Things You Can Do On A Computer

7 Things You Can Do On A Computer

It is amazing how many things you can do on your computer. New computer users often don’t understand the powers and capabilities of their laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. Your computer is capable of performing numerous tasks. Suppose you have plugged in your new device and you are in awe about what you can do on it; sit pretty as we guide you step-by-step so that you can grasp the things you will do on your CP.

Your newly acquired CP can be the source of different functions. It performs tasks like gaming, surfing the internet, listening to music, streaming and watching videos, using a word processor to create and save documents, designing logos, and many more.

The Most Amazing Things You Can Do On A Computer

Most Amazing Things You Can Do On A Computer

A computer is a one-stop gadget that allows you to execute various functions, but the important aspect is that you must understand how it works. The gadget might prove tricky when you don’t know what to do with it. Thus, the more conversant you are with a computer, the better you’ll get at executing tasks.

You don’t have to be an IT nerd to do wonders with your CP. Most people do awesome things by learning several computer hacks and shortcuts bit by bit. We have walked the extra mile to give you a comprehensive guide on using your computer effectively. Please stay on this page as we explore what you can do on your computer for financial gain, entertainment, and fun.

We promise that you will be a better computer user at the end of the page, but not a computer guru.

Productive Things To Do On Your Computer

Productive Things To Do On Your Computer

Productivity is a relatively used word. Generally, to be productive, you must utilize available resources effectively at the opportune moment.

Whenever you step out of the office and relax at home, you have several productive tasks you can execute with your computer. Below are some of the productive things you can do on a computer:

1. Running A Virus Scan 

Scanning for viruses in your computer is a productive thing you will do. Just like your body can’t function well when you are unhealthy, likewise, a computer infected with a virus cannot perform optimally. 

The best you can do on your computer is scan it for viruses and fix the treats before they hinder performance. Doing a simple virus scan and getting rid of malware ensures the safety of your data. 

2. Use The Computer’s Word Processor

Most computers have a word processor. Using this software productively is among the best things you can do on a computer. Some of the chores you can execute with your word processor include:

1. Write a report, a book, or any other document of your choice.

2. Viewing documents saved in word processor files.

3. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes in your documents.

4. Create labels by linking the word processor to other sources such as Excel and Outlook.

5. Use graphics and pictures to design flyers.

Perhaps the basic thing to do is to guide you on making a document on your computer.

Making A Document Using Microsoft Word

Making a document with Microsoft Word is a straightforward process. However, if you don’t know what it entails, the task becomes tricky. Stick to the following easy steps to create your first content using the Microsoft word program:

Access Word In Windows

Here is how to go about it:

1. Start by opening Microsoft Word.

2. Navigate to the “blank document” and click on it to open a blank page and work on your document from scratch. However, if you intend to create a particular document, such as a blog, you can choose from available word templates.

3. Now that you have opened a blank document, you can enter new information through a keyboard. Sometimes you may choose an on-screen keyboard as your means of entering the information. 

4. Ensure you save your document once you have finished working on it. Saving is done via the “File” tab at the top left corner of the word application window.

You are done with creating and saving a word document up to this far. The other two important aspects of learning are how to find Microsoft Word in Windows and how to install Microsoft word.

3. Using The Spreadsheet

Another important thing you can do on your computer is to create and use spreadsheets. The spreadsheet program can help you execute the following chores:

1. You can use spreadsheets to create a statistics list that indicates an increase or decrease of a certain activity.

2. Create contact information or any other data viewed in various columns.

3. Create an electronic version of your banking and checking account to monitor your total savings easily.

A spreadsheet is an important program for keeping lists and statistics. However, if you don’t know how to use it, it’s useless to you. follow these steps to create a spreadsheet with Google Sheets:

1. Access the Google sheet Website.

2. Log in to your Google account.

3. Choose from available templates, or click the green plus icon to start a blank spreadsheet.

When your spreadsheet is successfully created and opened, enter any relevant information. Google automatically saves the information you enter, and you can share it with whomever you wish.

If you desire to name the spreadsheet, click “Untitled spreadsheet” on the top left side and insert the new name.

4. Connecting To The Internet

It is the dream of every new computer user to connect the device to the internet and surf online. If you have such a dream, you are not alone. Connecting to the internet is one of the best things you will do on your computer as a newbie. Even computer geeks spend most of their time on the internet to update themselves with happenings globally. The internet is also a great source of knowledge in the 21st century.

Your big question could be, how do I connect to the internet? Easy! Follow the simplified steps given on this page to connect your computer to the internet and do your thing!

Before the guide, it is paramount that you determine how to connect to the internet. There are various methods of connecting your computer to the internet, namely;

1. Using a modem.

2. Using a broadband connection.

3. Hot spotting via your smartphone.

Our detailed guide shows you how to connect your computer to the internet via a broadband internet connection.

Connecting Your Computer To The Internet Via Broadband

Connecting your computer to the internet with broadband is straightforward as you don’t participate in the process. All you will do is call a service provider who will take care of everything and ensure that you have a stable and dependable internet connection.

If your local service provider doesn’t offer a wireless internet connection, you can opt to buy a router to share connectivity with other devices.

5. Knowledge Expansion

A computer can be installed with software that can enable one to broaden minds about specific fields. Expanding your knowledge is the greatest thing you can do on your computer. The market is awash with appropriate software that sharpens your skills in any area of your liking. These programs are available at your local computer software outlet or online stores.

Here are some software programs that might prove useful to you if you desire to broaden your knowledge:

1. Language Software:  There are numerous programs that aid computer users to learn foreign languages effortlessly. A program like Duolingo allows you to learn multiple languages with ease.  

2. Dictionary Software: There is a wide range of dictionaries and encyclopedia programs available for you to learn about everything under the sun. The programs are ideal for looking up information and referencing.

3. Geographical Software: if you want to learn more about the world or a specific locale, geographical software comes in handy if installed on your computer. The software is God-sent as it helps you learn about locations and routes to the nearest food store, drug store, etc.

6. Play Games

Are you a new computer owner and you don’t understand the entertainment aspect of your machine? A computer can keep you entertained with games regardless of your age. There are several computer games that you can play and have fun with. These games are:

1. Learning Games: There are various games to play on the computer for learning purposes. Such games include flight simulators that assist learners in flying airplanes. These games are enjoyable, educative, and fun to play.

2. Online Games: If you have access to the internet, you can play several online games on your computer. There are free and popular games on sites like MSN games. You may choose to play solo games or join other internet users to play against each other.

7. Listening To Music

Computers are ideal for listening to your favorite music. You can use various programs to listen to your favorite hits through programs such as VLC, Windows Media Player, and many more.

There are limitless tasks you can do on your computer. Identify any that resonates well with you and give it a go.