted into a public or private Higher Education Institutions, parents can receive discounts when purchasing electronics for their children.
  • Essentially, Apple for Students is for anybody associated with schools, colleges, and institutions, not just students. 

What type of proof of Apple Student Discount do you need to buy something? You require nothing. Apple has opted to operate on the honor system, reserving the power to examine random Apple Student Discount transactions at any time. 

However, if you try to scam the system and get caught, Apple will certainly charge you an extra fee besides the price difference.

What Is the Procedure for Getting an Apple Student Discount?

There are mainly two options for purchasing Apple products with the Apple Student Discount: 

  • Apple’s website  
  • UNiDAYS.

As previously said, finding Apple education pricing on the company’s website is simple, albeit a bit complex. 

Navigate to the bottom of the page, click on Shop for College, and make sure you see the Education Store Home bar at the top of the site.

Because Apple does not show the original price of the items, determining if you are purchasing a reduced item might be difficult. 

Open Apple’s official shop in a different tab and double-check if there is a pricing difference.

Other than discounts, Apple occasionally offers special incentives. For example, they may give away Beats headphones for free with a laptop purchase or provide a 10% to 20% discount on AppleCare.

UNiDAYS is a free, student-only bargain platform that provides hundreds of discounts on anything from Nike to Ray-BanBan to Apple.

How Does UNiDAYS Work?

  • Create an account on myunidays.com and key in your student information.
  • Use the Apple website or the mobile app to find special discounts (Apple is in the Tech category)
  • When you see a bargain you like, click “Get Now.”
  • After that, UNiDAYS will issue an Apple discount code for students to utilize.
  • Return to the website and place an order for a MacBook or iPad.
  • During checkout, use the Apple education discount. Done!

What Discount Do I Get on the Apple Store for Education?

Apple does not give a one-time discount to the general public. For each product category, they set different rates. There are no special discounts for Apple items other than Mac laptops (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) and iPads.

Student Discounts on Mac

You may save several hundreds of dollars when you buy a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac with Retina 5K display with AppleCare, or iMac from Apple Education Store or American Education Store.

Student Discounts on iPads

The Education UK shop also offers a minor discount on iPads, ranging from £20 to £50 depending on the model. At the Apple UK educational shop, you may check at costs in further detail.

The iPad discounts in the US Education Store are similarly fairly minimal, ranging from $50 to $100. Take a deeper look at Apple’s Education Store in the United States.

There are no discounts on the iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and accessories or software.

Other Available Apple Discounts in the USA

Company Discounts

Many corporations have a partnership with Apple, and their workers can enjoy a discount when purchasing things for personal use from the Apple Store. Whether you work for a major corporation, check with your human resources department to see if you qualify for Apple Store discounts. 

In such a scenario, you must provide proof of employment, such as a badge or business card, and ask your expert (Apple salesman) to apply for the discount. Your company may also provide you with an online gateway via which you may acquire discounted Apple products.

Veterans and Military Personnel

Suppose you’re currently serving in the military, a veteran, or a member of an immediate family living in the same home, you’re eligible for a 10% military discount on some Apple services and goods. 

You may get the discount by going to the military website on Apple.com or visiting an Apple Store. If you’re buying something online, you’ll need to use ID.me to authenticate your identity. 

You’ll also need your military ID to get the discount in person. Check the internet pricing before purchasing at a physical shop since some consumers have reported obtaining just a 6% discount in person.

Government Employees 

The Apple Store offers discounts on various Apple items if you work for the government. You may shop the government page on Apple.com for discounted costs, just like the school discount.

Whether you’re buying for your government agency or personal use, you’ll discover several websites where you may obtain discounts. You may also shop at the physical location. Bring your government identification with you to show the Apple employee so they can give you the right discount.

Using the Appropriate Credit Card

When you pay with your Apple Card at the Apple Store, you’ll earn 3% cashback. That may not appear to be a lot, but it adds up. However, that isn’t your only alternative. The American Express® Cash Magnet card, one of the finest credit cards to use when buying Apple items, offers a $150 statement credit and 1.5 percent cashback. 

This card also comes with accidental damage insurance and 15-month interest-free financing. With the American Express® Business Gold card, business owners can earn even more cashback.

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