Minecraft Diamond Sword And Diamond Ax

A Comparison Between A Minecraft Diamond Sword And Diamond Ax

If you love playing Minecraft, you know that combat is a significant aspect. The game involves building and relaxing, but you cannot do this if you play in survival mode. There are numerous enemies on Minecraft, and every enemy is different from the other and has specific attacks and behaviors. 

To fight your enemies, you will need a sword or an ax. These two tools are used for a similar purpose: destroying the enemies, although they are both quite different. The diamond ax has some benefits over the diamond sword, and the diamond sword has some benefits over the diamond ax. The best sword depends on your version of Minecraft. 

This article will describe the advantages of one tool over the other so you can decide with one to use. 

Main Uses Of An Ax In Minecraft 

Uses Of An Ax In Minecraft

1. Breaking Wood

A diamond ax is mainly used to break wooden blocks faster. You may also use other tools to cut wood, but an ax is better because it is faster. The ax uses one durability after breaking every one block. Some of the items you can break faster using a diamond ax include trees, bookshelves, and wooden fences. 

Every ax’s rarity breaks wood faster than the last one. This means that a stone ax breaks a wooden block as fast as a wooden one, while an iron one breaks a wooden block thirty percent faster than a stone one.

2. As A Weapon

Another way to use a diamond ax in the game is as a weapon. For example, you can place sharpness on your ax, enabling it to damage mobs and other players.

In the Java edition, it’s better to use an ax instead of a sword. A wooden ax will cause the same damage as a diamond sword. Therefore, an iron ax with added sharpness can be mighty. If you are a   bedrock player, you should use a sword as an ax will cause minor damage in Bedrock Edition.

Although an ax is an excellent weapon, it comes with a few shortcomings. First, if you attack with an ax, it will lose two durabilities any time you use it as a weapon. This causes the ax to break unless you equip it with Unbreaking or Mending.

Primary Uses Of A Diamond Sword In Minecraft

Primary Uses Of A Diamond Sword In Minecraft

A sword is a melee weapon that recovers quickly to perform swifter and more attacks when playing. Each blade in Minecraft requires one stick, excluding the Netheriter, and two blocks of the material you will be using to make it. 

You can make a wooden, stone, gold, iron, diamond, or Netherite sword. It’s easy to use a sword in Minecraft because you only need to press the left click. 

Suppose you are using Minecraft patch 1.8. you can left-click several times, which will swing your sword at the best efficiency. Nonetheless, there is a charge time that causes you to do a half heart or such kind of damage with the sword. Therefore, what you should do is wait at least a second before you swing the sword again.

A Comparison Between An Ax And A Sword In Minecraft

Some enemies will approach you head-on and try killing you straight away when playing Minecraft. Other enemies have a tactical approach to fight you from a distance. It would be best to have a weapon to defend yourself against your enemies and keep yourself safe. Below is a comparison of the ax and the sword.

1. Damage

When it comes to causing damage, an ax does a better job than a sword. This is because the ax can focus its power on one enemy, allowing you to cause significant damage to a particular enemy and kill them in a hit or two. Nonetheless, the ax cannot damage several enemies at a go.

As said before, a sword will do minor damage to your enemies. Your character will do a swipe attack and a store. The attack doesn’t focus on one enemy.

However, this can be an excellent swipe attack that can damage multiple enemies standing before you.

2. Cost And Durability

A sword will cost you less to make than an ax. Nonetheless, this is not exactly a good thing. It’s expensive to make an ax, but it is slightly a bit durable. 

On the other hand, a sword is cheaper to make, but it breaks faster than an ax because it has lower durability. Specifically, a sword will always break much quicker than an ax.

3. Rate Of Attack

A sword has a significant advantage in the rate of attack. An ax usually has a long recovery time and can allow you to attack repeatedly in a short amount of time.

Why Is A Diamond Ax Better Than A Diamond Sword?

A diamond ax costs less than a sword and swings faster. It also has a less recovery time with severe lifetime damage. 

Each ax has more durability than the sword counterpart, although an ax will lose two durabilities instead of 1 when you use it as a weapon. An ax is better against thick armor, and it’s easy to use and strike using a lot of force. A dull ax is much more effective than a blunt sword since it can still bludgeon your enemy. Therefore, if you wonder whether to get a sword or an ax to destroy your enemies, you should consider these factors.

Will A Wooden Ax Cause More Damage Than A Diamond Sword?

A wooden ax deals more damage than a sword, but a wooden ax will have the same damage the diamond sword has; wooden axes are just like swords and need an anvil to enchant with a weapon-based enchantment.


Surviving in Minecraft is serious business, and you need to know the best tools to kill your enemy and keep you safe. A diamond ax and a diamond sword are some of the most common weapons used in the game. However, before you choose the weapon you want to use, you should understand how it works first, as they are all different in the game.

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