ANT Radio Service On Samsung Galaxy Prime

ANT Radio Service On Samsung Galaxy Prime, Do I Need It?

If you’ve ever come across an application on your Android smartphone named ANT Radio Service, you might be wondering what it is. “I don’t listen to the radio,” you could reason. “Do I require this?” The point is, ANT Radio Service has absolutely nothing to do with AM or FM radio. On your Android smartphone, you do not utilize the ANT Radio Service to listen to radio stations. Whether you need an app or not on your Samsung Galaxy Prime depends on whether you have a connecting device such as fit bits. Otherwise, the app is not a must-have!

However, based on the name, you might be forgiven for thinking that this is what the ANT Radio Service is for. In truth, the ANT Radio Service’s job is to allow connections between your Samsung phone and IoT devices. Here’s what you need to know.

What Exactly Is The ANT Radio Service?

 ANT Radio Service

The ANT Radio Service app is pre-installed on a variety of Android phones. It’s also possible that it shows up after an Android upgrade. ANT is a wireless communication technology that connects your Android to external devices. In some ways, ANT is similar to Bluetooth in terms of functionality.

What sets ANT Radio Services apart is that they are almost entirely for sports and fitness devices. The ANT Radio Service app, despite its name, has nothing to do with FM radio stations.

In this situation, radio refers to wireless signal transmission, which entails more than merely listening to AM or FM radio stations.

Other features of a device’s connection, such as hotspot, mobile data, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth, are all within easy reach of the app.

The main difference between this app and the others mentioned above is that it mainly focuses on data transfer between gadgets and sports and fitness equipment, or the Internet of Things. Have you included a heart rate monitor, smartwatch, or fitness tracker in your regular workout?

Yes, it’s the ant radio service app, which enables data transmission between such gadgets and your Android phone, demonstrating how useful his software is to athletes and workout enthusiasts.

Is There A Pre-installed Ant Radio Service App In The Samsung Galaxy Prime?

Ant Radio Service App In The Samsung Galaxy Prime

You’re probably wondering if you have the ant radio service app pre-installed on your Android phone now that you’ve learned about it.

That has a good chance of happening. And the only way to be sure is to look at the activity log in the My Activity option on your smartphone. If it comes pre-installed, it will appear among the recently used apps, indicating that you have been using it.

You may also go to Settings, then Applications, and if the software is pre-installed, you should be able to see it with other apps. If you compare the two, you’ll find it’s among other programs like IMS service, but with a gray backdrop.

It simply implies that the Ant app is installed but not yet active on the device. You may use it right away after finishing the installation. Or if you want to link a fitness device to your smartphone for wireless data transmission.

What Is The Purpose Of The ANT Radio Service?

The ANT Radio service is a pre-installed setting produced by your device’s maker or supplied as part of an update to your Android phone by smartphone and carrier producers to enable the phone’s in-built ANT interaction technology to operate.

It’s comparable to your Android phone’s system’s component that enables another form of wireless connection.

Unless you enable the application that requires an ANT wireless connection, it may not work or use your system’s essentials.

What Is The Use Of ANT+In Samsung?

People nowadays are obsessed with all things related to health and fitness. The ANT radio service allows you to link your Samsung android phone to a wristwatch or Fitbit.

We cannot overstate the importance of Samsung’s usage of ANT+ in this regard. It facilitates the use of the S Health app on your device. ANT can be useful in the following situations:

Fitness Gadgets: Workout and training applications may be downloaded to the phone to give practice instructions.

Heartbeat Rate: It is critical to keep track of one’s heartbeat to monitor health. With the ANT service, you can get detailed information on your heartbeat rate collected and displayed automatically and quickly.

Bike Force Of Power: Data from cycling meters is collected; similar to heartbeat rate, and thus helps you adjust bike cadence and speed.

Other Apps: To enhance the customer experience, many software developers introduce apps that automatically adjust lighting, room temperature, and door lock functions, among other things.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ANT+ profiles that Samsung supports.

1. S&C (Speed and Cadence) on Bicycles

2. Active participation (ACT)

3. High Blood Pressure (HBP) (BP)

4. The Power of Bicycles (PWR)

5. a weighing scale (WGT)

With ANT+, you can view your mobile device’s sport, fitness, and health monitoring data. Choose from various phones and tablets that include ANT+ support, or use an ANT+ accessory to connect to virtually any Samsung Galaxy Prime.

Is The Ant App Required In My Samsung Galaxy Prime?

One of the most common queries we get from Samsung users concerning the ant radio service application is if it is genuinely necessary.

Well, the basic answer is no: you don’t require it. The ant app is a must-have if you have a sports or fitness watch.

If you don’t want to use the standard software, the ant radio service app, you may look in other app stores other than Google Play Store for additional third-party programs for connecting fitness trackers to your Android phone.

Is Ant Radio Service App A Virus?

We have plenty to be thankful for, Courtesy of the advancements in technology today. However, there are certain undesirable side effects that we must also deal with.

Data integrity, for example, is extensively harmed nowadays, as seen by several incidents of unauthorized transmission of information from people’s devices to third parties who exploit it for financial gain, defamation, cyberbullying, or as proof.

Unfortunately, there is a connection between certain Android apps have to introduce viruses into devices, potentially jeopardizing data integrity.

As a result, individuals are hesitant to trust phone apps, assuming they may intentionally disclose personal data. Some people have expressed similar concerns about the ant radio service, presuming it is a virus-like omacp. Is this correct?

You need not be worried about using the ant radio service app to link your fitness tracker to your Android Samsung phone. Because it is an Android application, Ant Radio Service gets secured by Google Play Protect regulations, which virtually eliminates the possibility of data manipulation.

Still, it’s better to be cautious in using your Android phone to prevent unintentionally jeopardizing data integrity and allowing data corruption to take root.

What Happens If ANT Radio Service Is Uninstalled?

ANT Radio Service may appear to be a third-party Android app on your phone, but the device maker installed it. Therefore, much like other OEM-installed software on Android phones, you won’t be able to delete it easily. If you don’t want ANT Radio Service on your Android smartphone, you may turn it off.

If you manage to uninstall it, it will not affect your phone. The only significant difference is that when you connect ANT-enabled devices, they won’t function!

If you don’t have the ANT Radio Service app on your phone, you can always get it from the Google Play Store.

Pros And Cons Of Ant Radio App


People use Ant radio service widely due to the benefits listed below: 

1. Connect to various cellphones with ease. Unlike other radio services available, the ANT radio service app connects openly to all devices.

2. Real-time data monitoring and storage is one of the device’s most impressive competitive advantages. It continually gathers users’ heart rates, walking steps, and other data and evaluates when using the app.

3. Share info in real-time. It has a sophisticated capability to suit people’s current sharing demands. You may, for example, have a computer plus a bike computer. The emergence of an ant radio service allows you to send data from your computer to your bike computer.

It is also feasible to have the data flow in the reverse direction.

1. Installation frequently does not need any physical intervention: Because the makers pre-installed the ANT software, many customers are unaware of its presence on their phones.

2. Its installation is already on the cellphones before being sold to you, so there is no need to pay more.


Despite the numerous benefits of ant radio service, there are several significant disadvantages to be aware of:

1. ANT radio service drains smartphone battery: Like other background operating programs, ANT radio service may waste a lot of battery power. As a result, you must be aware of using your phone efficiently.

2. It requires additional antennas: Even though many mobile devices now have antennas, they are not good enough to operate the app successfully. As a result, consumers may endure frequent interruptions, reducing their overall experience.

3. You may need to install it before using it: As previously indicated, many phones come equipped with the ANT radio service. The Samsung Galaxy, for example, makes it simple to use the ANT radio service. However, this is not the case with all phones. You may have to install the Radio Service & Plugins yourself.